Traveling with your pet? With Latam Airlines, you can travel with your furry friend. The size, weight, and breed of your pet will determine whether it can travel in the passenger cabin, the passenger aircraft hold, or with cargo as per the Latam pet policy.

Whether it’s your pet’s first flight or they’re seasoned, here is the rundown of all the conditions and  guidelines associated with the pet travel in the cabin, as checked baggage or under the cargo.  In this article we have also covered the fee associated with each Latam Airlines pet travel service, how to book the pet transport, and more. 

Transportation Option Suitable for Pet Travel with Latam Airlines

Latam Airlines Pet Policy

To determine which mode of transportation is best for your pet’s travel, see the following chart – 

In the passenger cabinIn the passenger holdsWith LATAM Cargo
Dogs and catsYesYesYes
Other animalsNoNoYes
Animals up to 7 kg (pets + kennel)YesYesYes
Animals up to 45 kg (pets + kennel)NoYesYes
No weight limitNoNoYes
Minimum age16 weeks16 weeks16 weeks

Guidelines Under Latam Airlines Pet In Cabin Travel

We understand how much your pet means to you. So long as the dog or cat meets the requirements for safe transport in the cabin in terms of size and breed, the airline permits passengers to bring their pets along on board.

Pets are only permitted in Economy cabins if the cabin has enough room for the flight and is approved.

Your pet must adhere to all travel rules and cannot be anaesthetised in order to ensure safe boarding. Additionally, your pet’s size and weight restrictions must be adhered to the Latam Airlines pet policy.

Remember that LATAM officials at the airport will need to authenticate the flight confirmation. If the pet does not meet the requirements described in the following section, the pet would not be allowed to travel.

Pet Carrier Requirements for Travel in Cabin

Your pet must travel inside a stiffer or spongy kennel/container that complies with the following requirements (according to Latam pet policy) in order to travel in the Economy cabin:

  • In case of a specialised travel bag, the measurement must be within 36 cm long x 33 cm wide x 23 cm high. The weight of the pet and the travel bag must not exceed 7 kg or 15 lbs. To guarantee that your pet won’t escape during flight, the bag needs to be tightly closed.
  • In case of a pet kennel,  the measurement must be within 36 cm long x 33 cm wide x 23 cm high. The weight of the pet and the travel bag must not exceed 7 kg or 15 lbs. The kennel must feature a metallic door with dual locks to prevent pets from getting their paws or nose stuck in the openings and to secure their safety.

It is crucial that you check the bag or kennel to ensure it is fit for travel. Your pet won’t be allowed to fly if the kennel doesn’t meet Latam Airlines pet in cabin specifications. The other general consideration include – 

  • The container or kennel cannot have tires.
  • It must slide horizontally under the seat in front of you. The airline will not assign passengers  a seat in the front row or near the emergency exit due to safety concerns.
  • It must be made from a sturdy substance that your pet can’t damage.
  • It must be large enough for your pet to move around organically without contacting the walls or roof and be able to stand up and turn around.
  • It must have an airtight, absorbent base and sufficient ventilation.

Travel Restrictions for Pet Travel in Cabin

As per Latam pet transport guidelines, passengers can travel with 1 pet in the Economy cabin, and on the flights operated exclusively by LATAM. 

The Latam Airlines pet travel on board is not available for – 

  • To and from the United States, Australia, New Zealand, England, and the Galápagos Archipelago.
  • Between Brasilia and Asunción on flights operated by Paranair.
  • On flights that share a code with another airline and other interline agreement flights.

Note – The aforementioned restriction must apply as per the Latam pet transport in the hold.

Fees for Latam Pet in Cabin Travel

The cost of the service varies depending on the route, pet’s weight, and mode of transportation.

RouteIn cabin fee (in USD)
Within Brasil40
Within Chile (except Easter Island)55.5
Within Colombia20
Within Ecuador45
Within Peru45
Between South American countries, between South America and Central America. Punta Cana – Miami, Madrid – Frankfurt and Santiago and Easter Island.200
South America and Europe – North America – Africa – Asia250

Rules for Pet Travel in Hold with Latam Airlines

Does your pet weigh more than is permitted for size or weight to travel in the cabin? Additionally, you can safely transport your pet in the aircraft’s hold. Passengers must adhere to all the travel rules outlined in the following sections – 

Specification and Requirement for Kennel/Container

The kennel/container must adhere to all the listed requirements in the kennel rules document in order to finish a safe journey. To travel with us, you must download this and adhere to all the specific conditions. The most crucial factors you need to consider when selecting the kennel are outlined below – 

  • The maximum weight for the aircraft hold is 45 kg (pet + kennel) as per Latam pet policy. The limit weight for pets in the hold for flights to, from, or connecting through Europe and Argentina is 32 kg.
  • The cage must have ventilation holes on each of its four sides. A side needs to be completely aired
  • The ventilation apertures must guarantee that the pet’s nose or paws won’t be permitted to enter or escape.
  • Spacers are required on all three sides
  • Food and water bowls that can be filled without opening the door must be present in kennels.
  • Two separate food and water bowls that must be affixed to the kennel/container door.

Restrictions for Latam Pet Travel in the Hold

As per the Latam Airlines pet policy, remember that you can fit up to 2 pets in the hold, each in a separate kennel or container. Additionally, this service is only available on flights run solely by LATAM.

It’s important to note that pets traveling in the passenger hold will only be permitted on one connection throughout their trip.

Fee for Latam Airlines Pet Travel in the Hold

The cost of the service varies depending on the route, pet’s weight, and mode of transportation. 

Route0-23 kg (in USD)24-32 kg (in USD)33-45 kg (in USD)
Within Brasil100135175
Within Chile (except Easter Island)456075
Within Colombia405060
Within Ecuador506580
Within Peru6080100
Between South American countries, between South America and Central America. Punta Cana – Miami, Madrid – Frankfurt and Santiago and Easter Island.125200275
South America and Europe – North America – Africa – Asia150225300

Note – 

  • The applicable tax will be levied to the Latam Airlines pet travel fee in some countries.
  • You are responsible for paying for each leg of the journey if your flight has a connection
  • Changes or refunds must be requested prior to the flight’s departure and are subject to the terms of the ticket (price) you bought.
  • Dogs that embark on humanitarian missions to find survivors of disasters and have their conditions certified in advance can fly for free.

Conditions for Accepting Pets as Cargo with Latam Airlines

As per the Latam pet policy, depending on the total weight of the pet + kennel, your pet can travel with Latam Cargo.  Whatever the mode of transportation is, your pet should travel in a kennel that is suitable for their size and weight. Animals will only be accepted under Latam pet cargo travel if they – 

  • Possess all formal documentation necessary for entry into the nations of origin, transit, and destination.
  • Travel with a pet-friendly kennel or container 
  • Healthy and in excellent enough condition to travel.
  • Must be at least four months old
  • Are not females who have young children that have not yet been nursed.
  • Females who are in ovulation are subject to additional limitations.
  • Females who are reaching the end of their pregnancy or who have recently given birth are not eligible.

Latam Emotional Support Animal Policy

If you require your emotional support animal’s company while traveling, you may bring him along in the cabin on flights that are accepted as per the Latam Airlines pet policy. The emotional support travel is accepted for flights to and from Mexico, Colombia, and inside Colombia.

Following are the routes that accept emotional support animals:

  • Dogs allowed to travel to and from Mexico and Colombia.
  • Cats are allowed to travel on all the domestic flights within Colombia. 
  • The kennel or other travel container for these cats must be stowed under the seat in front of you for the duration of the journey.

Please note – If none of these itineraries are covered by your ticket, you can use Latam airline pet travel service to have your dog fly in the cargo hold or the cabin.

General Rules for Travel with Emotional Support Animals

As per the Latam pet policy, you can only travel with 1 support animal. In addition – 

  • The emotional support animal must be at least four months old.
  • The final boarding permission will be made directly at the airport counter in order to confirm that it satisfies the specifications and conditions, which allow the airlines to assure their safe transportation in the aircraft cabin.  
  • At any time during the trip—at the counter, during boarding, or during the flight—if your dog acts inappropriately without being provoked, the airlines will ask you to restrain it and/or take the necessary precautions.
  • Passengers need to carry sanitary mats/sheets and/or diapers to prevent any scenarios that can compromise the aircraft’s hygiene.
  • Your emotional support dog must be well-behaved, clean, healthy, and on a leash or harness.
  • You need to be there up to 1 hour before the scheduled departure, as listed on the boarding pass.

How to Request the Transportation of ESA?

You must fill out the requirements form and submit it via the contact form upto 48 hours before the scheduled departure. The conditions and restrictions required for traveling with your emotional support animal must be specified there. In addition – 

  • The Latam emotional support animal requirements form is valid for 1 year, from the date the veterinarian signs it. You need to submit for all flight legs during the trip.
  • However, you must have all of the original documents because the airport may ask for them.

Documents Required for Pet Travel with Latam Airlines

Your pet must have all official documents that the nations of origin, transit, and destination require in order to travel.  Additionally, 2 copies of veterinarian certificates for your pet, one of which will be retained at the airport, must be presented. These certificates must be obtained no more than10 days before the flight’s departure and include the following details:

  • Pet’s name
  • Age
  • Breed
  • Vaccine certificate 
  • Health declarations

As per the Latam pet in cabin policy, to be allowed to board, you must provide a certificate from a veterinarian. The health organisation of the destination country must establish the certificate’s validity. Additional documents necessary for some routes are applicable such as – 

Domestic travel – From Santiago to Easter Island, you need an Animal Export certificate issued by the Agriculture and Livestock services (SAG). In addition – 

  • Within Columbia, the vaccination record includes the veterinarian’s licence number.
  • Within Brazil, it requires a current rabies vaccination certificate; advised for animals older than 90 days. It will take 30 days after the initial medication before your pet can fly. Your pet won’t be able to travel if this time frame hasn’t elapsed or if the vaccine is no longer effective.

International travel – As per the Latam Airlines international pet policy, the animal export certificate must be issued by the origin airport In addition, the dogs and pets must be registered under the National Registry of Pets and National Registry of potentially dangerous dogs. In addition – 

  • If travelling to and from Columbia, you need to obtain a Certificate of Sanitary Inspection (CIS) from the Columbian Agricultural Institute (ICA)
  • The Certificate will be needed for leaving or entering Colombia.

How to Request a Pet Travel Service with Latam Airlines?

Visit one of the customer service locations at the airport or contact Latam over the phone to make a request for the service for dogs in the cabin or in the passengers hold. Visit this airline website if you need to request a LATAM Cargo pet.

Check out the following table for times connected to service requests:

Pets in the cabinPets in the hold
Maximum anticipation times (excludes Brazil)At the time of bookingAt the time of booking
Maximum anticipation times for BrazilUp to 2 months before scheduled departureUp to 1 week before scheduled departure
Minimum anticipation timesUp to 4 hours before the scheduled departureUp to 48 hours before scheduled departure


If it is their first time traveling, guide your pet with their carrier under the passenger cabin or hold. If they have experience flying with you, let them sit in the passenger cabin with you. Feel free to check out our travel tips for travelers with pets. As per the Latam Airlines pet policy, your pet travel will be fun and smooth.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Traveling with Pets on Latam

Which pets are accepted under the Latam pet in cabin service?

Only small dogs and cats are permitted in the cabin, and they must weigh no more than 7 kg overall (pet + kennel/container). The animal must spend the entire flight time in its kennel.

Visit the following website for information on traveling with service or emotional support animals.

Which animals can be transported under Latam Airlines pet cargo service?

Only cats and dogs. Your pet may fly in the passengers’ hold or with Latam pet cargo service , depending on the combined weight of the pet and the kennel. 

What are the restricted breeds that are not allowed to travel in the baggage hold?

Some dog breeds, aggressive cats, or brachycephalic cats cannot be transported in the airplane’s hold for the safety and well-being of your pets, as per the Latam pet policy. To know more about the specific breeds of cats and dogs that are restricted, visit the airline’s website.

How much does Latam Airlines charge for pet travel?

Latam Airlines pet fee varies with the travel routes as well as for in-cabin and checked baggage travel.

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