The Air Canada lost and found policy is framed to help passengers get connected with their lost belongings, during or after the travel. Among several travel services, this one focuses on guiding the travelers on the next steps to take when baggage or an item is missing. 

The Air Canada missing baggage policy is associated with several factors – the location of the lost luggage, tracking of the missing item, or accounting for any compensation for the damaged, delayed or lost item – the policy is designed in a way to cover all the aspects. This post also guides the affected passengers about the various approaches to execute at the time of missing baggage such as form, claim delayed compensation, phone number, baggage claim assistance at the airport, and much more. 

An Overview of Air Canada Lost and Found Policy

This Canadian carrier has set up the guidelines under its lost and found policy. The sole purpose is to assist the passengers who find their missing items, they may unintentionally be left behind or have been misplaced or damaged by the airlines. 

These guidelines help passengers to take the necessary steps when they realize that they have left a valuable item onboard or at the airport.

Passengers can also seek valuable assistance from the Air Canada lost and found policy when they have left or misplaced hand luggage or any item onboard. In those cases, you can approach the airline’s baggage claim desk before leaving the airport. This way, you may retrieve the missing item left in the aircraft. 

Find Out Whether Your Baggage is Lost or Delayed

It’s a good idea to check whether your luggage has been lost or delayed before utilizing the policy related to it. In both cases, you can seek assistance from Air Canada.  The connecting medium, on the other hand, can differ. As a result, before filing a request to retrieve your items, baggage, or other belongings, you should check with the airline to see if there are any delays.

Location of the Missing Item

It’s important to realize that the airline’s policy can be effective if you can pinpoint the location where you might have misplaced your belongings. In light of this, Air Canada lost and found assistance can be utilized for ulterior motives. 

Losing your luggage on board is a common occurrence. In addition, you have to find out with the airline whether your checked baggage flew on the same carrier as you. Therefore it is very important to figure out the last location of your baggage :

  • At the departure airport.
  • If it is hand luggage, you may have checked into the airport lounge before actual boarding.
  • The baggage may not have been checked on the same plane as you.
  • The baggage may have been ceased at the security checkpoints.

This and more other information you can get at the Air Canada baggage claim desk. 

Please note that if a traveler’s bags or items are missing or lost in locations other than these, the airline is not responsible or liable for any compensation.

How Air Canada Lost and Found Policy Work?

The airline’s lost and found policy primarily worked in a way to ensure hassle-free workflows that help passengers get to recover their belongings smoothly and efficiently. The airlines’ lost baggage team defined a smooth process of finding a missing item. The traveler, if realize they have damaged or missed an item, has to escalate the matter, fill out the form before leaving the airport. 

Please note that the recovery of your lost baggage depends upon the factors like location, travel route, time of escalation, and much more. 

Method 1 – Air Canada Lost and Found Claim Form

The most executable way to get back your lost luggage is to fill out the Missing Item form provided by the airlines. You need to – 

Air Canada Lost and Found Claim
  • Enter the travel information such as flight number, origin & destination city, passenger’s name, etc. 
  • Give all the valuable information about your baggage such as weight, the dimensions, color, and the relevant details of each and every item. This way, it is helpful for the airline to trace and identify it.
  • Submit this form at the airport. 
  • The form is available online too. Add the relevant receipts and images of your lost bag.
  • This information is available at the time of verifying about the lost luggage if found.

If you’re at the airport, submit all the details related to your affected bag within 4 hours of your scheduled arrival. If you fill out the form online, make sure to escalate the matter within 24 hours of scheduled arrival. This time window applies for flight booking within the US, and Canada.

The added advantage of early escalation leads to the generation of Property Irregularity Report (PIR). If you are making a lost baggage claim online, you need to obtain a FIle ID or Property Irregularity Report (PIR). Add to that – 

  • On the airline’s website, click on the lost baggage section. 
  • Tap on the ‘Generate Online Form’ to proceed.
  • In due process, you would be asked to share the relevant information for your lost items.
  • Attach the following documents –
    • Purchase receipts for the lost baggage item.
    • Soft copy of passport for international travel, and any government-issued photo ID for domestic travel.
  • Hit the Submit button to complete the request. 

The Air Canada lost and found team takes no more than 30 days to respond to lost luggage concerns. 

Method 2 – To File a Report

Given the potential value of your belongings, the airlines established an effective method in place of locating the lost items through report filing.

The airlines will determine whether or not the item has been checked. This valuable information is sufficient in the first place to determine whether the concerned luggage is a checked bag or merely hand luggage. 

Followed by that, the Air Canada lost baggage recovery team initiate your query in the right direction.- 

The Air Canada baggage lost and found page is the one-stop solution to file all said reports for your missing item. Alternatively, you can directly click on this link to trace your lost item – “”.

  • Select one of the following options –
    • My baggage was not checked
    • My baggage was checked
  • Based on your circumstance, select any of the options to file a missing report.

Method 3 – Lost and Found Telephone Number

Customer service has been established by the airline that allows passengers to escalate the lost baggage complaint. Call Air Canada customer service. The airline’s executive may request additional information in order to locate your missing item. This way, you may obtain a File ID or PIR as a reference to your concern. 

Insider’s lead: The Air Canada lost and found number can also be used to track the status of your missing baggage complaint. 

Method 4 – File the Lost Baggage Complaint at the Airport

It’s important to be aware that the Air Canada lost baggage guidelines cover the procedure for recovering items that have been misplaced at airport terminals. You can escalate the missing or delayed baggage report at the airline’s counter immediately upon arriving. Baggage service offices are available at the airport terminals capable of handling all the complaints about misplaced items.

Things to do – To find information about the availability and timings of the BSO counters, visit

Whether you are arriving at the Toronto Pearson Airport or Halifax International Airport, or any other airport in Canada, the BSO counter timings may overlap with the recurring time zones. 

Air Canada Lost Baggage Compensation

The airline offers compensation and remuneration for the missing as well as the delayed baggage. The compensation amount varies for domestic as well as international flights. Here’s is a brief overview – 

Air Canada Lost Baggage

Lost Baggage

For any reported checked bag which is not received after the 30-day period, the airline offers a maximum payout of 1500 USD for domestic travel. 

Tip – If you think you possess a more valuable item that surpasses the received remuneration amount of 1500 USD, fill out a ‘Declaration form’ at the Air Canada check-in, before you board the flight.  In such cases, the airline pays up to 2500 USD as compensation for the lost baggage. 

In the case of international travel, the maximum payout offered by the Air Canada lost baggage claim team is 2100 USD. This compensation applies for lost, damaged as well as delayed baggage. 

Delayed Baggage

For the delayed baggage the airline offers cash compensation. It enables p[assengers to purchase the daily essentials during traveling. The said remuneration may go up to 1000 USD. The proposed include the following – 

  • Passenger is entitled to receive the delayed baggage compensation if the baggage is delayed by 3 or more hours upon the scheduled arrival. 
  • During the delay, the said compensation would be offered for food, drink, lavatories, medication, and any electronic gadget. 
  • The compensation payout would range from – 
    • 400 USD for delay of more than 3 hours but less than 6 hours.
    • 700 USD for luggage delay between 6 to 9 hours.
    • 1000 USD for baggage delay for 9 hours or more. 

When your baggage is misplaced while traveling, you have several options for regaining access to it. The Air Canada Lost Baggage team assists passengers during tiring times. You can simply resort to the guidelines mentioned above if you find yourself in a situation like this.

Air Canada Baggage Lost and Found – Frequently Asked Question (FAQS)

Yes, the airline has a dedicated lost baggage claim desk at the network hubs on domestic and international routes.

In the rarest of the rarest circumstance, the airline happens to lose or delay the baggage. However, Air Canada has a dedicated Baggage Service Office (BSOs) at every airport within and outside Canada that diligently traces the passenger’s missing item to ensure hassle-free travel.

For any reported checked bag which is not received after the 30-day period, the airline offers a maximum payout of 1500 USD for domestic travel. In the case of international travel, the maximum payout offered by the Air Canada lost baggage claim team is 2100 USD. This compensation for the international flight applies for the lost, damaged as well as delayed baggage.

For the delayed baggage the airline offers cash compensation. It enables passengers to purchase the daily essentials during traveling. The said remuneration may go up to 1000 USD. Passengers are entitled to get compensation if the passenger receives the baggage 3 hours or more after the scheduled arrival. 

Call Air Canada Customer Service Phone Number. The airline’s executive may request additional information in order to locate your missing. This way, passengers can file a report for the missing baggage, obtain a File ID or Personal Irregularity Report (PIR), as well as trace the status of the missing item.

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18 thoughts on “Air Canada Lost And Found
  1. Manuelita on Reply

    Air canada for My experience it’s been the worst company when come to costumer service! I came to do a European trip, one dream for me, but it’s been 11 days of nightmare, I arrived, but my luggage got lost, and since the first day there’s no support from the company, and I have nothing of my belongs with me and no reimbursement. I’m experiencing the most traumatic moment of my life! There so unfair and no respectful at all!!!

  2. Renee Supinski on Reply

    My Daughter, Renee Supinski and family, traveled on Air Canada AC1077 on 6/16/22 to Ireland. All their luggage has been lost. She has filled out the lost baggage form and has been trying to contact you. There has been no followup from your company. Please call her 386-848-2206 to let know the status of their lost luggage. Thanks for your assistance in this matter.
    Marilyn Cormier

  3. Jim on Reply

    Air Canada is the worst. They could not unload our luggage due to staffing delays. Said it would be delivered and the SFO agent said to file a delay form. No communication, they don’t answer the phone, and can’t get updates. Luggage Lost in the Air Canada Abyss. Don’t Fly, not worth it.

  4. Claire de la Cruz on Reply

    My husband and I are on our honeymoon to Zurich and Italy. Air Canada rebooked our connection flight since our initial flight was delayed. We were constantly told that our. He led in baggage would follow us (after numerous times of waiting in line and speaking to a representative at the airport and on the phone) we trusted the airline and believed our baggage’s would arrive with us when we finally got to Zurich. Unfortunately it did not and now we’ve started our honeymoon late and without our luggage (essentials and clothing). We’ve filed the necessary report to find out where our luggage is and that still hasn’t arrived at our temporary address provided. Tomorrow we leave for Italy and still have no idea whether or not we will get our luggage before we fly out again. Please help. What we thought was going to be our dream honeymoon has now resorted to a nightmare. I really hope the airline will take responsibility as we were told numerous times our luggage was rerouted and would “follow the passenger”. I feel so drained and exhausted having to deal with this during our honeymoon.

  5. c + g on Reply

    Our flight got rebooked to an airport 2 hours away from our original destination, so we had to drive and pay $500 for parking for 2 weeks. Pay for our bags to be checked, have our flight delayed to load our bags, then not have them show up at baggage claim. Our bags are still lost and we haven’t heard a word from Air Canada or World Tracer in 4 days. We weren’t the only ones in Athens missing our bags, hundreds of people. We had to buy new clothing and toiletries to get by for the time we are here in Greece. Not how we want to be spending our time shopping for clothes. We want our bags back and the major inconvenience of time and money spent. Where is everyone at Air Canada? Your customer service is terrible. You clearly need to hire more employees to handle the volume of people traveling.

  6. Parasram Ramoutar for my wife Utrah Ramoutar on Reply

    Travelled from Port-of-Spain on |Monday |June 27. |The flight AC 985.
    The flight was delayed by three hours. No explanation was given. When we arrived at \Toronto airport we had to wait just about two hours for wheel chair service. When we finally got through after several complaints to AC Service Counter, we were greeted with the information that one of the suitcases was left back in Port-of-Spain..
    Several attempts to contact Delayed Counter on Tuesday have proved fruitless.\ Our medication, clothing, gifts remain in that suitcase. No one has contacted us after 24 hours. Hoping that the compensation would come quickly because of the delayed suitcase. I am not happy totally with Air Canada service and it must stop boasting that it is an international carrier. I await a quick response for the suitcase and the compensation urgently.

  7. Asmaa Mirza on Reply

    Air Canada for me is the worst experience and trauma I am going through. I am going to attend a wedding of my nephew and my bag was lost or left behind in Toronto. I am running form pillar to post at Frankfurt airport since yesterday without any results not even anyone from AC talking to me. All wedding dresses and some important items for the groom are all gone. I am without my dresses for the wedding. The damage done is beyond any monetary value. I strongly believe Air Canada should get some training and learn from Emirates. Their customer experience is simply the best.

  8. Alton Millman on Reply

    I have lost luggage
    I filled out the necessary forms at Air Canada customer service desk upon arriving in Toronto. I filled on June 21st. It is now July 6th. I have heard nothing from Air Canada.

  9. Shalamaiti Mamuti on Reply

    Name :yasar darilmaz

    Email :
    Phone Number :07448868284
    Nature of enquiry : luggage 
    Accounts :AHL LHRAC40323

    Hi I received one luggage which is 0014056424 but indeed  one more luggage 0014056425 please help me to get  luggage thanks

  10. Fatimaabdi on Reply

    Air Canada baggage lost and found I am still missing my bag I really frequently asked questions
    Very disappointed I went vacation
    My laggage I 7 after 10 days Egan I was arrive no laggage I was shapping Ethiopia money 30 tho und birr for me and my kids small staff and my kids it was not happy
    Still now I have get 2 missing bag I hope you going to help me I keep calling I am tired what am doing my patient over

  11. Rosalie Bergeron on Reply

    I was travelled with Air Canada from Seattle to Sydney on 27 Aug 2022 . Actually I haven’t receive my two important luggage at my destination airport. I want to know that how much does Air Canada pay for lost baggage and how can I convey the lost baggage claim amount to the officials. Need Help!

  12. Julia Jones on Reply

    I claimed for lost baggage 3 weeks ago at the airport counter immediately after I do not find my bag on conveyor belt and still I have not received my lost baggage or compensation amount by the airlines. Please let me know how much time it takes to find my lost baggage or any thing else I have to do.

  13. Robert Crocker on Reply

    Who do I contact regarding compensation for my lost luggage that was return 2 months later. Compensation would be for clothes and general items needed during our vacation outside the US

  14. Tom Winkle on Reply

    I traveled in July and my baggage was lost for several days! I submitted all receipts and form for reimbursement, talked to you on the phone and emailed you with several requests! Please respond!!!!!

    CASE # CAS4809571-D9Y9J2

  15. Lei Pan on Reply

    Case number# CAS-5256698-M4S1V9

    Lost my baggage for 30 days. No reply from Air Canada in last 13 days no matter how many times I pinged. So disappointed on this company. Please respond to your customer!!! That’s the basis of customer service.

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