Headquartered in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, Delta Airlines is a legacy carrier of the United States serving domestic as well as international destinations. A host of world-class services make this airline a hot favorite among its fans all over the world, while its flexible policies ensure them a safe flight without any inconvenience whatsoever. This flight comes with a lot of perks, one of which is Delta Airlines baggage policy. The following guide discusses Delta Airlines baggage rules in detail.


Delta Airlines Baggage Allowance

Delta Airlines Baggage Policy is rather a simple one. When a passenger is taking a Delta Airlines flight, he or she has the leverage to carry one bag and a small personal bag without having to pay any extra amount. However, carry-on allowances might differ from luggage to luggage and require a passenger to pay a small Delta Airlines baggage fee to carry the desired bags.

Delta Airlines Checked Baggage Allowance


Delta Airlines baggage cost is entirely dependent on the type of fare that a passenger holds. The type of ticket determines whether or not the passenger will pay extra to carry extra luggage.

If passengers wish to add any extra baggage to any advance Delta Airlines booking, they have to make the changes within 24 hours of the departure. The passengers can notify about the numbers of the bag they will bring either on the Fly Delta app or at The process is very simple and hassle-free. Passengers are advised to make the changes online to avoid any trouble later.

  • Delta Airlines liquor in checked baggage is allowed for every passenger. However, the maximum amount of alcohol is 5 liters (140 proof) per person. The alcohol content in the beverage must not exceed 70% and the bottle must be packed nicely to avoid any leakage.

Delta Airlines Carry-On Baggage Allowance

Every passenger flying in Delta Airlines is allowed to take one carry-on baggage and one personal item along with them on the aircraft. However, the passengers are advised to adhere to the weight and dimension rule for the carry-on baggage and the personal item.

Delta Airlines carry-on baggage would be stored in the overhead space of the passengers, Delta Airlines carry-on baggage size must not cross the dimensions of 55 x 36 x 23 cm (including the handles and the wheels. The weight for the carry-on baggage will vary as per the ticket.

Delta Airlines Domestic Baggage Policy

  • If a passenger is taking a domestic flight with Delta Airlines, the standard rate for 1 checked baggage is 30 USD while for the second one it is 40 USD. However, as soon as you exceed the limit to the third bag, a fine of 150 USD is levied as Delta Airlines overweight baggage fees.
  • There are no charges levied if a passenger has got a ticket in Delta One/ Delta Premium or Business Class, the fine is only for the tickets bought for economy class.

Delta Airlines International Baggage Policy

The international baggage policy for Delta Airlines is comparatively different as compared to the domestic airline baggage policy. Various tickets determine whether or not the passenger is eligible to carry luggage.

  • Passengers flying from Canada or the United States to Europe or anywhere in the Middle East to the South-eastern part of Asia or Australia are allowed to have at least 1 complimentary baggage. Sometimes in the rare case scenario, the passengers are even allowed to carry 2 bags.
  • Basic Economy + Delta Comfort +Main Cabin- The passengers who’ve got the tickets of the following fares are not allowed for complimentary baggage in Delta Airlines. However, they can carry their luggage after paying a small sum of the fee.
  • First Class + Delta Premium Select + Delta One- The passengers who have bought the tickets of the following class are provided with the liberty to have a free baggage policy in which they can carry up to 2 bags (from 50 pounds to 70 pounds) while taking a flight in Delta Airlines.
  • Please note that the fees might differ as per the flight ticket booked and will always differ from country to country, in some of the cases, even the basic economy passengers are allowed to carry free luggage. The passengers can also check out the Delta Airlines cancellation policy to make their trip hassle free.

Delta Airlines Baggage Weight

All the passengers must note that the baggage weight of Delta Airlines strictly depends on the type of ticket that a passenger has bought.

  • According to Delta Airlines baggage allowance, every checked baggage must be under 50 pounds or 23 kg except for the premium tickets.
  • Tickets bought for economy class can allow the baggage up to 70 pounds or 32 kg.
  • Tickets bought for the first class or business class must adhere to the dimension of 62 inches, meaning the Delta Airlines baggage size has to be 158 cm.

Delta Airlines baggage policy is strict and no negotiations are entertained. So make sure to weigh your luggage before leaving for the airport. The failure in adhering to the Delta Airlines Baggage Policy might result in a penalty.

Delta Airlines Baggage Size

Delta Airlines baggage policy has a different rule for the baggage size. The passengers must adhere to some of the policies set by the airline for a successful flight, the limitations are mentioned below:

  • The passengers of Delta Airlines have leverage to carry 1 Carry-on bag or 2 standard bags while travelling. Your carry-on bag should fit the overhead bin or under the seat right in front of you.
  • The maximum dimension of the baggage must be 62 inches or 157 centimetres.
  • The passengers of Delta Airlines are allowed to carry 2 personal items along with one carry-on bag. The personal belongings can be a suitcase, camera bags or any other tiny luggage.
  • According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FFA) Regulations, the dimensions of the personal item should not be more than 22 x 14 x 9 inches. The combined linear length limit mentioned above includes all kinds of wheels or handles.
  • However, Delta Airlines baggage limit has an exception for musical instruments. They are comparatively smaller in size but they must be adequately small. (Only if the instrument fits perfectly in the space overhead or right in front of the passenger seat).
  • According to Delta Airlines baggage policy, there is no baggage permitted for infants, though a regular amount of baby food or diapers can be carried as carry-on baggage.
  • If the passenger is in the age group of 2-11 years and has got a paid ticket, then he/she is allowed to have a 10 kg or 45 inches of baggage allowance.

Delta Airlines Baggage Fees

Delta Airlines baggage cost is different for different types of tickets. It is important for the passengers to completely understand the baggage fees. All the passengers would be subjected to the published fees during the time of their purchase.

The following customers are free from basic Delta Airlines baggage restrictions:

  • Delta One, Delta Premium Select, Business Class and Delta First Passengers
  • U.S Military members travelling on orders of the government
  • Sky Miles Platinum, Diamond, Silver and Gold Members. 

Delta Airlines Overweight Baggage Fee

While the airline gives a plethora of perks to its passengers, things will start to go south if every passenger starts bringing extra luggage. The airline provides the leverage to carry up to 2 bags, the third bag will instantly be counted as extra luggage and the passengers will have to pay 100 USD for 51 to 70 pounds of luggage and 200 dollars for 71 to 100 pounds of luggage.

However, the passenger will have to splurge extra if the third luggage is overweight. You’ll have to pay approximately 450 USD in case your third luggage exceeds the Delta Airlines international baggage allowance.

Delta Airlines Baggage Claim


If a passenger is noticing any missing items in their checked-in baggage, they can make the Delta Airlines baggage claim regarding the missing item to the ground staff if they are at the airport. You can also contact the customer support executive or use the Delta app to get your problems solved. If your baggage is delayed and extends the policies of Delta Airlines, the passenger would be compensated for the emergency purchase made by him/her (Toiletries and medicines are usually reimbursed).

If you wish to report any issues with your checked-in baggage, you can do so by filling out the form given on this website

Rules for Carrying Musical Instruments In Delta Airlines

Yes. A passenger is allowed to carry musical instruments but they should fit into the overhead space. If your instrument is fragile and cannot be passed as checked baggage or so large that it cannot be counted as carry-on baggage, you might have to buy the seat next to you to place your instrument. The weight of the instrument must not exceed 160 pounds in any way.

Rules for Bringing Pets On Board Delta Airlines

You can bring pets such as cats, dogs, and even birds on board after paying a small fee. You must cage them safely and make sure that they fit in the area underneath the seat. The fees might range from 120 USD to 200 USD except for Brazil where it’s merely 75 USD.

However, the partners of Delta Airlines might have a different set of rules and regulations so make sure to check them before taking your pets along with you in Delta Airlines.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What items are approved for carry-on in Delta Airlines?

The personal items that a passenger is allowed to carry on-board include a purse, a briefcase, a handbag etc. but make sure that the personal item does not exceed the weight or size limit set by Delta Airlines. Camera bags, diapers for infants, laptops are allowed as a carry-on item as well. Basically, any item that adheres to the size limitation of the carry on item would be allowed if it fits in the overhead or the space in front of the seat.

Moreover, the airline also allows the passengers to carry some items such as jackets, umbrellas, duty-free merchandise or any food and beverages. You can also take items like strollers, child-restraint seats, crutches or any other necessary assistive device.

Does Delta Airlines charge for carry-on baggage?

No, Delta Airlines does not charge for carry-on baggage. Every passenger is allowed to take a minimum of one carry-on baggage. However, if the weight limit or the dimension exceeds the allowed carry-on weight, a passenger would have to pay for it.

What does Delta Airlines charge for checked baggage?

The passengers are allowed to take up to 4 checked-in baggage with Delta Airlines after paying a small fee. The first baggage at 30 USD, the second baggage at 40 USD, the third baggage at 150 USD and the fourth baggage at 200 USD.

How much is the baggage fee for Delta Airlines?

The baggage fee for Delta Airlines will depend on the ticket of the passenger. Overweight fee is implied if the checked-in luggage or carry-on luggage crosses the allowance for this airline. A passenger can book their baggage in advance to avail discounts, booking the checked-in baggage at the airport would prove to be more expensive.

How much baggage is allowed in Delta Airlines?

A passenger can carry one carry-on baggage, one personal item and up to 4 checked in baggage (which has to be paid for) while travelling in Delta Airlines.

How many free baggages are allowed in Delta Airlines?

You can carry one carry-on baggage and one personal item absolutely for free while taking a flight with Delta Airlines. Any checked-in baggage will have to be paid for, if the passenger wishes to take it in the aircraft.

How much is extra baggage in Delta Airlines?

The ideal weight for all the four checked-in baggage has to be a maximum of 50 lb. If the baggage weighs more than that, it would be counted as extra baggage and the passengers will have to pay a small amount for that.

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