Losing a personal item while traveling can be a frustrating and stressful experience, and unfortunately, it can happen to anyone. However, with Hawaiian Airlines Lost and Found service, passengers can have peace of mind knowing that if they do misplace something, there is a reliable means to report and recover their lost belongings. 

Lost luggage on Hawaiian Airlines, how to claim?

In this article, we will explore what the Hawaiian Airlines Lost & Found service is, how it works, and why it is important for passengers to have access to this service. 

What is the Hawaiian Airlines policy for the lost baggage?

To assist passengers in finding lost or abandoned items on flights or at airport terminals, Hawaiian Airlines offers a Lost & Found service. Here are some guidelines for Hawaiian Airlines’ lost-and-found department:

  • You should contact Hawaiian Airlines lost and found department as soon as you realize you’ve misplaced something. The sooner the item is reported, the more likely it is to be located.
  • To report a lost item, fill out the Hawaiian Airlines online Lost & Found form. 
  • Once you’ve reported the lost item, follow up with the Lost and Found office on a regular basis to see whether it’s still missing. 
  • Passengers are entitled to get compensation if the item or the checked baggage is misplaced by the airlines. 
Hawaiian Airlines policy for lost baggage

NOTE: Passengers whose checked bag has not been returned within 7 days will be treated as the lost bag.

What is the liability of Hawaiian Airlines in case of lost or damaged baggage? – If your luggage has been checked with us, the airline’s liability is just 3,800 USD per booked passenger for loss, damage, or a delay in delivery.

What is the Hawaiian Airlines policy for the damaged baggage?

Hawaiian Airlines baggage policy for damaged baggage is as follows:

  • If your luggage is damaged upon arrival, you must notify the Hawaiian Airlines baggage service office before leaving the terminal. 
  • The airline will record the damage and give you a reference number you can use to follow the progress of your claim.
  • A Hawaiian Airlines representative will examine the luggage to evaluate the degree of the damage and if it can be repaired or whether a replacement is required.
  • Keep all invoices and paperwork relating to the damaged baggage.
  • The airline will pay for any reasonable and necessary expenses incurred as a result of the damage, as well as any repairs or replacement costs.

NOTE: You must notify Hawaiian Airlines of any damaged baggage as soon as possible, but no later than 24 hours after your arrival. If you don’t report damage within this window, your claim could be rejected.

What is Hawaiian Airlines policy for the delayed baggage?

Hawaiian Airlines policy for delayed baggage is as follows:

  • Passengers must notify Hawaiian Airlines’ baggage service office if their luggage is delayed until they arrive at their destination. 
  • You will receive a delayed baggage report number from Hawaiian Airlines, which you can use to check on the progress of your luggage.
  • The airline will cover any reasonable and essential expenses incurred as a result of the delay, such as clothing or toiletries, up to a specific amount.
  • Passengers are entitled to get compensation. Compensation amount may vary depending on the circumstances of the delay. 

How to Report a Lost Item with Hawaiian Airlines?

Passengers can report a lost item online as well as at the airport – 

Online – To report a lost item with Hawaiian Airlines online, you can follow these steps:

  • Visit the Hawaiian Airlines website at www.hawaiianairlines.com.
  • Look for the “Help Center” link on the bottom left corner of the website and click on it.
  • Under the “Baggage” section, click on the “Lost and Damaged Items” link.
  • Scroll down to the “Lost Property / Items left on board” section.
  • On the next page, fill out the form with as much detail as possible, including the date and flight number, a description of the item, and your contact information.
  • Once you have completed the form, click on the “Submit” button to send your Lost Item Report to Hawaiian Airlines.
  • After submitting a Lost Item Report, it is a good idea to follow up with Hawaiian Airlines to check on the status of your lost item. You can do this by calling Hawaiian Airlines lost and found number or by checking the status of your Lost Item Report online.

At the airport – Follow these steps to report a lost item with Hawaiian Airlines at the airport:

  • As soon as you realize you’ve misplaced something, head to the airport’s lost and found office.
  • The lost and found office is typically located in the terminal building or close to the baggage claim area.
  • Provide as much information as possible about the lost item, including the date and flight number, a description of the item, and your contact information. 
  • Be sure to include any relevant documentation, such as a boarding pass or a baggage claim check.
  • You can get a missing item report from the lost and found department. 
  • You can use this report’s special reference number to find out the whereabouts of your missing item.
  • Follow up with Hawaiian Airlines to inquire about the status of your missing item.

Contact Hawaiian Airlines lost and found number at 1-800-367-5320 to report the lost item.

How long do Hawaiian Airlines hold the lost items?

Here’s the retention period for the items as the time varies with the item – 

Dispose of immediately – The Hawaiian Airlines lost and found Honolulu team dispose of these items immediately – 

  • Non- hygienic items
  • Neck pillows, blankets, and another item of clothing
  • Food and liquids
  • Food and drink containers
  • Personal hygiene products
  • Stationery items
  • Baby products

Items disposed by the airline within 1 week – The Hawaiian airline keeps the following items for 1 week, and then dispose of them if not claimed by the passengers – 

  • Wallets
  • Books
  • Reading Glass
  • Cell Phones
  • High-Value Items
  • Electronic items
  • Medication
  • Bank Cards, Driver’s Licenses, and other Government issued ID.
  • Jewelry and watches

Passport – Hawaiian Airlines hands over the lost passport and other immigration documents immediately to the respective embassy. 

What steps Hawaiian Airlines take to try to recover lost items?

Here are some of the steps that the airline takes:

  • Following a flight, the cleaning crew will inspect the aircraft for any misplaced goods.
  • Any things discovered on the aircraft are brought to the airport’s lost and found office. 
  • The item will be noted by the lost and found Hawaiian Airlines team, who will then attempt to match it with any previously submitted lost item reports.
  • The airline will make an effort to get in touch with the owner of the lost item if it contains identification or contact information to let them know the item has been located. 
  • If the owner has reported the item as lost, the airline may also make contact with them.
  • Hawaiian Airlines may publish missing items on its social media platforms in an effort to track down the owner.
  • The airline will keep misplaced items for 30 days, before donating them to charity or discarding them.

In order to improve your chances of finding your lost item on a Hawaiian Airlines flight, it is crucial to get in touch with the airline’s lost and found department as soon as possible.

In conclusion, Hawaiian Airlines has a comprehensive lost and found policy in place to help customers recover any items that may have been lost or left behind on a flight. The airline takes several steps to try to locate and return lost items to their rightful owners, including searching the aircraft, checking the lost and found, contacting the owner, and using social media. 

Frequently Asked Questions -FAQs

What do I need to do if something gets misplaced on a Hawaiian Airlines flight?

To report the lost item, get in touch with the airline’s lost-and-found department as soon as you can. You can also visit their website to submit a lost item.

How long does Hawaiian Airlines keep lost property?

Depending on the item and its worth, Hawaiian Airlines may keep lost things for a variety of lengths of time. The airline will often keep lost things for between 7 days and 30 days after they are discovered.

What will happen if Hawaiian Airlines is unable to locate my lost item?

The airline will let you know and close the lost item report if they are unable to find your lost item.

How does Hawaiian Airlines attempt to track down a lost item’s owner?

In an effort to track down the owner, Hawaiian Airlines may also post about missing things on its social media pages.

Can I go pick up my lost item in person?

Yes, you can make arrangements to pick up your found item in person at the airline’s lost and found office if it has been located.

What should I do if I realize I’ve misplaced an item after leaving the airport?

To report the lost item, you should still get in touch with Hawaiian Airlines’ lost and found office within 24 hours of your scheduled arrival.

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