Delta Airlines check in policy offers a variety of convenient check in options, trying to make your journey pleasant from start to end. You can check in for Delta flights both online and offline and get your boarding pass.

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If you’re getting ready to fly with Delta Airlines and you’ve already booked your tickets. Here’s everything you need to know about how to check in for your Delta Airlines flight and what to expect when you go through security at the airport.

What are the methods for Delta Airlines check in?

Delta Airlines check-in can be completed through the following methods –

  • Delta online check in
  • Mobile app check in
  • Delta curbside check in
  • Delta Kiosk check in

Can you check in online for Delta?

Delta Airlines Online Check In

Yes, Delta Airlines has a simple online check-in process that starts 24 hours before your scheduled departure. You can check in either through the airline’s official website or through the Fly Delta app. 

Step by Step guide for Delta flight check in online

  • To begin, go to the official Delta Airlines website
  • Click on the ‘Check-in’ tab in the page header to navigate to “My Trips”
  • You’ll need to provide one of the following details to find your trip –
    • Confirmation Number
    • Credit Card Number
    • Ticket Number
    • SkyMiles Number
    • Last Name
    • Departure Airport Name
  • Print and download the E-boarding pass

While completing the Delta Airlines check in online, you can also – 

  1. Request Delta flight change
  2. Pay for the extra baggage
  3. Book Delta pet travel
  4. Reserve flight ticket for infant on existing reservation
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Important Note: On the day of travel if the passengers are traveling with carry-on baggage, they can go straight to the security check. If they have checked baggage, passengers need to visit the Delta Airlines check in counter, then proceed to the security and boarding gate.

Why is my Delta online check in not working?

Here are some reasons why you’ll need to check in at the airport in the following cases –

  • Your flight is operated by a codeshare partner.
  • You have an unconfirmed booking.
  • Delta online check in is not available at the departure airport.
  • You’ve booked a wheelchair or special service.
  • You are a minor traveling alone. (Refer to Delta unaccompanied minor policy)
  • You are traveling with a pet.

Using the Delta online check in app

Delta Airlines has a handy mobile app called Fly Delta for check-in. Here’s how to use it:

  • Download the Fly Delta app to your mobile device.
  • Choose to check in as a guest, log in, or register for a SkyMiles account.
  •  Enter your trip confirmation number to access your itinerary. You’ll be automatically checked in once you log in.
  • Use the “Today” mode to view your boarding pass, baggage tracker, and more.
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How to check in at airport with Delta?

Delta check in airport

You can check in at the airport ticket counter from 4 hours to 60 minutes before your international flight leaves and 2 hours before for domestic flights.

If you’re flying within the United States, you can check in at the airport ticket counter from 2 hours to 30 minutes before your flight takes off.

What to bring for Delta Airlines check in at airport?

When you get to the airport ticket counter, make sure you have:

  • Your flight ticket.
  • Valid travel documents like your ID, passport, and visa if needed for your destination.

Check your Delta boarding pass

Once you’ve finished checking in and have your Delta boarding pass, check for the details like – 

  • Your flight number
  • Your name
  • Your destination

Baggage drop off before boarding

If you have checked bags, follow these steps to make it easy –

  • Make sure your bags have the right tags.
  • Get receipts for your bags.
  • Ensure that your checked and carry-on article meets all the guidelines of Delta airlines baggage allowance. 

Related: To know more, refer to the Delta Airlines baggage policy.

Boarding gate timing

Passengers must be present at the boarding gate at least –

  • 30 minutes before your domestic flight.
  • 45 minutes before your international flight.

Does Delta charge for checking in at the airport?

No, Delta Airlines does not charge for airport check-in but you may need to pay for the Delta checked baggage allowance. The fee for the first bag is 30 USD, and 40 USD for the second bag.

Does Delta Airlines have curbside check in?

delta airlines curbside check in

Yes, Delta Airlines offers a dedicated counter at select 100+ US airports right outside where you drop off passengers.

Go for SkyCaps assistance – When you’re at the Delta curbside check in desk, you’ll be assisted by SkyCaps assistance. They will help you with the Delta flight check-in process. 

Check-in your bags – Passengers can submit the checked baggage to the SkyCap team. They will transport the bags to your flight. 

Oversized bags – If you’re traveling with larger or oversized bags, you’ll need to take them to the airport’s oversized baggage area for check-in.

Can you do curbside check in for international flights delta?

For Delta international check in and travel, passengers need to verify their passports, check their visas, and go through security procedures. They can tell you whether Delta curbside check in is an option for your trip.

How to complete check-in at the Delta self service kiosk?

Delta Check In Kiosk

Delta check in kiosk is available at many domestic and international airports. The only prerequisite is that Delta Airlines must be the operating carrier. Follow these steps –

  • Look for the Delta check in kiosk at the airport.
  • To get started, you’ll need to enter an e-ticket number, confirmation number, or your SkyMiles number. This will access your flight booking. 
  • The kiosk will guide you through some options on the screen. You can request a Delta flight upgrade, and pay for any extra bags you have, or even choose an earlier flight if it suits your schedule.
  • Once you’ve made your choices, the Delta flight check in kiosk will help you for Delta print boarding pass.
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How early does Delta check in open?

Delta early check-in open at least 4 hours before international flights and 2 hours before domentic (USA) flights. However, the Delta early check-in opening time varies based your method of check in.

Below is the overview of the Delta Airlines check in times for both international and domestic flights

FlightAirport ArrivalOnlineAppCurbsideKioskTicket Counter
International4 hours24 hours – 1 hour24 hours – 60 mins4 hours – 60 mins4 hours – 60 mins3 hours – 60 mins
Domestic (USA)At least 2 hours24 hours – 30 mins24 hours – 30 mins4 hours – 30 mins4 hours – 30 mins2 hours – 30 mins

Additional information about Delta Airlines check in –

  • If you’re traveling without checked baggage, you can check in 15 minutes before departure (except for Chicago, IL, where it’s 30 minutes).
  • If you have checked baggage for Delta Shuttle service, be sure to check in at least 30 minutes before your flight.
  • For Shuttle service, the delta flight check in time ranges between 15 to 30 minutes before your flight.

How to get a Delta boarding pass?

To get your Delta Airlines boarding pass, you have a few options – 

Online check-in – Once you’re checked in online through the airline’s website, you can choose to get your boarding pass on your phone, print it on paper, or have it sent to your email.

Mobile app check in – Download the Fly Delta app and complete the check in there. Passengers can generate the Delta mobile boarding pass from the comfort of their smartphone. No need to print it out.

Delta curbside check in – If you’re at the airport a Delta staff member will assist you with check-in and give you your boarding pass.

Delta Kiosk check in – You’ll find self-service kiosks at the airport in the check-in area. Just follow the instructions on the screen for Delta Airlines check in, and the kiosk will print out your Delta Airlines boarding pass for you.

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Delta Airlines makes it easy for passengers of all ages to check in for their flights. You can navigate to the Delta airline check-in tab online or use the FlyDelta mobile app. When you get to the airport, you can also check in at the ticket counter or use one of those self-service kiosks. 

The good news is, you won’t have to pay extra for checking in at the airport. But be aware that if you’re bringing checked baggage, there might be some fees involved.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

When can I check-in for my Delta flight?

You can complete Delta check in up to 24 hours before your scheduled departure time. The check-in closes 60 minutes before for international travel, and 30 minutes before for domestic travel. Always check in within the allotted Delta check in time and grab your seats conveniently.

How to check-in on the Delta app?

Open the app on your mobile device and log in to your Delta account if you have one. If not, use the e-ticket number or booking reference and navigate to the “Check-In”.

Can I add a bag after the online check-in?

Yes. Delta allows you to add bags during online check-in or at any time before your flight at the airline’s website. You can also add the check-in baggage or purchase an additional baggage at the airport.

Does Delta Comfort Plus get priority check-in?

Yes, Delta Comfort Plus passenger benefited by priority check-in. The Delta Airlines offer dedicated check-in cabin for passenger with Delta Comfort Plus fare ticket.

Is Check-in Delta without a confirmation number possible?

Yes. Passengers who are unable to locate a confirmation number can use the Delta SkyMiles or your credit card information to check in at the airport.

Does the Delta flight check-in available at the airport?

Yes. You can check in at the airport ticket counter, self-service kiosks, or even at the curbside at the 100+ airports in the US.

How to add tsa precheck to delta after checking in?

You can go to your reservation record and find the field for KTN or redress number, then type your precheck number in the KTN field, save it and generate a new boarding pass.

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