As per Delta change name on ticket policy, the airlines allow minor corrections on confirmed bookings for a fee. As per Department of Transportation guidelines, Delta Airlines allows name correction to ensure that the traveler’s name exactly matches with the passport or valid photo ID. 

Delta Name Change Policy

In addition, Delta Airlines name change rule does not allow a change in ownership from one traveler to another. To change the name on a plane Delta ticket, the following criteria must be met – 

  • Flight must be operated by the airlines, and the ticket stock must start with 006
  • In the case of codeshare or interline agreement flights, the Delta Airlines change name on the ticket request can only be processed on the flight segments only. 
  • Only one reissue is allowed per ticket for Delta Airlines name correction
  • No changes would be permitted to the flight date, fare class, or origin/destination point. Also, no changes or corrections to gender or date of birth would be allowed.
  • Only minor Delta name corrections up to three characters are permitted. 
  • Making changes to the Date of Birth and/or gender would be covered under the Delta name change policy.
  • Minor corrections would be allowed to the date of birth only due to errors committed at the time of making a booking.
  • The requests include one correction per passenger. All other changes to the traveler’s personal information would not be covered under Delta change passenger name policy. 
  • If Delta Airlines name correction request has been processed once and requires further alteration, tickets need to be reissued a second time. 

Delta Airlines Change Name on Ticket

Here’s the complete overview of the Delta change name on ticket requests that must be accepted under the name change policy – 

Correction TypeAcceptable Changes
1. First/Middle/Last Names
2. Nickname to Legal name
3. Inverted Names Adding Middle name
4. Adding an additional last name
Delta add a middle name to ticket
Adding a legal name under the circumstances of Marriage, Divorce, and AdoptionOSI Delta Airlines name change waiver code would be applicable
Delta add a middle name to the ticketAs per Delta Name Change policy, middle name correction requires rebooking the correct name in a new reservation. It involves the creation of a new PNR or record locator.

However, the following instructions must be followed while processing the Delta Airlines name change request – 

  • The above chart is the reference as to how the Delta flight name change request can be processed.
  • Delta Airlines name change policy would be applicable on restricted as well as non-restricted fares.
  • Minor name change involves the character modifications on the same PNR. 
  • Middle names can be added or removed. In such scenarios, the airline issues a new PNR, defragment the respected traveler if the booking involves more than one passenger, and issues a separate ticket number on his name. 
  • Secure Flight Passenger Details (SFPD) must be added again to the PNR with the newly corrected name and should be identical with the passport or government-issued photo-ID. 
  • In addition, the OSI entry must be added while requesting Delta Airlines name change. Example – OSI DL NAME CORRECTION

Fee to Change/Correct Name on Delta Ticket

After booking a Delta Airlines ticket, if you want to change the name on the Delta ticket, you need to pay some correction charges. It depends on your Delta flight ticket and changes. However, the price ranges between $75 to $500.

How to Change Name on Delta Ticket?

The name change is only possible if the fare rules associated with your booking permit it. conditions of your flight ticket 

As per Delta name change policy, in order to correct the name, the following criteria must be met – 

  • Flights must be operated by Delta Airlines, and tickets issued with the stock number 006
  • Delta must be the validating carrier.
  • The name change cannot be processed if already check-in.

Here how to change passenger name on Delta online as well as over the phone –  

Method 1: Change the Name on Delta Ticket Online

Here’s what you need to do —

  • Visit and navigate to the ‘My Trips’ section
  • Enter the six-digit booking reference or 13-digit ticket number alongside the last name of the passenger. In order to retrieve the booking, enter the correct booking reference or ticket number. 
  • Click on the name correction tab. Click the checkbox next to the name that needs to be corrected.  Please note, the name that appears on the ticket must be identical to a passport or any valid government-issued photo ID.
  • Users can only correct up to three characters either on the first name or last name. 
  • Once the request is placed, click on ‘Confirm & Save’ to process the name correction request. 
  • At the checkout page, passengers need to pay the fee along with the applicable fare difference to proceed with the request. The ticket would be reissued to the same available or lower available class. 
  • Once the transaction is done, you will receive the name change confirmation on your registered email. 

Method 2: Change Passenger Name on Delta Via Call

To change the name, all you need to do is call at customer service number. 

  • Provide your six-digit PNR or e-ticket number to retrieve your booking. 
  • Ask the agent to correct the name as only misspelled charterers would be corrected. 
  • Also, you need to send the government-issued photo ID or a copy of your passport for validation via email. 
  • passengers need to pay the Delta Airlines name change fee along with the applicable fare difference to proceed with the request. The ticket would be reissued to the same available or lower available class. 
  • Once the transaction is done, you will receive the confirmation in your registered email. 

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Can you change the passenger name on the Delta flight?

Yes, as per Delta name change policy, passengers are allowed to correct their names up to three characters on their first name or last name. Delta name change fee along with the applicable fare difference would be assessed.

How do I change my name on Delta SkyMiles?

To process Delta name correction for the flight booked via SkyMiles, feel free to reach customer service number.

Does Delta Airlines allow international ticket name changes?

As per Delta Airlines name correction policy, regardless of the travel route, class of service, and trip type, passengers are allowed to correct their name on the ticket.

What is the cost of changing the name on the Delta ticket?

The cost of changing the name on the Delta ticket is from $75 up to $500.

How to change the name of Delta Skymiles?

To change your name on Delta Skymiles account, you need to contact Delta Airlines customer service at 1-800-212-1212.

Can you change the name on a Delta plane ticket?

The airline does not allow changes to the name on the plane ticket. However, passengers can change their last name due to legal considerations such as marriage, divorce, etc.

How to transfer a Delta ticket to another person?

As per Delta Airlines name change policy, the airline does not allow changing the name on the ticket. It is considered as changing the ownership of the flight booking which is restricted under any circumstances.

Can you change name on the airline ticket Delta? 

No. The airline does not allow name change to another person. The only Delta Airline name change request you can make is adding the second last name or changing the maiden surname due to marriage or divorce.

How to change passenger names on Delta?

Contact the Delta Airlines customer service channels, such as their website, phone support, or at the airport ticket counter.

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