Etihad Airways Baggage Policy offers a free carry-on as well as checked baggage allowance with each class of service and is applicable for all travel routes. 

Etihad Baggage Policy

Below are the comprehensive details of the Etihad Airways baggage fee for all class of service, and how much extra you have to pay for the overweight and oversized bags. 

What is Etihad Airways Baggage Policy for carry-on baggage?

As per Etihad baggage policy, the airline allows 1 personal item for free for Business and First Class. In addition – 

  • Carry-on baggage weight for Economy Class – 1 hand bag up to 15 pounds (7 kg) is included in the ticket price.
  • Carry-on baggage weight for Business, First Class, and The Residence – 2 carry-on bags with a total weight of 26 pounds (12 kg) are included in the ticket price.
  • Carry-on baggage size Restrictions – 22 x 14.2 x 9 inches (56 x 36 x 23 cm)
  • Size for the personal item – 15.3 x 9 x 7.5 inches (39 x 23 x 19 cm) 
  • Weight of the personal item – Must not exceed 11 pounds (5 kg)
  • Lap Infant Carry-on Policy – For infants traveling on lap, 1 extra cabin bag is allowed up to 11 pounds (5 kg) for free. 
  • Stroller Check Policy – 1 stroller, 1 car seat or carrycot can be carried on board for free of charge. 

Permitted items in carry-on baggage -:

 Following are the list of items that you can carry in the hand baggage – 

  • Power banks and spare batteries
  • Personal electronic devices
  • Apple Macbook Pro
  • Drones
  • Small musical instruments
  • Car seats
  • Pushchairs

What is Etihad Checked Baggage Policy or Baggage Restrictions?

Etihad check in baggage allowance depends on the ticket type as well as fare. Follow the guideline below

  • Checked Baggage Size Restrictions – The size of the checked bag must be within 35.4 x 28.3 x 17.7 inches (90 x 72 x 45 cm).
  • Weight Restrictions for Economy Class – 23 kg for each checked bag.
  • Weight Restrictions for Business Class – 32 kg for each checked bag
  • Weight Restrictions for First Class Class – 50-60 kg for each checked bag.
  • Allowance for flights to/from the U.S. and Canada – For Economy Class, 2 checked bags are included for free for 23 kg each pounds. For Business Class, 2 checked bags of 32 kg each are included in the ticket price.  
  • Lap Infant Checked Bag Policy – 1 checked bag up to 23 kg is allowed for free for travel to/from US and Canada. For all other international destinations, 1 checked bag up to 10 kg is allowed, and is included in the ticket price. 
  • Stroller Check Policy – 1 stroller, 1 car seat or carrycot can be carried in the baggage hold for free. 

Etihad baggage allowance for all other international route

Below is the overview of the Etihad checked baggage allowance for all fares – 

FaresEconomy Class CabinBusiness Class Cabin
Sale44 pounds (20 kg)NA
Value50-88 pounds (23-40 kg)77-110 pounds (35-50 kg)
Choice66-99 pounds (30-45 kg)88-110 pounds (40-50 kg)
ChoicePlus77-110 pounds (35-50 kg)88-110 pounds (40-50 kg)
GuestSeat50-88 pounds (23-40 kg)66-88 pounds (30-40 kg)

Permitted items in checked baggage

Below is the list of items that are permitted as part of etihad baggage allowance for check-in bag – 

  • Scuba diving equipments
  • Surfboards
  • Footballs
  • Fishing equipments
  • Televisions
  • Pushchairs, car seats and travel cots
  • Skis and snowboard equipments
  • Water sports and surfboards
  • Bikes
  • Musical instruments
  • Ashes 
  • Mortal remains

Etihad Military Baggage Policy

Regarding baggage allowance for active or retired military personnel, no information is available on the Etihad Airlines website. To know, call the Etihad contact center. 

Know About Etihad Airways Baggage Fees

Passengers who purchase an additional piece of luggage or exceed the size and weight of the checked baggage may be asked to pay an additional fee. Please note that any checked luggage that exceeds 32 kg in weight is not accepted by the Etihad Airways. Below is the overview – 

Extra baggage fee for Etihad for oversize bag

Baggage that exceed the size of  35.4 x 28.3 x 17.7 inches (90 x 72 x 45 cm) may be asked to pay an additional fee as per the table below – 

Flight RouteOversized Baggage Fee (Each Way)
Within the Middle East40 USD
Between the Middle East and the Indian Subcontinent40 USD
Between Beijing and Nagoya40 USD
All other international flights60 USD

Extra baggage fee for Etihad Airways for overweight bag for travel to/from US/Canada

Below is the table mentioned for etihad excess baggage fee for travel From United States/ Canada to the following destinations – 

From/ToTo/FromAdditional 1 x 23 KG BagAdditional 1 x 32 KG Bag
U.S. or CanadaBahrain, Israel, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE270 USD324 USD
Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Sudan300 USD360 USD
Indian Subcontinent300 USD360 USD
Asia300 USD360 USD
Africa300 USD360 USD
Europe300 USD360 USD
Australia and offline points in the South West Pacific330 USD396 USD
Japan/Korea275 USD330 USD

Extra baggage fee for Etihad Airways for overweight bags for other international destinations

Below is the overview of the extra baggage etihad cost mentioned per kg (2.2 pounds). The baggage price varies with the travel route – 

To/FromME/GCCAsiaAfricaEuropeSWPIndian Sub Continent
Asia36 USD48 USD48 USD48 USD36 USD48 USD
Africa36 USD48 USD36 USD48 USD54 USD48 USD
Europe36 USD48 USD48 USD36 USD54 USD48 USD
Indian Sub Continent24 USD48 USD48 USD48 USD48 USD36 USD

For reference ME/GCC

are the countries that include Bahrain, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, UAE

Etihad Baggage Policy for Guest Members

As per etihad airlines baggage policy, the Guest members are entitled to reach additional baggage allowance depending on their tier status – 

Etihad baggage allowance as per weight concept

 Extra weight allowance is permitted to  – 

  • Etihad Silver Guest members – 22 pounds (10 kg)
  • Etihad Gold Guest members – 33 pounds (15 kg)
  • Etihad Platinum Guest members – 44 pounds (20 kg)

Etihad baggage allowance as per piece concept

The baggage allowance on etihad airways for Guest members also provided with extra pieces of checked luggage. The following allowance applies for travel to/from United States and Canada – 

  • Economy Class for Silver, Gold, and Platinum – 1 checked bag up to 23 kg (50 pounds)
  • Business & First Class for Silver, Gold, and Platinum – 1 checked bag up to 32 kg (70 pounds)

Carrying Sports Item with Etihad Airways 

As per Etihad baggage policy, passengers can carry sports items as checked baggage allowance, provided the size must not exceed 300 cm. You can carry these sports items under certain restrictions. 

  • Golf clubs – 1 set of clubs is allowed for free, up to 15 kg in weight. This is in addition to the etihad check in baggage allowance. Additional fee applies for the golf umbrella.
  • Skis or snowboard equipment – One pair of skis, ski poles and ski boots are permitted as checked baggage. Passengers can also carry one snowboard and one pair of boots.
  • Bikes – Bikes are permitted to carry as part of the Etihad checked baggage allowance provided they must not exceed the dimension of 300 cm. 
  • Football – They must be deflated before carrying as checked or carry-on baggage. 

Scuba diving equipment 

You can carry the following items under scuba diving equipment provided they must not exceed the size of 300 cm – 

  • Scuba regulator
  • Tank harness
  • Tank pressure gauge
  • Face mask
  • Fins
  • Snorkel
  • Buoyancy control device (BCD)
  • Weight belt
  • Cylinder tank 

Water sports and surf boards 

You can carry following items as part of your Etihad checked baggage allowance – 

  • Surfboards
  • Wakeboards
  • Wave skis
  • Boogie boards
  • Skimboards
  • Paddle boards
  • Speed boards
  • Kiteboard / kitesurf

Fishing equipments

Passengers are allowed to carry a set of fishing equipments which include – 

  • Two rods
  • One reel
  • One landing net
  • One pair of fishing boots
  • One tackle box

How to purchase baggage with Etihad Airways?

Here are the following ways through which you can purchase the extra baggage allowance with Etihad Airways – 

  • During booking – You can visit the Etihad website and pay Etihad extra baggage fee during booking.
  • After booking – you can add extra baggage anytime after booking or at the time of Etihad online check-in.  Click here to add bags.
  • Get in touch – For passengers traveling to/from the United States, they can call at +1 877 690 0767 to reach the Etihad Contact Centre to add extra bags to their reservation. 
  • Redeem Etihad Guest miles – Etihad Guest members can call the airline’s representative to purchase extra baggage using miles. 

Bottom Line

Etihad airways baggage policy offers complimentary baggage allowance, regardless of the class of service you choose. You may have extra benefit if you are a Guest member who is entitled to receive an extra piece of baggage allowance, as well as have the option to redeem their Guest Miles to pay for the extra weight. 

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Does Etihad allow 2 free checked bags?

Yes, with Business and First Class flights the airline allows 2 complimentary checked bags. 

What is allowed in hand luggage Etihad?

In Economy Class, passengers are allowed to carry 1 free hand luggage within 15 pounds (7 kg). For Business and First Class, 2 carry-on bags allowed with a combined weight of 26 pounds (12 kg).

Is Etihad strict with checked luggage?

Yes, any bags that exceed the dimension of 300 cm in size or 32 kg in weight are fit to transport in the baggage hold.

How much luggage can I take on Etihad economy class?

For travel to and from the US and Canada, Economy Class passengers can carry 2 checked bags for free.

Can I carry a backpack and a carry on Etihad?

Yes, a backpack would be considered as a personal item on top of your carry-on baggage allowance.

Is Etihad a good airline?

As per the survey done by the Flight-Report, Etihad is rated among the top 10 carriers in the world when it comes to safety, comfort and passenger-friendliness.

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