Sometimes, plans are bound to change because of some inevitable situations. Etihad Airways understands this and allows the passengers to change Etihad Booking. With Etihad Airways, changing flights is convenient and hassle-free. The airlines provide complete assistance to those who want to change Etihad Bookings. Before you proceed ahead, make sure to read Etihad Airways Flight Change Policy. All the terms and conditions are mentioned in this policy that passengers must follow.

Etihad Airways Flight Change Policy

Etihad Airways Flight Change Policy – What Changes Can Be Made?

According to Etihad Flight Change Policy, a passenger can make different changes to the flight tickets booked. However, the passengers must note that only one change is permitted. Take a look at the different type of changes that can be made to Etihad Flight Ticket:

  • Name Change – Sometimes, the passengers commit an error and the name does not match as printed on ID. To rectify those typos, Etihad Airways allows passengers to make a change to the name. According to Etihad Name Change Policy, a passenger is allowed to correct these errors only once. Also, a passenger can correct in his/her up to 3 characters. Etihad Name Change fee is not charged for this. However, the addition of a surname and middle name will attract a fee of US $100.
  • Special Services – Etihad Airways allows you to make changes in the services and you can also request special services according to Etihad Airways Flight Change Policy. You can request special services if your kid is flying alone. In addition to that, you can ask for services such as wheelchairs for adults, bassinets, and special meals for infants traveling with you.
    For those who want to change seats on Etihad Flight, a Request for Etihad Change seat can be made to Etihad Airways. You can change Etihad Seats Online.
  • Travel Insurance – If you have made a booking with travel insurance, Etihad Airways does not permit you to make Etihad Flight Change. In case of the Reward -Flight guest seat is not eligible for the same. For that reason, passengers are advised to choose the ticket wisely. You never know when an urgent situation appears in front of you and you might have to postpone your itinerary.

How To Change Etihad Booking?

Etihad Airways provides complete flexibility and assistance to help passengers make amendments to the tickets. If you have booked your flight with Etihad Airways, here’s how to change Etihad Booking.

Online Flight Change

If you have booked your flight ticket directly from the website, you can easily change your Flight Date with Etihad Airways. We have listed down step-by-step instructions that you will have to follow.

  • Visit the official website of Etihad Airways.
  • Make sure to enter your email address and password necessary to log in to your account.
  • Once you have logged into your account, navigate to the “Manage My Booking” Tab.
  • Select the flight you want to make changes to.
  • Click on “Change Flight Button” to successfully make an Etihad Change flight Date Online.
  • You will receive a confirmation message stating the success of Etihad airways change ticket date.

Etihad Date Change Penalty will be charged under the Etihad Flight Change Policy.

Offline Flight Change

Apart from allowing passengers to make changes in Etihad Flight Booking, the passengers can also use offline mode for Etihad change flight booking. Passengers are required to dial Etihad Airways Change Flight Phone Number . Once you dial this number, your request for Etihad airways change ticket date will be acted upon.

Apart from flight change, Etihad Airways offer flexibility if you wish to cancel your flight ticket. Etihad Cancellation Policy is lucid and adds more to the convenience of passengers. However, there are certain terms and conditions you must abide by.

Etihad Airways Ticket Change Fee

If you want to change Etihad Flight Tickets, the airline will charge Etihad Airways Flight Change Fee. Etihad Airways Ticket Change Cost will depend upon several factors.  

  • Etihad Airways Ticket Change Fee will depend upon the route and fare. Also, the changes made within the 96 hours of your flight will attract additional 10% charges.
  • In case of an unfortunate event, Etihad Airways won’t charge a change fee. However, you might have to provide the documentation for the same.
  • If you are changing the flight after 24 hours of flight booking, you will have to pay Etihad Change Flight Fee.
  • Etihad Airways will charge the most restrictive fare rule in case you have booked multiple fares.

Things To Consider Before Making Etihad Flight Changes

Take a look at some of the important things you must consider before you make any amendments in Etihad Ticket Change:

  • Etihad Ticket Change can be made for once only.
  • In case your booking involves any other airline, you must cancel the current bookings. New Bookings should be made with the correct name in the available booking class. The difference in fare might apply.
  • To make any changes in Etihad Ticket, you must submit a copy of your passport and applicable documents.
  • If you have booked your flight ticket with a third party, you must contact them to make any changes.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Can I change flight dates with Etihad Airways?

Yes. According to Etihad Flight Change Policy, a passenger can change flight dates with Etihad Airlines. The passengers can make changes online up to two hours before the flight.

How to change meal preferences

in Etihad Airways?

Apart from allowing changes in Etihad Flight Date, passengers can also make changes in their meal preferences when traveling with Etihad Airways. You can request special services that include meal change as well. To change your meal preferences, you can talk to the representatives about the same.

How much does Etihad charge to change a flight?

Etihad Airways will charge a certain amount to allow you to change your flight. The charges for the same will depend upon your route and the fares that you have booked.

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    I have an outstanding balance with my Etihad travel bank. This balance will expire soon and I am still not entirely sure about my travel plans.
    I was wondering if I were to book a ticket before the expiration could I later change the flight date and/or destination? Assuming I can, what would be the cost of changing?
    For reference, I am planning on flying from Phuket, Thailand to London, England.

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