Making Air Canada flight ticket changes in your reservation are not an ‘ordeal by fire’ – at least when you have booked your tickets in Air Canada. The airline has a team of professionals who are sitting there 24*7 to tell you everything like how to change my Air Canada flight. 

Air Canada Change Flight Policy

Terms & Conditions of Air Canada Flight Change Policy

  • The ticket should be booked from the official website or the authorized center of Air Canada
  • All tickets should meet the flight change rules made by the airline.
  • You cannot make any change if your flight is departed.

Standard Rules of Air Canada Change Flight Booking

If changing a flight on Air Canada is done on the date of the purchase, then you can make the modifications for free. Check out the following for more details:

  • To change Air Canada flight ticket after the 24 hours or failed to change flight within 24 hours of the booking, you will need to pay a certain amount as the Air Canada Flight change fees according to the route and fare type chosen
  • Change flight ticket Air Canada policies allow all passengers to make changes to their journey according to the new plans
  • When you inform the airline in advance, they may waive off certain fees
  • As per the Air Canada flight change within 24 hours policy, you can rectify the errors for free for 24 hours
  • The airline has the right to change the administration fees if you change my Air Canada flight at the airport or Air Canada ticketing office.

Air Canada Same Day Flight Change Policy

Just like any other airline, Air Canada will also not ask for the reasons for making any change. The airline provides its passengers with hassle-free and round the clock change service. With this Air Canada same-day flight change policy, they are serving hundreds and thousands of smiles every day. When it comes to the change Air Canada flight fee, the airline will not ask you to pay a hefty amount as compared to other competitors. You can request this through the different modes available. The airline has different flight change fees for different fare types. So, check out the following to know more about the Air Canada rouge flight change fee:

  • Tango: $100
  • Flex: $75
  • Latitude: Depends on the fare difference amount

You should keep in mind that these charges are for online. If you choose to make the changes at the counter, then this amount may vary. For more details, you can call on the Air Canada flight change phone number .

Rules for Same-Day Flight Change

While making changes on the same day, you will need to keep the following essential points in your mind to avoid hassles:

  • You will need to pay the same day Air Canada flight change fees as per the policy of the airline
  • The new flight must be within 24 hours of the departure of the actual flight and should have the same airport and the same destinations
  • The flight you are planning to take should have the same number of stops just like the original flight
  • If you want to book the flight in other airlines, then it must be a member of the same alliance
  • If the airline cancels your scheduled flight, then they will not charge any change fee. In this case, you can book your trip again with them through any official medium or as per the policy
  • If you are changing your flight as per the same-day policy, then it should be departing at least 3 hours after the change request made
  • Same-day flight change and standby service are subjected to the flight change policy of Air Canada

Air Canada Same Day Change Fee

When you choose to change your flight on the same day at the airport, then the following amount will be charged:

  • Basic: no changes permitted
  • Standard: CAD 150 and CAD 100 on the selected routes
  • Flex: CAD 75
  • Comfort: Included 
  • Latitude: Included
  • Business Class: Included
  • Premium Economy: Flexible – included and Lowest – $75

How Much will Air Canada Charge for Date Change?

According to Air Canada Flight Change Policy – Any changes made within 24 hours are free. However, you can choose to change the date up to 2 hours before the scheduled departure of your flight. This can only be done online and through the official website of Air Canada. When you want to know how to change your flight date, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to the official website of Air Canada.
  • Choose the ‘My Bookings’ option.
  • Now, select your flight to make the changes.
  • Pay the amount applicable to complete the process.
  • When you save the changes made, you will be notified from the airline about the changes on your registered email ID or phone number.

What is Air Canada Name Change Fee?

Certain tickets with Air Canada allow passengers for NO changes and refunds at all, while other tickets provide you with the facility to enjoy one-time free change. If you make changes more than once, then the airline will levy some charges for the same. And these charges depend on the fare type or ticket type chosen and destination selected. To know how much does it cost to change flight, you will have to look at your ticket and destination first.

To change your name online through the official website, you will need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to the official website of Air Canada
  • Choose ‘My Bookings’ option and login with your credentials i.e. email ID and password
  • Now, select your flight and make the changes you want
  • Pay the Air Canada name change fee before submitting or saving the changes made 

Call on the Air Canada Phone Number to Rectify the Name Errors

You can request to make changes of passenger’s name on Air Canada booking via call to their official customer service number. For this, the following steps will need to be followed:

  • Call on the Air Canada name change number.
  • Choose your preferred language and wait for a while.
  • A representative will be assigned to you by the airline.
  • They will ask you to provide the ticket booking ID and number.
  • On your request, they will rectify the errors.
  • Pay the necessary amount to complete the process.

Different Methods to Air Canada for Flight Change

It is recognized as one of the best airlines. And it is because of the services provided. In this row, they also provide their passengers with different modes to make the changes:

Self-Service Kiosk Towers

  • Go to the nearest self-service kiosk tower of Air Canada
  • Enter booking details like booking date number, and your name
  • Next, follow the instructions given on the screen to make the changes needed
  • Pay the Air Canada change fees
  • Print your new boarding pass

Official Website

  • Browse through the official website of Air Canada
  • Use your login ID and password to log in
  • Now, click on the ‘My Bookings’ tab
  • Enter your ‘reservation confirmation code’ along with your last name (as mentioned on your passport)
  • Make the changes needed
  • Check the details multiple times before final submission
  • Choose your preferred payment mode and pay the change fee
  • Lastly, print your boarding pass

At the Air Canada Ticket Booking Counter

  • Go to the nearest airport and locate the Air Canada ticket counter
  • Ask the airline’s representative to make the changes on your behalf
  • Make the payment of change fees through your preferred mode
  • They will print your new boarding pass or simply mail your boarding pass on your registered mail ID 

PLEASE NOTE: that while making any changes to your Air Canada flight, your new flight should be departed within 1-12 hours from your requesting time. 

Air Canada Change Flights Refund

The airline understands that things not always go as per the plans. Sometimes, you will need to change your travel date or even cancel the flight. In this case, your Air Canada change flight refund depends on the ticket you have purchased and the conditions in which you are changing or cancelling your tickets. For instance, if you have a refundable and unused ticket, then you will be provided with a full refund after deducting some amount as change or cancellation fees. But when you do it within 24 hours of the purchase, then you will get a full refund for the same. In case of a doubt, call on the Air Canada flight change phone number for the right support and assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Will I be provided with a full refund for an unused ticket?

The airline will cancel such tickets and provide you with a full refund without any penalty up to 24 hours of the purchase. However, with economy class, you will have some restrictions. And they are:

No flight cancellation or change
No credit for any future travel
No refund after 24 hours 

How can I change the flight date of Air Canada?

To make the changes, you will need to follow the steps mentioned below:
1. Browse through the official website of Air Canada
2. Use your credentials i.e. user ID and password to log in
3. Now, go to the ‘My Bookings’ tab
4. Select your ticket to make the changes
5. Review the changes multiple times before submitting the same
6. Choose your preferred payment mode i.e. credit card, debit card, internet banking, wallet, etc. to pay the change fees
7. After the payment, print your new boarding pass

Can I change my Air Canada flight?

Yes, you can easily change your flight but you will need to pay a change fee and it depends on the ticket type and destination chosen.

What is the cancellation fee for Air Canada?

It depends on the fare type chosen. For instance, for Tango Fares, you will get a refund after deducting $200. For other information, you can get in touch with the airline.

How can I check if my Air Canada flight is changed or not?

When your flight is changed, you will be notified on your registered email ID and phone number . In case you do not get anything from the airline, you can call the airline for more details.

Can I change my Air Canada flight date for free?

As per Air Canada change flight policy, passengers can void or change their booking within 24 hours of purchase for free of charge only if the scheduled departure date is at least 168 hours in advance at the time of rebooking. Here are the other circumstances that allow passengers to change the flight for free as per Air Canada change policy
1. If passengers have been denied boarding
2. If there is an involuntary cancelation and the passenger was informed within 7 days before departure
3. If there is a significant delay in the flight for three hours or more

How to change flight with Air Canada at the airport?

As per the Air Canada change policy, passengers can request the changes on the unused portion of their flight segments. In order to change the Air Canada flight at the airport, passengers need to visit the Air Canada booking counter. In addition –
1. Guests need to provide their booking details that will allow the Air Canada executives to retrieve the booking.
2. Check with the airline staff whether your Air Canada flight booking is eligible for changes.
3. If eligible, provide the new travel dates. The agent will give all the information related to the airline’s change fee and the applicable fare difference.
4. At the airport, you can pay via credit/debit card as well as through cash.
5. You will receive the new flight itineraries as the confirmation and the e-ticket number will remain the same.

What is Air Canada Rebooking Policy?

As per Air Canada rebooking policy, passengers can only request flight change on the unused portion of the ticket, as the change flight policy is applicable on the restricted as well as non-restricted fares. In addition –
1. Air Canada flight change policy would be applied on the airline-operated flight only.
2. All the codeshare and interline agreement flight changes are subject to the most restrictive fare rule condition.

How much is the Air Canada reschedule flight fee?

Air Canada change flight remains the same for all fare types and the class of service selected as the passengers needs to pay 200 USD as the residue fee plus any applicable fare difference.

Does Air Canada allow same-day change for the flight booking?

As per the Air Canada flight change policy, passengers can make the change to the earlier or to the later flight as they need to pay the same-change fee of 250 USD. The criteria of the Air Canada same day flight policy include –
• Flights must be operated by the Air Canada
• If the flight segments include another airline segment (OAL), the same changes are not possible
• The new flight must be within 24 hours of the scheduled departure of the actual flight and should include the same origin point and destination.
• The new flight must depart at least three hours after the change request made

How to reschedule an Air Canada flight online?

Passengers need to visit the Air Canada booking portal and navigate to the Manage Booking section. Enter the flight booking details in the required field, and then follow the on-screen prompts on the next page to complete the Air Canada flight change request online.
Please note passengers would be responsible for the Air Canada change flight fee and the fare difference if there is any.

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  2. Timothy on Reply

    Considering my grandmother’s health is failing, I need to change our departure date. To make changes, I called the travel consultant and asked her to explain the Air Canada date change policy in context. The information supplied will help me determine how much I will need to pay to make all of the necessary modifications. I was able to effectively adjust my departure date and save money on change costs thanks to the assistance of the customer service team.

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    Getting in touch with the staff has never been an issue for me when flying with Air Canada. I called the customer care hotline to make adjustments to my scheduled tickets. The team has helped me comprehend the Air Canada flight change policy. Thank you to everyone on staff for making the move so easy.

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    Previously, I was concerned about the change fees. However, once my father explained to me about the Air Canada no change fee policy, I was able to make all of the necessary adjustments without spending a single dime. To make free adjustments, tickets must be purchased through approved portals and modifications must be done within 24 hours after reservation.

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    This is related to a trip in September 2021, pandemic times, and we have some hassles along the way. Flights were rescheduled a couple of times and on one occasion 48 hours later which really would have affected our travel plans. The changes were due to the uncertainty of Covid, and although it took patience, AC was responsive and finally gave a reasonable alternative as well as some compensation. Wow!

    My suitcase was sent to New York by mistake, and it took 6 days to be delivered to the right destination, but they allowed and paid for some clothes and necessary items since I was in a foreign city with just a small hand purse I took when I boarded the flight.

    We appreciate that even with some delays, they were responsive and didn’t completely ignore the situation. The way I value any airline is the way they respond when there is trouble and unexpected changes, and Air Canada showed at par customer service, which makes me consider for future travel. Air Canada flight change policy is more of a game-changer compared to the other airlines who usually never compensate any passenger in case of flight delays and cancelations.

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    I was thinking to change my flight date as it is not possible for me to back home in the scheduled time. The economical air canada customer services helped alot in doing so. As I was able to reschedule the journey to a new date quite comfortably and by paying lesser amount of air canada flight change fee.

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    I travelled March 29 2022 from Barbados to Toronto, before I got to the Airport I received notification that the flight would be a 5 hour delay. I appreciate the heads up so I wouldn’t have to waste time getting to the airport too early. I called the airlines and requested an Air Canada flight. The agent was very polite and offered me a new flight that was available 1 hour after my original scheduled departure. They got me on that flight without asking to pay a dime. From checking my bags to great customer service, nice and polite and checking my bag with no issues. On board the flight I had the whole row to myself, the crew was so nice making sure I was ok and offered drinks and food often. I had an amazing experience flying with Air Canada.

  8. Brian Robertson on Reply

    I have flown this 9am route twice this year and both times the flight is delayed 30 to 60 minutes. But with the courtes of Air Canada schedule change policy, I covered my meals and refreshments. Last time they offered me a 50 USD food voucher but this time they offered me a 100 USD food voucher and complimentary access to the business lounge at the Vancouver airport. Also while I was check-in in I missed out on my vaccination proof. The courteous staff helped retrieve the document online, and also my negative covid result. Much to my surprise they haven’t let me line-up in the baggage kiosk as everything was sorted before I was able to board the flight. This flight that I was boarding was a very convenient flight and I love flying Air Canada because of the stellar service it provides.

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