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If you want to get comfortable on a Frontier flight, you should’ve thought – Does Frontier have first class or business class seats? Frontier is a low-cost carrier and doesn’t offer any Business Class or First Class seats. Also, there is no upgrade list. However, it does offer Frontier seat upgrade options for passengers looking for bigger and extra legroom seats, subject to an additional fee. 

Frontier Seat Upgrade - Airlinespolicy

How to get more comfortable using Frontier seat upgrade?

Frontier is a low-cost carrier, on this airline, you’ll find all the options for an upgrade or any comfort service but with a higher fee. For a few 10s and 20s dollars, you can select Frontier’s big front seats. These are stretch seats of the aircraft located in the first 3 or 4 rows, offering you an elevated legroom of at least 7 inches with an armrest.

If you’re wondering, does Frontier have first class, you must aim for more legroom and a seat closer to the front of the plane when flying with Frontier Airlines, consider the Stretch seats as a valuable upgrade choice. To make an effective Frontier upgrade seat purchase, here’s the essential information you should keep in mind.

What are the Frontier seat upgrade options?

Frontier Airlines provides passengers with various options to enhance their seating experience. These include –

Frontier Airlines seat upgrade to Stretch Seats

When booking a Frontier flight, you can reserve your seat in advance for a fee. The seat selection fee varies with the time of selection. For instance, the most affordable price available at the time of booking. Remember, Frontier plane seat may be on the higher side at the time of check-in and at the airport. 

  • The aircraft map during booking will display the costs for both regular and Stretch seats.
  • Paying for a seat in advance is optional but guarantees your chosen seat and facilitates seating together with your travel companions.
  • Stretch seats are only slightly more expensive than regular seats, making it a worthwhile Frontier upgrade.

Frontier Airlines seat upgrade using travel credits

While the Frontier Airlines World Mastercard doesn’t offer specific benefits on Frontier seat upgrade but can use the travel credit to purchase Frontier upgraded seats. For instance – 

  • Chase Sapphire Reserve Credit Card offers an annual travel credit of 300 USD.
  • The Platinum Card from American Express offers annual airline fee credits of up to 200 USD. American Express cards that offer these credits for airline fees include – 
American Express CardAnnual Credit Amount
The Platinum Card from American Express200 USD
The Business Platinum Card from American Express200 USD
Hilton Honors American Express Aspire Card250 USD

Frontier does not have first class, but this way when choosing The Works Bundle, you gain the flexibility to select any seat on the plane at no extra cost, including Stretch seats.

Frontier seat upgrade for elite status passengers

Frontier seat upgrade for elite status benefits

Frontier Airlines offers three elite status levels: Elite 20K, Elite 50K, and Elite 100K. It comes with various and one of them is getting stretch seats Frontier on a complimentary basis.

  • With Elite 20K, you can select a Stretch seat at check-in if available, but it’s not reservable in advance.
  • Elite 50K and 100K members can choose Stretch seats for free during booking and can extend this benefit to up to eight companions on the same reservation.

Frontier Works Bundle

Frontier Airlines offers two bundle options during flight purchase – The Perks Bundle and The Works Bundle. These bundles include extras like carry-on baggage, checked baggage, priority boarding, and Frontier seat upgrade.

  • When choosing The Works Bundle, you gain the flexibility to select any seat on the plane at no extra cost.
  • The Works Bundle is available only at the time of booking. 
  • Free Frontier flight change service.

Does Frontier have First Class?

No, Frontier Airlines does not have First Class or Business Class. But you can enjoy an upgraded experience by selecting stretch seating. The stretch seats frontier comes with several perks, including – 

  • More legroom – Stretch out and enjoy extra space to relax.
  • Extra recline – Recline your seat further for added comfort.
  • Early boarding – Be among the first to board, ensuring quicker access to overhead bins.

How to request a Frontier seat upgrade?

When you ask does Frontier have First Class you should know that Frontier Airlines offers convenient options for upgrading your seats – 

Upgrade at the time of booking

When you book your Frontier flight either online from official Frontier website or by any third party, you have the option to select your preferred seat during the booking process. In addition –

  • The seat selection screen will display the available seats, including premium options like Stretch seats.
  • You can choose and purchase your desired seat right at the time of booking through the Frontier flight seat map.
  • This option ensures you secure your preferred seat in advance and eliminates any uncertainty.

Frontier seat upgrade during flight check-in

If you haven’t selected a seat during booking or wish to make an upgrade request to your seating arrangement, you can do so during the Frontier check-in process. 

  • Frontier Airlines provides the flexibility to choose your seat or upgrade to a different seat when you check in for your flight.
  • Simply log in to your Frontier account or use the online check-in option.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to view available seats and make Frontier seat upgrade as needed.

Please Note: Seat availability may vary at this stage, so it’s advisable to check in 24 hours before departure if you have specific seat preferences.

How can passengers access the Frontier seating chart?

Frontier seating chart
This screenshot was taken from

At the time of booking the Frontier Airlines reservation, passengers have the option to select the seat. Here is the breakdown of the steps that we have explained in a clear and concise manner – 

  • Upon booking your Frontier flight, you’ll encounter the seat selection screen.
  • The first few rows come with a premium price compared to the seats towards the back of the plane.
  • You have the choice to select a seat from this screen at the indicated price.
  • If you prefer not to choose a seat immediately, simply scroll to the bottom of the seat selection screen. Look for the “Continue” button and click it. This way you pay the required amount and select Frontier big front seats.
  • This option allows you to bypass the seat selection process and let Frontier assign you a seat.

Remember, here the Frontier seat upgrade is optional. On the next page, Frontier will prompt you to confirm your choice not to select a seat at this time. You’ll be presented with the option to choose “No, thanks, I’ll take whatever.”

What is the Frontier seat upgrade fees?

Frontier Airlines seat upgrade starts from 11 USD per passenger per flight. And is requested at the time of booking. Here are the key details – 

Price for stretch seat frontier 

The cost of Frontier Airlines stretch seating can vary based on several key factors. On select flights, stretch seating can start at a reasonable $20 for each leg of your journey. This entry-level price point is ideal for travelers looking for a bit of extra comfort without paying a huge amount for frontier upgraded seats. 

Upgrade fees for long haul flights

For longer flights or bookings made closer to the departure date, the cost of stretch seating may incline on a higher side. You may witness that the cost of a Frontier plane seat may exceed 56 USD on such routes.

Please Note – If you have connecting flights as part of your journey, you’ll need to pay for stretch seating for each leg of your trip.

What are the benefits of upgrading Frontier seats?

Frontier does not have first class but when you choose to upgrade your seat on Frontier Airlines, you can select the best seats on Frontier Airlines at the more affordable fares. You can get access to the preference of aisle, middle, or window seat, and choose from the range of options (aisle, near the exit, or exit). Alternatively, passengers traveling with family or companions have the option to sit together.

Here are the advantages of opting for Frontier seat upgrade –

  • More comfortable seating – Enjoy extra legroom and a more spacious seating arrangement. Frontier’s Stretch seats offer greater comfort, allowing you to stretch out and relax during your flight.
  • Priority boarding – Upgraded seat selections often come with priority boarding, ensuring you’re among the first to board the aircraft. This means quicker access to overhead bin space for your carry-on luggage.
  • Preferred location – Choose seats located closer to the front of the plane, reducing the time it takes to deplane upon arrival. Be among the first to access in-flight services and disembark at your destination.
  • Group seating – If you’re traveling with family or friends, upgrading your seats ensures you can sit together. Avoid the uncertainty of finding adjacent seats at the last minute.
  • Guaranteed seating – By paying for your seat in advance, you secure a specific seat assignment and you do not have to worry about getting separated from your group or being left with undesirable seats.
  • Additional comfort features – Some upgraded seats may include added comfort features such as adjustable headrests and increased recline. Enjoy a more relaxed and enjoyable journey.
  • Traveling with children – Frontier Airlines offers a seat guarantee policy for passengers aged 13 years and younger, accompanied by an adult.

Frontier Airlines understands that every traveler has unique needs, and their seat upgrade options reflect the kind of service and commitment they offer. Whether you opt for the added space and perks of stretch seating or utilize elite status or credit card benefits to secure your preferred seat, Frontier Airlines provides you with choices that enhance your journey. 

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Can you upgrade to the Frontier seat after check-in?

Unfortunately, Frontier Airlines typically does not allow seat upgrades after the check-in process. But passengers can request the extra legroom seats at the time of check-in. 

Can you upgrade to a larger seat on Frontier Airlines?

Yes, Frontier Airlines offers the option to upgrade seats. You can choose to upgrade to stretch seating or select specific seat assignments during booking or online check-in.

Can you add a bundle to Frontier after booking?

Frontier Airlines does not offer the option to add bundles (such as The Works Bundle or The Perks Bundle) to your reservation after booking. These bundles are typically available for purchase during the initial flight booking process.

How much does it cost to add the works to Frontier Flight?

Works bundle is priced at 99 USD and includes benefits such as a carry-on bag, checked bag, seat selection, priority boarding, refundability, free Frontier flight changes, and a guaranteed overhead space.

Does Frontier have First Class or Business Class?

No, Frontier does not have first class or business class seats but you can upgrade


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