ANA Upgrade Seat

All Nippon Airways  offers several classes including Business, First, Premium, and Economy. The higher the class, the more advantages and luxury are available. Passengers have the option of treating them to the comfort and elegance of business class with ease.  Business class seats are upgradeable from economy or premium economy. Additionally, there are numerous methods to enhance the chairs. This blog will provide you all the details you need to know about how to request ANA upgrade to business class.

ANA Upgrade Seat

Ways To Get All Nippon Airways Upgrade

Passengers have several options to get their flight upgraded to Premium Cabin with ANA airways – 

Purchase Upgrade

Passengers can buy tickets for business class and pay the upgrade fee and higher class rate. However, they are subject to availability. Both economy and premium economy class passengers have the option of upgrading to business class. Passengers cannot, however, upgrade from first class to economy or premium economy.

ANA upgrade with miles

Passengers have the option to use ANA Mileage Club miles to upgrade. The number of miles needed to upgrade will vary depending on how long the flight is and which programme the miles are coming from. The number of miles needed for a business class upgrade between Sydney and Tokyo under various plans is listed below:

Frequent Flyer ProgramMiles needed to upgradeFares eligible for upgrade
ANA Mileage Club25,000Y, B, E, G, M and U
Air New Zealand Airpoints1660 Airport DollarsY, B and E
Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer65,000Y, B and E
Thai Airways Royal Orchid Plus60,000Y, B and E

ANA Airlines bid for upgrade

Passengers can simply make an offer to get upgraded to Premium Economy. The higher the bid, the better chances to get the All Nippon Airways upgrade for your reservation. 

ANA Airlines Upgrade to Premium Economy (Bid For Upgrade)

You can make an offer to upgrade to Premium Economy after purchasing an Economy Class ticket on the ANA website. Depending on the reservation status and the price you provide, you may be able to upgrade to Premium Economy, which is normally offered at set fares.

Eligible passengers – Passengers who purchase a flight ticket on the airline’s website and meet the requirements below, and who then receive an email about ANA upgrade to Premium Economy.

  • Must posses an Economy Class reservation
  • Flights must originate from Japan, Canada, US, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Europe, Australia, New Zealand or Indonesia.’

How to upgrade ANA seats through Bid?

Passengers will receive their new or upgrade confirmation from [email protected]. Follow these steps to upgrade ANA flight – 

  • Eligible passengers receive email from airlines 7 days prior to scheduled departure. 
  • All you have to do is follow the instructions in the email.
  • The eligible flights from your full itinerary are displayed on the bidding screen. 
  • Each flight has its own gauge that is tied to bid prices. 
  • The price you pay falls inside the predetermined price range.
  • The following currencies are accepted for bids: US dollars, Canadian dollars, British pounds, euros, Singapore dollars, Malaysian ringgit, Thai baht, Indonesian rupiah, and Vietnamese Dong.
  • Each flight’s bid period expires two days (or 48 hours) before it leaves.
  • Please register the payment information as directed on the screen. Credit cards are the sole accepted method of payment.
  • You won’t be charged until the update is approved.
  • If your offer is accepted, your reservation will be upgraded, and you’ll get an EMD Passenger Receipt at least 24 hours before your flight.

Note – When numerous offers are submitted for the same flight, the offers will be approved in bid price order.

If your bid is unsuccessful – If your ANA airlines bid for upgrade is not approved, the airline will send an email 24 hours prior to scheduled departure. In such case – 

  • The payment would be deducted when the offer is unsuccessful.
  • Passengers need to board the Economy Class as originally booked.

ANA Upgrade with Miles

ANA Mileage Club members can redeem miles for international travel on ANA-operated flights. 

Terms and conditions – Following conditions will apply when requesting the ANA Airlines Business Class Upgrade

  • It is not possible to submit an upgrade request for both an Economy-Business and an Economy-Premium Economy upgrade at the same time for the same itinerary. 
  • Direct upgrades from Economy Class to First Class are not available.
  • Domestic flights within Japan are not eligible for ANA Business Class upgrade.
  • Passengers who have requested ANA airlines upgrade to Business Class cannot request upgrade to Premium Economy. 

How many miles are required to get an Upgrade?

A one-way ANA upgrade with miles can be redeemed for as little as 9000 miles.

The number of miles required to redeem an award will differ depending on the flight distance from Point A and B and the class of service. Below is the table that indicates the number of miles required to upgrade to each cabin class.

One-way MileageEconomy Class to Premium EconomyEconomy Class to Business ClassBusiness Class to First Class
5,501 and above200002800045000

However, you must have a ticket in a specific fare class. On an international flight, for instance, your ticket must be in one of the following fare classes: Y, B, M, U, H, Q, or V.

Eligible Booking Classes for Upgrade

In order to apply for the ALL Nippon Airways upgrade to Business Class, the following class of service is eligible. 

Itinerary OriginEconomy Class to Premium EconomyPremium Economy / Economy Class to Business ClassBusiness Class to First Class
Within JapanY, B, M, U, H, Q, VG, E, Y, B, M, UJ, C, D, Z
Outside JapanY, B, M, U, H, Q, VG, E, Y, B, M, U, HJ, C, D, Z

ANA Business Class Upgrade Redemption

Let’s examine a few ANA business class reservation instances.

DepartureDestinationANA Mileage Club
Chicago (ORD)Sydney115,000 miles
New York City (JFK)Tokyo85,000 miles
Washington, DC (IAD)Bangkok110,000 miles

Star Alliance Upgrades

ANA flight upgrade on a Star Alliance airline is also possible using ANA Miles.

For instance, if there was a United upgrade available, you could fly one-way from Chicago to Paris in United Airlines’ Business class for 28,000 ANA miles.

You must also have an eligible fare, which varies per airline.

1- Sector Mileage (Basic Sector Mileage)Economy Class to Business ClassBusiness Class to First Class
0 – 20001200020000
2001- 25001800030000
2501 – 30002200035000
3001 – 35002400040000
3501 – 40002600045000
4001 – 45002800045000
4501 – 50003000050000
5001 – 55003200050000
5501 – 70003400050000
7001 – 90003600055000
9001 – 100003800055000
Beyond 100004000060000

How to upgrade ANA Flight?

The Upgrade requests can be made by phone or online by passengers. The procedure is outlined below.

Upgrade ANA flight online

Follow these steps to request ANA upgrade seat – 

  • Visit the ANA Airlines website.
  • Choose “ANA Manage Booking” from the menu on the home page.
  • Submit your name, first and last names, and reservation number.
  • Your reservation details will be displayed.
  • If your seat is upgradeable, the opportunity to do so will now display.
  • After that, you can choose the class to which you want to advance.
  • Choose the upgrade method as well.
  • The fare and fee will appear.
  • Enter your payment information and pay the amount.
  • You’ll receive a new ticket with an upgraded seat.

Upgrade ANA flight through contact center

In order to request ANA  seat upgrades, passengers can also contact the airline’s customer service. Provide your booking details to see if your reservation is eligible for the upgrade.

Passengers can contact their customer support center and ask the executive for aid if they have any questions about the ANA upgrade policy. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Upgrade All Nippon Airways

Can I use united miles to upgrade on ANA?

Award travel on ANA is available through Service fees may apply when purchasing or modifying award bookings, depending on the ticketing, travel dates, and MileagePlus status. Award tickets are not available at the airport.

Can I upgrade from Premium to Business on ANA airlines?

Passengers who wish to upgrade from Economy Class to Business Class must first request a refund for their previously submitted upgrade application. It is not feasible to upgrade directly from Economy Class to First Class.

Does ANA offer free Business Class upgrades often?

No. The airlines do not offer free upgrades. Passengers have the option to redeem miles under ANA Mileage Club frequent flyer program to upgrade to Business Class.

How do you ever get upgraded with ANA?

Passengers get the ANA flight either through bidding or through redeeming the Mileage Club points.

How many miles to upgrade to first class on ANA?

Business class rewards cost 45,000–47,500 points one-way between the US /Europe and Japan. A first class award ticket to Japan from the US mainland or Europe costs between 55,000 and 60,000 points.

How much to upgrade to ANA Premium Economy?

For flights longer than 4,500 miles, upgrading from economy to ANA premium economy costs 20,000 miles each way. It includes all itineraries between Japan and the US mainland.

How to upgrade on All Nippon Airways?

Select Manage Booking tab and then select ‘Upgrade’. And,

1 – Select the flight you need to upgrade.
2 – Fill in the payment details.
3 – Confirm the payment details and proceed to the next step.
4 – Your upgrade is complete.


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