Restaurants in the Newark Airport

There’s no shortage of restaurants in the Newark Airport, whether you are boarding there for hours or halted for almost a day. You can find a range of dining options, from fine dining to QSRs, grab-and-go, as well as cultural cuisines.

Restaurants in the Newark Airport

In this guide, you can explore your favourite restaurants in Newark airport, including cafes, local Jersey chains, and more.

Newark Airport restaurants Terminal A

Newark Airport Restaurants Terminal A

Terminal A is a mix of Southern fare, Mexican cuisine, and steakhouse galore.

Felina Cucina – Terminal A

If you have a thing for sausage and pepper pizza while you wait for the next connection, this is one of the Newark airport restaurants to stop by.

Besides pizza, they serve the breakfast and lunch menus alongside desserts. You can also order draft beers from the likes of Head High, Peroni, and Guinness. There are options galore for bottled beer, red wine, and white wine, too.

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1911 Smokehouse BBQ – Terminal A

This smokehouse at Terminal A is known for smoked steaks, wings, and pork sandwiches. Their crispy ribs are the melody for the taste buds or for the carnivorous guests who can resist the meat in BBQ style. 

Besides wings, they have brisket-pulled pork, chicken, ribs, burgers, and so much more. 

There’s room for vegans too, with their crispy avocado wings and black bean empanadas. 

The 1911 Smokehouse BBQ is one of the biggest food outlets at Terminal A, which can accommodate 80 guests at a time and 24 seats at the bar counter.

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City Rub Cafe – Terminal A

For passengers who are looking for Southern fares and a couple of drinks, this is one of the best Newark Liberty International Airport food outlets.

The seared ahi tuna salad and coconut shrimp make the ideal menu for starters. For lunch, you can grab a moist chicken sandwich, which is low in fat and salt. Their steak fries are hard to miss!

Carlitos – Terminal A

Next to gate A 16 at Terminal A is one of the best restaurants that serves freshly made tacos and tortillas at the airport. Their pit-smoked barbeque Tacos has a variety of options – Chicken, Pulled Pork, Birria, Carne Asada, Sweet Plantain, Brisket, Crispy Fish, and Cheese Quesataco. 

Bang Cookies – Terminal A

Guests with a sweet tooth can head to the Bang Cookies outlet at Terminal A. You can try their healthy peanut butter cookies. Besides, their chocolate chip cake, brownies, and organic whole milk are also bang for the buck.

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Newark Airport Restaurants Terminal B

Newark Airport Restaurants Terminal B

Terminal B Newark State Liberty airport has its fair share of QSRs and dining outlets, these include – 

Little Tony Pizzeria’s

This grab-and-go counter at terminal B is famous for its pepperoni pizza and stromboli. You can try the Garden State, which is strewn with zucchini, avocados, artichokes, and roasted black pepper. Their menu embodies Jersey culture. Their Italian menu is reasonably priced. 

Farmer’s Fridge

At terminal B, you can find this automated vending machine that brings Farm-to-Fridge freshness for just about 10 USD.

These automated checkout stores offer salad jars, yoghurts, chia puddings, Mediterranean grain bowls, smoked turkey sandwiches, and more.

Because you purchase these items through vending, these machines operate 24/7.

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Newark Airport restaurants Terminal C

Newark Airport Restaurants Terminal C

The experience at Terminal C is full of fine dining, as it is also known as the ‘terminal for foodies’. The prices of the following restaurants range from 10 to 20 USD for a quick grab and go up to 100 USD for steaks and cultural cuisines. Here’s the breakdown – 


If you’re boarding for your flight near gates C120–C140, simply suit yourself at the Flora, which serves the Middle East and Greek culture on the plate. 

While waiting for your flight or next stopover, you can order tabbouleh, hummus, babaganoush, falafel, and shawarma sandwiches.

Besides, this restaurant in the Newark airport has a good selection of beers and other alcoholic beverages.

Abruzzo Italian Steakhouse

This steakhouse is a Michelin-rated Newark airport restaurant that has a pretty upscale vibe and comes with an open bar. You can also purchase premium wine bottles for purchase.

Besides steak, they serve chops, T-bones, cheese platters, salads, and homemade Italian pasta. Most guests here prefer burrata and meatballs. Their Negron is worth every dime. 


This eatery at Terminal C is famous for its ramen, and you are located at the food court. Their noodle bowls are reasonably priced; among them, the top choice is Veggie Miso Ramen.

Also, give your taste buds a try for a sashimi platter, which features fresh fish landed from Southeast Asia.

Little Purse

This Newark Liberty International Airport food outlet is at two spots at Terminal C and is so pocket-friendly. 

The first location is near Gate 75, which features a tiny dining area. The second outlet is a larger one close to Gate 103. 

This eatery offers a budget-friendly menu compared to other options around, which are far hefty. For instance, here you can order a high-end steak for as low as 10 USD, dumplings for 11 USD, and more.

Their kid-friendly menu comes with added convenience, where you can order from the likes of mac and cheese, chicken wings, and home-cooked noodle bowls.

Vesper Tavern

Located near Gate 81 at Terminal C, one of the restaurants in the Newark airport boasts an extensive menu designed for all sorts of travellers. Their menu has sandwiches, steaks, salads, and sidewinder fries (a fusion of steak and curly fries).

One of the noteworthy items on their menu is a salmon kale grain bowl, which stands out as a dish that keeps you satiated through your long layover while keeping in mind your healthy lifestyle.

If you have a thing for salad bowls, try their gochugaru glaze which comes with a zingy and moist flavour that one can’t afford to miss. 


This stylish new American steakhouse is known for its impeccable hospitality. You can indulge in their croque madame-style sandwiches that are loaded with brown cheese and eggs. The best part is that their sandwiches are not overly crusty.

For those who want to grab a quick lunch, they can order French dip sandwiches, which are a pretty tempting alternative on the menu. Its main ingredients include prime rib, melted gruyere, and horseradish cream.


One of the rare Newark Liberty International Airport food outlets that features an open kitchen. Their menu is simply otherworldly. You can order dishes like chicken shawarma skewers over an open flame.

The most ordered dish on the menu is the dip sampler, which comes with hummus and baba ghanoush and is served alongside pita.


Just adjacent to Saison at Terminal C, Classified offers its guests a premium fine dining experience. It is only accessible to frequent-flyer members of United Airlines. 

Once you step inside, this place is a world apart from the regular airport ambience. Which comes with the luxury of private cabins, tableside-crafted cocktails, and more. 

There’s no surprise, as you can spot celebrities sitting next to you sipping upscale 44 USD Manhattan.

To sum up, the Newark Airport food scene comes with an array of dining options that cater to travellers from all walks of life. From Terminal A’s sausages from Felina Cucina to the smoky delights of 1911 Smokehouse BBQ, there’s something for everyone.

Terminal B offers delights like Little Tony Pizzeria and ready-to-eat vending machines from Farmer’s Fridge.

Terminal C is something that elevates your dining experience with establishments that offer fares from Middle Eastern and Greek flavours to Italian steakhouses. 

Newark State Liberty International Airport proves that a delightful culinary experience is not just a necessity but a destination in itself for passengers of all kinds. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where to eat at Newark Airport?

From Terminal A to Terminal C, there are plenty of dining options that cater to all kinds of passengers with varied budgets.

Is there a chick fil a in Newark airport?

No. You can find plenty of Chick Fil outlets in Newark city.

Best restaurants in the Newark airport

You can go for Saison and Classified, both of which are located at Terminal and offer the best dining experience at Newark Airport.

What restaurants are in Terminal C at Newark Airport?

Some renowned names at Terminal C that cater to the best food scene include Flora, Abruzzo Italian Steakhouse, Kaedama, Little Purse, Vesper Tavern, Saison, and Classified.


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