Can You Take Flowers on a Plane

Packing bags is not an uphill task, but carrying everything you want is! After planning your travel and packing your suitcase it is justified to wonder, and think – can you take flowers on a plane?

Can You Take Flowers on a Plane

The answer is Yes or No at the same time, as there are certain TSA guidelines that we might comply with in order to be close to nature.

There’s no point to disagree that it might be a high degree of inconvenience to carry on board or as checked luggage. When you carry it on board, there might be random allergens that may be sitting beside you. Or, if you carry it in the baggage hold, it may make you feel anxious all the time. 

Just relax! This is your essential guide, where we provide you all the information you need from the TSA point of view as well as cover a certain international route that allows flowers, but under certain conditions!

TSA Guidelines: Can You Take Fresh Flowers on a Plane?

Carrying flowers on a plane is allowed but here are a few considerations. Also, Transport Security Administration (TSA) in the United States does not restrict the transportation of flowers provided –  

  • They must be properly packaged with water.
  • Passengers taking flowers within the United States are allowed as carry-on as well as checked baggage.
  • TSA allows fresh flowers on board without water.
  • On international flights, passengers are not allowed to carry agricultural produce. You can carry them as checked baggage.
  • Can you take artificial flowers on a plane? Artificial and dried flowers are easier to transport and do not pose challenges as fresh flowers.

To know more, visit the TSA website.

How to keep fresh flowers on a plane?

can i take flowers on a plane

Let’s divert the topic from ‘Can you take fresh flowers on a plane?’ to ‘How to keep your blossoms fresh on board?’.

The essential requirement for keeping the fresh flowers alive is a 100ml maximum limit on liquids. All you need to do is  – 

  • Carry your flowers to the airport in a water-filled container.
  • Empty the water before you reach the security checkpoint.
  • After you clear security, refill the water again from the tap.

Once your hydration issue is resolved, the next challenge is the packaging. Unless you are not traveling with any hand luggage they are considered personal items. 

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Can you take flowers on a plane as a personal item?

can i bring flowers on a plane

Flowers that are carried as personal items must be fit under the seat or in the overhead bins. 

Other important considerations while taking flowers on a plane – Passengers need to keep in mind their fellow passengers who are hypersensitive to floral scents or with hayfever. On a courtesy note, ask the airline representative to store your flowers at a secure spot until you disembark from the plane. It is always recommended to inform the airline in advance when you carry fresh flowers.

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Can you bring flowers on a plane internationally?

can you bring flowers on a plane internationally

Yes, it is possible to bring flowers on international flights, but there are several factors you must be aware of  – 

  • Upon arrival at the international destination, your flowers may have to go through customs inspection. This is to inspect the flowers for insects and any sign of virus.
  • If the flowers lack proper certification, there are high chance that your flowers may be disposed of.
  • When traveling on an international flight, the greatest challenge for fresh blossoms is a climate-controlled and dry environment inside the aircraft. This is very common on a long-duration flight.
  • There are considerations for the other passengers too. For instance, many passengers have allergies to pollen or specific flowers. It may require careful consideration. 

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Can I bring flowers on a plane as checked luggage? 

can you bring flowers on a plane

Wondering if can you take flowers on a plane? Yes! As per TSA rules, passengers can carry fresh, artificial, or dried flowers as checked luggage. But – 

  • Passengers who are flying internationally gather important information from the airline about the restrictions at the destination airport.
  • Also, you need to be extra cautious when packing the sapling or fresh flowers as checked luggage. 

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How to pack flowers as checked luggage? 

Passengers who love flowers always aim to keep their freshness intact. Here’s how you can pack to maintain its freshness –

  • Go for a recycled bag – Always pack your flower pots in a soft fabric or cloth bag, provided it has some holes for ventilation. It helps keep the flower fresh.
  • Pack in a wooden box – Another option is if you carry the plants or flowers in a wooden box or any other sturdy basket. This not only provides protection but also a layer of support from damage during travel.
  • Plants without soil – Passengers who are carrying saplings with flowers that do not include soil, may be asked to remove the plant root from the soil. Always clean the roots and wrap the plant in a towel or newspaper.
  • Always time your purchase – Guests flying with flowers must ensure that they purchase the flowers close to the departure. This will help ensure you purchase the freshest flowers when you plan to pack them. 
  • Remove the stems – Always cut the stems of the flowers before you pack them. When you cut the stems at a certain angle, it will ensure water absorption during travel. This will also form fewer air bubbles.

The aforementioned tip must ensure our flowers remain fresh and undamaged throughout their journey. 

In a quest to be closer to nature while you travel, the question is can you take flowers on a plane? The answer we’ve explored above, as you comply with the TSA guidelines. It is also permitted to carry flowers on international as well as domestic travel. But international travel comes with certain restrictions as mentioned above. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you take flowers on a plane?

Yes, you can bring flowers on a plane as carry-on and personal items, but you must adhere to certain guidelines and considerations.

Can you take fresh flowers on a plane?

Yes, fresh flowers are allowed on planes, provided they must be properly packed, and do not pose any challenges to fellow passengers.

Can you take artificial flowers on a plane?

Artificial flowers are easier to carry on board as well as checked luggage, and do not attract any TSA restrictions like fresh blossoms.

Can you take dried flowers on a plane?

Yes, dried flowers are allowed and easier to transport on board.

Can you take flowers on a plane in Europe?

Yes, you can take flowers on a plane in Europe both as checked and carry-on baggage. But airline’s have their own set of size, breed and weight age restrictions. You must consult the airlines. 

Can you take flowers on a plane with Ryanair?

Yes, RyanAir allows flowers on board as well as under checked luggage. Passengers must inform the airline 24 hours prior to departure.

Can you take flowers on a plane with British Airways?

Yes, British Airways allows flowers without any restrictions within Europe. On international flights, certain restrictions may apply. Passengers planning international travel must consult with the British Airways. 

Can you take flowers on a plane with EasyJet?

Yes, EasyJet permits the transportation of flowers only as a carry-on bag. Passengers are not allowed to carry flowers as checked baggage.

Can you take flowers on a plane in the UK?

Yes passengers are allowed to carry flowers in the UK, but they are not in a liquid form, and must be carried within the UK’s borders only.

Can I take flowers on a plane?

Yes, you can take flowers on a plane as carry on as well as personal items.

Can you bring flowers on a plane internationally?

Yes, it’s possible to bring flowers on a plane when you fly outside the United States. There might be certain custom regulations that you must be aware of that.

Can you take flowers on a domestic flight?

Yes, flowers can be taken on domestic flights without any restriction. You can carry them as hand luggage as well as personal items.,page.


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