Latam unaccompanied minor policy offers complete assistance for children and teenagers travelling unaccompanied or without the company of any adult. 

Latam Unaccompanied Minor

Throughout the entire journey, including migration and security checks, the airlines offer complete support and protection to the unaccompanied minors.

Parents/legal guardians will have real-time access to every stage of the child’s journey thanks to the travel accompaniment tool. It will allow you to track the movements from the time they are joined at the airport of origin until they arrive at their destination and are met by the person who is legally responsible for them.  The follow-up can be completed using a desktop or a mobile device.

In this article, we will help you understand what are the conditions applied for minors and parents at the time of travel, how the Latam unaccompanied minor service works, how you can request the service, and more.

Conditions for Minors Travelling Alone on Latam Airlines

Here are the general guidelines that unaccompanied minors need to adhere to while booking the flight, and on the day of travel. The conditions include –

  • Children who need a medical certificate to travel are not eligible for the unaccompanied minor service.
  • Children who need a medical certificate to travel are not eligible for this service.
  • Minors between the ages of 12 and 17 and those between the ages of 8 and 11 can use this service. The service is exclusively applicable on direct LATAM flights. 
  • Children must be able to respond to safety instructions and mobilize in the event of an evacuation. He/she must have their basic requirements, such as food and hygiene, met.
  • Unaccompanied minors need to enter the aircraft first and disembark first
  • The minors will be seated in the back of the aircraft where our crew will have better view and control of them.
  • As per the Latam unaccompanied minor policy, unaccompanied minors flying with a codeshare or interline agreement partners need to purchase the service directly from those airlines.

How Does Unaccompanied Minor Service Work with Latam?

The unaccompanied minor will be given a bracelet with a code at one of the Latam Airlines counters when they arrive at the airport. The airlines will interpret the code and update the data in the travel tracking tool at the conclusion of each stage of the journey.

Here are the following stages under the Latam unaccompanied minor traveling alone service – 

  • Pre-boarding – The child will be given a bracelet with a code at one of our counters. The initial reading of the code will occur at the end of their turn. This is where the parents/legal guardians start the tracking. 
  • Boarding lounge and boarding – The child will be accompanied by professionally trained LATAM staff throughout the boarding process. The child will then be escorted to the aircraft, where the crew will take care of them.
  • Boarding the plane – The child will be greeted and placed in their seat by the airline’s staff. The child would be looked after frequently. On all flights within Chile, Columbia, and Peru, Thai the airline includes a snack for children.  
  • Departure – The flight stage is automatically marked as complete after the flight has taken off and the departure time would be automatically updated.
  • Arrival flight/landing – LATAM staff supervises the child on the plane and during the disembarkation process after arriving at the destination airport.
  • Baggage pick up – The child is accompanied and helped by LATAM staff when picking up their luggage.
  • The child handed over to the responsible adult – The Latan crew member delivers the child to the person you specify in the unaccompanied minor form after accompanying the minor to the airport arrival area.

Documents Required for Unaccompanied Minors Travelling Alone

Regardless of the domestic and international travel, under the Latam unaccompanied minor policy, the minor needs to present a valid passport or birth certificate. In addition – 

  • The parent who is not accompanying the minor must also produce a notarized authorization if the minor is traveling alone with one of their parents.
  • If the youngster is traveling alone, both parents must notarize their consent.
  • A signed copy of the Latam unaccompanied minor form is required.

How to Book Unaccompanied Minor Travel with Latam Airlines?

Passengers can request the service for unaccompanied minors traveling alone up to 48 hours before the scheduled departure.  Passengers can request the service via – 

  • Online – When you book the flight for the minor, you can book the flight at adult ticketed fare, and opt for the unaccompanied minor online. The Latam unaccompanied minor fee would be included in the flight ticket. When you receive the confirmation, the airline will send you the unaccompanied minor form. You need to print it, and bring along a signed copy of it.
  • Airline’s Customer Service – After you book the flight you can opt for the unaccompanied minor service. You can also book the flight over the customer service phone for the unaccompanied minor. 

In case, if the passenger already requests the unaccompanied minor service, one of the child’s parents/guardian must accompany the child on the day of travel. They need to complete the unaccompanied minor form, with the following information – 

  • Name, last name, and the minor’s age.
  • Name, last name, contact information, and address of the person who would be dropping off the child.
  • Name, last name, contact information, and address of the greeting parent/legal guardians at the airport of destination

Service Fees for Unaccompanied Minor

As per the Latam unaccompanied minor policy, the fee would be applied per passenger each way, and it varies with the following flight routes.

Flight routeLatam unaccompanied minor fee (in USD)
Within Chile50
Within Peru50
Within Argentina30
Within Ecuador30
Within Colombia20
Within Brasil50
between South American countries, between South America and Central America100
flights between Auckland – Sydney, Punta Cana – Miami, Madrid – Frankfurt and Santiago and Easter Island100
between South America and Europe – North America – Africa – Asia – Oceania150

Latam Airlines has a complete process where parents and guardians can send their young ones on flights with them. Since this is an entirely new process, there are some hurdles you may face. But overall, the airline staff will be there to ensure your child is safe. The above guidelines under the Latam unaccompanied minor policy should give parents/guardians enough information to plan the next flight.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Can a 16 years old fly alone with Latam Airlines?

Although children between the ages of 12 and 17 may fly unaccompanied, Parents/legal guardians need to opt for the LATAM Airlines unaccompanied minor service.

What does a 12 year old need to fly on an international flight with Latam?

Children who are flying alone need to present the passport as well as the birth certificate for the trip. In addition, they need an attested copy of the unaccompanied minor form as well as Parent’s travel consent in writing.

What are the terms and conditions under the Latam minor policy?

All the conditions and travel requirements are mentioned above. But some of the important conditions that parents and unaccompanied minors must comply to, such as – 

The youngster must be able to take care of their own basic needs for food and cleanliness.
In the event of an evacuation, the youngster must be able to move unassisted and follow safety instructions.
Children who require a medical certificate to fly cannot use the service.
Only LATAM Airlines’ direct or connected flights are eligible for the service.

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