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Being the emerging passenger-friendly airline in the aviation sector, Play Airlines has become the most preferred carrier to fly with specifically in Europe. In line with this, it is essential to know is Play Airlines safe is for passengers. The carrier not only offers operations in Europe but also in the United States (United Airlines Baggage Policy). In essence, real safety is measured in terms of long-duration or long-haul flights. 

is play airlines safe, play airlines cancellation policy, arilinespolicy

Moreover, its fleet offers a multitude of amenities that guarantee customer satisfaction and a positive travel experience. Also, the airline is known for its smooth and hassle-free operations, making it suitable for travelers from all walks of life. Plus, it offers secure and sensitive services to passengers with medical conditions or disabilities. 

Here’s a detailed overview of the safety features of Play Airlines, and more. Read about Play Airlines Cancellation Policy

Are the Operations of the Play Airlines safe?

Play Airlines consistently delivers impeccable standards of operational excellence across Europe as well as the United States. This Icelandic carrier employs a team of skilled and experienced pilots and crew members. In other words, the airline pays more to its pilots and staff compared to its competitors. This contributes to the ideal safety levels in its operations. Also – 

  • The airline invests a lot in training its crew. 
  • By employing experienced pilots, the airline is proficient in ensuring secure flight operations. This way the airline tactfully manages emergencies if they arise.  

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How is the safety record for Play Airline?

If you’re wondering is Play Airlines safe, you must know that the airline maintains a consistent safety record, as it records no fatal crashes, landings or incidents. The airline has safety protocols in place, thanks to its – 

  • Larger fleet base of Airbus aircraft
  • Most preferred carrier among European travelers
  • The airline invests hugely in safety standards

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Are there any safety measures for Baggage?

In the past, there have been many instances where travelers have carried articles and objects that may affect their safety. Play Airlines understand this crucial aspect of traveling. It deployed a baggage policy that limits such harmful objects, thus executing a zero tolerance policy. 

With respect to baggage items, this airline follows the norms as per – 

  • International Civil Aviation Association (ICAO) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA). 
  • The airline has established a clear outline for the items that are considered hazardous for air travel.
  • These prohibited items include firearms, weapons, handguns, and more.

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Play Airlines Fleet

Play Airlines runs its operation solely on the Airbus fleet. This way airlines address various safety aspects, with a focus especially on CO emissions and sustainability.

The airline operates two Airbus models – A320neo and A321neo.

The A320neo boasts a record of lesser ground accidents. There have been incidents, but no harm was caused to the passengers. The A321neo, on the other hand, has not reported an accident in the year 2023, and its safety record has been consistently commendable. 

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Is Play Airlines Safe for Specially Abled Passengers?

is play airlines safe, play airlines cancellation policy, arilinespolicy, is play airlines safe for abled passensgers

Play Airlines ensure a secure and accommodative environment for passengers with medical conditions or with cognitive or physical disability. The airline welcomes – 

  • Passengers who are in need of wheelchair or assistive devices.
  • The airline offers medical devices like POCs, and CPAP devices to the passengers on board.
  • The airline transports passengers’s manual or electric wheelchair as checked baggage for free. 
  • The airline also offers escort services for the passengers who require assistance with check-in, boarding, during the flight and disembarkation. 
  • The airline offers priority boarding to the disabled passengers. 

The airline seeks health documents or certificates  supporting their health or declarations of the medical condition. 

Play Airlines for Pregnant Women

Expecting women  can travel with the Play Airlines up to 36 weeks of pregnancy. Besides – 

  • The airline offers wheelchair service for free.
  • Priority boarding
  • Pregnant passengers receive special instructions on the use of seatbelts
  • The crew members offer assistance in case an expectant mother wants to use the restrooms.

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Is Play Airlines Safe in Europe?

Play airlines offers frequent flights to 36 destinations in Europe. Across Europe, there have been zero incidents of crashes or accidents by Play. Carrier operates safely in the European market. In addition – 

  • The airline deploys safety measures to ensure the security of passengers.
  • Passengers traveling to Poland, Iceland, Germany and France can travel stress-free.
  • Play Airlines adhere to international safety standards and regulations.

Also, this is one of the airlines in Europe that offers pocket-friendly flight tickets with prompt service and good safety plan. 

Is Play Airlines Safe in the US?

Apart from Europe, the airline also operates in North America. Being the budgeted airlines, there are no concerns about the safety stands in the United States. To answer your question, is Play Airlines safe in the US, this Iceland-based carrier executed the safety measure in plenty of ways-  

  • Having maintained an impeccable record of zero accidents so far, the airline has efficiently managed the cost.
  • The controlled cost has let airlines focus on the essential services that boost safety and customer satisfaction.
  • There have been a handful of occurrences where the Play Airlines flight operation was delayed or canceled. 
  • Also, the airline enables people to travel and discover North America in a responsible way

In conclusion, Play Airlines operates flights to and from the United States, Iceland and Europe, emphasizing on the safety of the passengers. The reason being its professionally trained crew members and pilots who run the smooth operation safeguarding the passengers and their belongings. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the seating arrangement on Play Airlines?

Play Airlines seats options include economy and premium classes. Passengers have the option to select the seats at the time of booking or during the check-in. 

How can I contact Play Airlines customer service?

You can reach Play Airlines customer service through Contact Us on the official airline’s website. You can WhatsApp your query at +354 860 4500. You can reach Instagram DM here. To reach via Facebook, approach them on the Messenger.  The airline customer service team is available every weekday from 5 am – 8 pm. On weekends, you can contact them between 08:00-20:00 (8 am – 8 pm). 

What are the baggage fees for Play Airlines?

For checked bags that weigh up to 20 kg, the airline charges 140 CAD. For 23 kg and 32 kg, you need to pay Play Airlines 160 CAD and 170 CAD respectively. 

Why didn’t people love flying Play Airlines?

Every passenger has their own preferences or experience.  It’s essential to discover specific concerns like seating arrangement, flying experience, safety concerns, flight delays, flight cancellations, and more. 

Does Play Airlines serve food on international flights?

Yes. Play Airlines offers complimentary meals on international flights. 

Does Play Airlines have a mobile app?

Yes, Play Airlines has a mobile app that allows you to manage bookings, check flight status, and access other travel services. 

Does Play Airlines offer WiFi on board?

Yes, Play Airlines provides WiFi services on board allowing passengers to indulge into entertainment on board. 

How strict is Play Airlines with Carry-On Size?

With Play Airlines passengers must adhere to the carry-on baggage guidelines. If the hand luggage does not meet the said criteria, the airline considers it as checked luggage. A baggage fee may apply accordingly. 

What airline is the safest to fly?

Play Airlines is safe to fly keeping in mind its safety ratings, reviews, and industry credentials. 

Is Play Airline a real airline?

Yes, this Icelandic low-cost carrier offers domestic and international travel. You can find more information on the official website. 


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