Travel after Coronavirus: What All Precautions Airlines are Taking

Undoubtedly, COVID-19 left all of us shocked and locked in our home. The aviation industry has been affected the most due to this pandemic. After the hassle from the past few months, airlines and other industries are being reopened, fortunately. However, after the terrifying virus and the death of a large number of people leave the travelers scared somewhere. Especially when it comes to flying from one country to another. Most of the airlines policy is in doubt if people can or will travel in the second half of 2020. We might not be certain about answering this question. Because airlines cannot risk anyone’s life for the sake of their business whereas passengers will be in doubt if the airlines are secure and hygienic enough to fly.

Travel after Coronavirus: What All Precautions Airlines are Taking

So, ultimately both the travel industry and travelers need to take care of their safety, hygiene, and health while traveling. Every airline should be concerned about the well being of their passengers and the passengers should be responsible equally for maintaining their good health. Hence, we will discuss some of the instructions that should be followed during the travel no matter what flu it is in the air, one has to take care of the well being in order to minimize the risk of poor health.

Must Take Precautions by Airlines

Below are the must take precautions that every airline should take to keep their passengers safe and comfortable.

Temperature Checks

Temperature checks have become a part of every community. In airlines Policy, this should be included too. When the visitors reach the airport, their temperature should be checked at the door. If anyone is found ill, try to send the visitor for the checkup.

However, in most cases, the body temperature rises due to the heat of the sun. If anyone is found with high temperature, let the visitor calm and relax for a while. After rechecking the temperature at the right level, gatekeepers should allow the visitor to enter.

Availability of the Sanitizer

The sanitization process should be mandatory before the entrance to the boarding section. After the temperature checks, airlines let the visitor walk through the sanitizer tunnel gate. As an alternate option, airlines can place the sanitizer at the relevant spots for the passengers.

Social Distancing during the Boarding Process

The airport is one of the crowded platforms. However, after the pandemic, we barely see people roaming around at the airport. But those who are planning to travel due to the business meetings might make the ground full of travelers. In such a scenario, the team of the airport has to take care of the social distancing during the whole boarding process.

Seat Spacing

Airlines services should now pledge to maintain the required space between seats of the flyers. As the passengers will sit while maintaining the distance, this would make each and every passenger safe inside the cabin during the travel.

Disinfect the Airport and the Plane

During this pandemic, people ensure that they disinfect the surfaces and the area they use in order to minimize the risk of any infection or virus. Airports, cabins, seats, and every corner of the place should be followed by proper cleanliness and sanitation. Before scheduling another flight, planes should be cleaned including tray tables, window shades, belt buckles, and other used surfaces by passengers.

The Law of Mask

Nowadays, the mask is required for every place you visit. Airport and every airline also requires people to wear a mask with proper sanitization. Wearing full sleeves or covering your entire face can prevent you from the disease at its best level.

Must Take Precautions by Passengers

Below are the must take precautions that every passenger should keep into consideration while traveling with any airline.

Practice Good Hygiene

As is well known, COVID-19 spreads through droplets when someone sneezes or coughs. To prevent yourself and others from being in the contact of these droplets, one should practice good hygiene. Also, people should not touch their own eyes, mouth, nose especially when the hands are not washed.

Wash Hands Regularly

It is suggested to wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds. When you travel with an airline, you should clean your hands frequently. Always carry a hand sanitizer that contains 60% alcohol at least. However, excessive use of sanitizer might cause skin irritation. Therefore, try washing your hands with soap and water when available and use sanitizer when outside somewhere.

Cover Yourself Properly

After the pandemic has occurred, everyone is suggested to wear a mask when going outside. However, while you travel, you might encounter unhygienic surfaces where you can place your hands and touch your face. So, it would be better if you cover yourself properly. When you feel like sneezing, always sneeze into the elbow to protect others traveling with you.

Breathe Free

Most of the aircraft have High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestor (HEPA) that filters out dust particles and other airborne contaminants such as bacteria and viruses. It improves the cabin air so passengers can breathe freely.

Boost Immune System

Since there is no vaccination for this dreadful virus but passengers can carry essential medicines to stay healthy. Also, boost your immune system to fight against the COVID-19 and prevent yourself from being in contact with the virus.

Stay Updated with Travel Advice

Before you travel internationally, make sure that you check the updated travel advice for that particular airline. Also, stay updated with the health advisories, check-in policy, and baggage policy released by the airlines.

Special Advice for Passengers

Self Protection Tips

If any passenger does not feel completely fine, it would be better to avoid travel at the moment and stay at home to prevent disease, infection, or viruses. And, if it is required, better to contact your doctor.

What If You Want to Change Flight?

Tons of customers have pre-booked their tickets and due to the pandemic, they all are worried if the ticket can be changed now or not. In case you have booked your ticket earlier and now desire to make amendments to your flight ticket then you can do that under flight schedule change policies.

All you are required to visit the Airlines Policy website and request the changes to your ticket under the flight change policy. To do so, you can enter your ticket number and edit the details such as the date or time in your ticket. Once you receive your tickets with new changes, you can travel to your destination freely.


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