With the Etihad name change policy, you can request the name correction/changes without any hassles.

Etihad Name Change Policy

Use this guide to understand the name correction rules, how to change or correct the name on the flight booking. If you make name changes to your reservation, you may be charged a fee, so read the terms and conditions carefully before proceeding.  

Etihad Airways Name Change Policy

As per the Etihad name change policy, the airline may not allow you to board the flight, if the name on the ticket does not appear exactly identical to the passport or the government-issued photo ID. Just like this, there are other rules you should know before requesting the name change – 

  • The name correction is only possible on the unused portion of the ticket.
  • The airline allows the changes on the refundable or non-restricted fare only.
  • You need to check that your ticket was issued more than 5 days ago and booked using a single debit/credit card.
  • Name change requests once approved cannot be reversed.
  • Other than the Etihad name change fee your bank may charge additional processing fees.
  • If booked multiple fares, the most restrictive fare rule may apply. That may lead to an inflated airline change penalty.
  • You can request changes within 96 hours of scheduled departure. It may incur an additional 10% fee. 
  • Name change fee applied per passenger per ticket.
  • The airline allows the name correction of up to three characters in the first name, middle name or last name. 
  • Only one change is permitted.
  • The request must be for the same person as the one listed on the ticket.
  • The said name changes are applicable on Etihad-operated and marketed flights.
  • No name correction allowed within 24 hours of purchase. Passengers need to request Etihad flight cancellation and then rebook the flight with the correct name. 
  • At the time of name correction, you may be asked to submit a copy of your passport or government-issued photo ID. 

Etihad Change Name on Ticket – Types of Requests

Under the guidelines of Etihad name change policy and federal aviation authority, it is essential to provide the correct name of the passenger. The ticketed name should, ideally, match the name on an official travel document, such as a passport. 

You may have queries about what kind of name change the airlines allow. You can correct the duplicate name, or don’t hold any family name, if you want to add or eliminate any suffix/prefix from your ticketed name or if you have mistakenly added any characters to your name. 

Correct Name with Special Characters

When you make a typo error by adding any special character to the passenger’s name, you can simply approach Etihad airlines and ask them to correct the name. You can correct such mistakes online via the Manage Booking section. The said changes may be subject to a name change fee. Fare difference may apply if the ticket is issued in the higher class of service in the same cabin as previously booked. 

Etihad Change Name on Ticket

Full Name in One Line

At times, your passport may have your full name in one line. In those cases, passengers have to adhere to the name exactly as it appears on the passport. Call to update the name on the booking. It may be subject to the name change fee and the fare difference. 

Long Names on Ticket

As per the Etihad name change policy, the airline accepts not more than 28 characters in each name filed. You need to add as many names as possible from the first, middle, and last names on the passport. And, omit the rest of the characters when there is insufficient space on the ticket. In this case, passengers need to call the airline to update the SR DOCS. Only the name change fee needs to be collected by the airline. No fare difference applies.

Name Suffix

You can add or eliminate the suffix from the last name. The said change request is not allowed online. Rather, you need to call the airline’s customer service phone number to complete the said changes. You may be asked to pay the airline’s penalty alongside the fare difference. 

No Family Name

When the last name is not available, the airline update the name using the following format – 

  • The airline fills the last name field with the given name, then type ‘FNU’ in the first name field. followed by the title. FNU is First Name Unknown. For example – 

DORSEY/FNU MR should be added to the booking.

  • The airline accepts the given name(s) in the last name field and the addition of a title in the first name field. For example,

 DORSEY/MR should be added to the booking  

Passengers would be asked to pay the name change fee and the fare difference. The said changes are requested over the phone. 

Duplicate Names

When you have inserted the first name or last name more than one time, it can be corrected via phone. Etihad Airways’ name correction fee and the fare difference must be collected. For example, the request name should be corrected to JIMMY ANDERSON. 

Correction from – Anderson/JIMMY JIMMY to ANDERSON/JIMMY

Marriage/Maiden Name/Divorce Decree

Under the guidance of the Etihad name change policy, travelers can change the name on the booking due to any legal obligations such as marriage, divorce, etc. The said change applies to the unused portion of the travel. The changes must be completed between the actual date of purchase and the scheduled departure. 

How to Change Name in Etihad Booking?

Passengers can request the name change online at the airline’s website as well through customer service phone number. Etihad Airways passenger name change can be requested with the following methods – 

Online Name Change/Correction

You can simply log on to the airline’s website. Under the Manage Booking section, request the name correction as per the passport. Only fare rules that are refundable in nature are acceptable for online changes. To know more, you can take the help of the following steps – 

  • Visit etihad.com. Under the Manage Booking section enter the booking confirmation and the surname to access your booking.
  • Select the passenger you would like to correct the name. 
  • Enter the correct name in the required field. Attach a copy of your passport or any government-issued photo ID for validation. 
  • Pay the Etihad name correction fee online and fare difference, if there is any. 
  • The name change request may take up to 4 hours. Once the request is complete, an email with the updated name and itinerary would be sent to the passenger.  

Tip: Before making any changes/corrections online, Passengers must understand the rules of Etihad Airways name change policy

Name Correction/Change through the phone

Not all name corrections can be requested online. For any legal name change, or to eliminate duplicate name or all other requests, you can call the Etihad Customer Service phone number. To correct the name over the phone, it must be completed up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure. 

Etihad Name Change Fee

No name change fee is collected if making any correction within 24 hours of booking. Outside the 24 hours, the name change fee varies with the days prior to the scheduled departure, and the cabin class selected. 

Booking Time WindowEconomy Class (in USD)Business Class (in USD)
60 days before departure200150
30 days before departure250200
15 days before departure300225
24 hours before departure350300

The said change fee applies as mentioned in the Etihad name change policy

In the end, Etihad Airways reserves the right to change a booking name or amend any errors or mistakes in it at any time, without prior notice. The airline will verify your identity against your passport and/or other acceptable identity documentation and as a result, may or may not allow you to change the name on a reservation.

No matter what the reason for your name change is, it is better to get started on name correction 1-2 weeks before your departure date to avoid last-minute difficulties.

Etihad Name Change Policy – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I change my name on Etihad Airways?

Changes to names on a flight booking are not permitted. That is counted as the change in ownership. As a result, we ask that you take extra care when adding your name to the ticket. It must coincide with the documentation (passport or Photo ID) required at the time of travel.

How to change the name in Etihad booking?

Using our ‘Manage Booking’ feature online is the fastest way to complete the name changes on your ticket.  The said changes are allowed up to two hours before the scheduled departure. Through this service, you will be charged the airline penalty. 

What is the name change fee on Etihad Airways?

As per the Etihad name change policy, the airline charges vary between 200 to 350 USD.  The fee varies with the class of service.

Can I switch my ticket to another passenger?

No. The airline does not permit the said flight ticket to be utilized by another passenger once the ticket number is generated. 

I have mistakenly added my last name twice on the reservation. Can I still fly?

Yes, after the name correction you’re good to board the flight.

Do I have to pay anything if I make a name correction within 24 hours of booking?

The airline does not permit name correction or changes within 24 hours of purchase. This is because the airline holds a flexible 24-hour risk-free cancellation that allows passengers to void their booking and claim the full refund. They need to book a new flight with the updated name on the same itinerary.

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