Delta Airlines is one of the most renowned airlines because of the quality services provided to passengers. It has also been acclaimed for Delta Airlines Cancellation Policy that provides maximum flexibility to the passengers who have made a mistake while making the reservation or wish to cancel the booking because of some unavoidable condition. 

Delta Airlines Cancellation Policy

The passengers who are making the reservations with Delta Airlines and wish to drop them because of some unavoidable circumstances can cancel the booking on the official website itself. Before proceeding with the cancellation the passengers need to know the Delta Cancellation Policy. There are two types of tickets available for every fare : Refundable ticket and Non-refundable ticket. 

Delta 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

According to Delta Airlines Cancellation Policy, once the passenger has made the reservation with Delta Airlines he or she can cancel the same without any delta cancellation fee or penalty as the airline follows the guidelines set as per US Department. If you are wondering how then there are some limitations to the facility as well. After making the booking the passenger is free to cancel the ticket within the first 24 hours of the purchase without any cost or fee. Under this law defined by the airline, the passengers will get a full refund regardless of the ticket fare purchased. Though the passenger needs to ensure that along with the cancellation initiated within 24 hours of the purchase, there must also be at least a week (seven days) left for the flight to take off from the airport. The passengers who made a mistake while making the purchase will get the second chance to make the required changes without any delta cancellation fee or penalty.

Delta Cancellation Fee

The passengers who are canceling their tickets will surely be imposed with cancellation fee but the fee is determined by multiple factors like the take-off point, cancellation time, type of ticket purchased by the passenger and many more. The Delta cancellation fee is mentioned below:

  • The travelers who are performing the cancellation procedure within the flexible time given 24 hours after the purchase will not have to face any cancellation charge by the airline.
  • The travelers who are performing the cancellation procedure beyond the flexible time frame given 24 hours after the reservation of the tickets will have to submit delta cancellation fee. The fee will start from $200 and can go up to $500 for the same. 
  • The same goes for the passengers who are canceling their tickets before 24 hours of the departure of the flight. Their cancellation fee will also vary from $200 to $500

Delta Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy for the passengers who buy the Non Refundable tickets:

As mentioned above, there are two types of tickets available on the official website of Delta Airlines. The passengers who opt for the nonrefundable tickets can surely cancel their reservations but will not be eligible for any kind of refund. In case the passenger is willing to cancel the booking then they either contact the customer service or go to the official website of the airline for the same.

Though the airline also states that the passengers who have some genuine emergency and can provide any official document for the same can get some amount of refund back for the cancellation made.

Delta Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy for the passengers who buy the Refundable tickets:

The Delta Cancellation Policy provides a high amount of liability to the passengers by offering refundable tickets to the passengers on the official website of the airline. After executing the cancellation a refund claim form has to be filled and submitted on the website itself and then the refund amount will be credited in the same account by which the booking was made. Please note that the refund will be the remaining account after the deduction of the fee or charge and will be transferred within 10 business days.

The facility of getting a refund for the unused ticket:

For being the most acclaimed airline in the globe the airline provides various facilities to the passenger to be on top of the good books. Apart from providing a refund to the passengers who are canceling the tickets, the airline also provides the facility of refund for the unused tickets as well. If the passenger has not canceled the ticket and has not also taken the flight then s/he is eligible for applying a refund for the unused ticket. They just need to get in touch with the Delta executive to execute the process and give the necessary credentials.

How to cancel Delta Flight:-

Sometimes the passengers get confused with the cancellation procedure as there are multiple steps to be followed. For such passengers and customers the steps have been explained below in brief:

Before beginning with the procedure of cancellations on the website the passenger has to be sure to have an internet connection. 

  • Open google and type Delta Airlines in the search column and hit enter to open the official website of the airline. 
  • Once the website is open, go to the homepage of the site and locate the tabs of “My Trips” or “My Bookings”
  • On hitting the My bookings section a list of reservations will be displayed on the screen. 
  • Make a selection on the reservation that has to be eliminated or canceled because of any reason 
  • On making a selection on the reservation a confirmation window will appear that will ask to confirm the action taken. 
  • Be careful about hitting the confirmation button as once you hit on “Confirm” the cancellation will be initiated and will not be undone. 
  • After the confirmation has been done the passenger will obtain a msg or email from the airline about the cancellation done.
  • Once the cancellation has been made the passenger will get a refund after the deduction of the cancellation fee (only if any fee is applicable). 
  • In case a passenger gets stuck with the procedure s/he is free to contact the official website of the Delta Airline. 

Do not worry if you have an issue in understanding the Delta Cancellation Policy as the airline is very welcoming in helping the passengers and you can contact them without any hassle. The customer service is active 24×7 and helps the passengers in the best possible manner.

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    I had recently made bookings with Delta Airlines on behalf of my father. However, he got stuck in some official work and was not able to make it. I looked for help to cancel a flight ticket and came across Delta Airlines 24 Hours Cancellation Policy. I contacted the representatives and was immediately assisted by them. I had to pay cancellation charges since my flight ticket was not canceled within 24 hours.

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