Do you want to change your flight with Lufthansa? If yes then do not worry! Airlines Policy will help you to understand the Lufthansa flight change policy.

When it comes to changing your flight, it is essential to know about the criteria for a particular airline such as Lufthansa. Besides that, you should be aware of the Lufthansa change flight penalty. The specific reasons for Lufthansa changing flights can be many.

For instance, if you want to pick the earlier flight to the original one then you require amendments in your tickets. In addition, you might need to change your flight due to certain circumstances such as an injury, emergency at home, illness, or other unexpected events that force you to cancel or change the flight time or date.

In this blog, you will be enlightened about how to change a flight on Lufthansa as well as the Lufthansa flight change fee. Following a few simple steps, you can easily change the same-day flight with Lufthansa on Airlines Policy.

How to Proceed with Lufthansa Change Flight on Airlines Policy?

The process of Lufthansa changing flight is not complex at all. If you wish to change Lufthansa flight booking then you can visit the Airlines Policy website and perform a few simple steps in order to change the flight time, cabin option, date, or other information in the tickets.

Airlines policy allows you to change flights in two ways; online or via phone call. You can either visit the web portal to enter your ticket changes or make a call for requesting changes in your tickets. Let us know how to get the job done.

Lufthansa Change Flight Online

To make any amendments in your Lufthansa flight ticket online, you can go through the following steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Visit the Airlines Policy website.
Step 2: Then, you will see the Change Your Flight tab on the top.
Step 3: Next to this, you can enter your ticket number along with the Airport name.
Step 4: In the next step, you are required to enter the amendments including Lufthansa change flight time, date, number of passengers or other details.

Lufthansa Flight Change Over Phone

A few of the passengers do not feel comfortable making changes online or they may be a situation when you are unable to access the internet. In this scenario, passengers can also make a phone call and request a flight change for Lufthansa flight tickets.

Once you call the helpdesk number, the dedicated representatives will help you with flight changes and other queries related to the booking.

What is Lufthansa Same day Flight Change Policy?

If you want to know “how to change flight on Lufthansa“, you should also be aware of the same-day flight change policy given by Airlines itself. Lufthansa Airlines allows travellers to go for same-day flight change services. It means that you can make changes and amendments to your tickets even on the original date of the reservation.

However, Lufthansa flight change laws for the same-day should be made at least one hour in advance from the originally scheduled flight. In other words, if you go to change the flight ticket just before an hour of the scheduled flight, you might not be able to make it happen successfully.

Things to Remember While Changing the flight with Lufthansa

  • The new flight that you change should follow the same routes and fly between the same airports (the same as that of the original flight).
  • This service cannot be availed if you have already checked-in with the help of any of the available procedures such as a mobile app.
  • Also for long-haul/route flights of Lufthansa Airlines, flight change service will not be applicable to the travellers

How Much Does it Cost to Change a Lufthansa Flight?

Although, travellers are free to make corrections or changes to their Lufthansa flight bookings as far as the amendments meet specified terms and conditions of the Lufthansa Flight Change Policy. But if a traveller does not meet the criteria, he/she will have to pay the penalty especially if you have made changes in the flight route, Lufthansa flight change fee will be applicable. However, the amount of penalty depends on the kind of ticket purchase or the purchased fare you selected. Below is the fee structure of Lufthansa Airlines.

Lufthansa Change Flight Date Fee

  • €50 EUR/70 CHF/$60 USD
  • €150/220 CHF for changing to a Same-Day Award ticket type
  • Destination change cost – not allowed

Cancellation or Refund of Miles/Redeposit Cost

  • €50 EUR/70 CHF/$60 USD

Exclusions or Waivers

  • For individual awards fare, the cost may vary or may be waived off.
  • In case of reduced flight awards, rebooking or cancellation will not be allowed. 

Close-in Booking Cost: Free

Change Your Ticket Easily and Fly Joyfully with Lufthansa

If you are planning to change Lufthansa flight tickets, you can do it right through the Airlines Policy website. All you are required to enter the information about your ticket such as the ticket number and pay the normal fee (if applicable). You have to keep this thing in your mind that changing a flight does not require you to pay every time. It depends on the flight ticket or fare type you selected during the booking. So, start your journey with Lufthansa airlines and cherish every moment of your trip.


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