Airlines Pet Policy

There are numerous airlines that allow your lovely pets to get in and travel all over the world with you. If you are booking your tickets with some airlines then make sure you check the Airline pet policy. In this blog, we are going to talk about those airlines that permit pet in-cabin.

Airlines Pet Policy

What Are the In-Cabin Pets?

In-cabin pets are domesticated dogs, cats, and other pets that could fit in a travel carrier beneath the seat in front of you. A few of the airlines do not allow pets to be in especially in international cities such as Hawaii. However, pets are allowed in a cabin on a selected flight.

In this blog, you will find the Airlines that allow pets in the cabin when you fly with a particular airline. Apart from this, you will know the pet insurance policy along with the pet plan policy. So let us get started with the Airline pet policy based on the following airlines.

Delta Pet Policy

Delta airlines pet policy

Delta Airlines covers destinations to up to 60 countries all over the world. Whenever you fly with Delta, your pets can enjoy the ride too. If you are on a domestic flight, household birds are also allowed. Small pets can travel with their owners whereas the larger pets such as dogs must travel with cargo for their comfort and safety.

As per the Delta Airlines pet policy, you can look for the following details mentioned below.

  • There is no specific weight criteria mentioned for dogs. All they should fit under the seat in a carrier.
  • The maximum carrier size depends on flight.
  • If you are traveling within North America the cost of carrying in-cabin pets is 125 USD whereas for the international flights, one has to pay 200 USD as the in-cabin pet fee.

Additional Information

The kennel should be leak-proof as well as ventilated. Your dog should remain in the kennel while you are in a Delta boarding area, onboard the aircraft or Delta airline lounge. For more information, you can visit the website to read more about Delta Airlines pet policy.

Southwest Airlines Pet Policy

Southwest Airlines Pet Travel Policy

In Southwest airlines, pets like dogs and cats are allowed in the cabin of flight. However, it is mentioned that your pet should be properly vaccinated. No pet is allowed to fly in the cabin of international flights.

All the pets check-in at the ticket counter at the airport however, customers can check-in online. The behavior of pets should be decent. As per the Southwest airlines pet carrier policy, travelers need to take care of the following details.

  • There are no pet weight criteria. The pet must fit in a carrier under your seat.
  • The maximum carrier size should be 43 x 34 x 21 cm.
  • 95 USD each way is the cost of carrying the pets in the cabin.
  • Pets are not allowed on international flights. Exceptionally, animals for emotional support and trained assistance are allowed however no animals are allowed from/to Jamaica.

Additional Information

Passengers are allowed to fly with one dog carrier per person. And, each dog carrier can contain two same species maximum of small dogs. The carrier either will be counted as your carry-on bag or personal piece of item. For more information, you can visit the Airlines Policy website to read more about Southwest Airlines pet policy.

United Airlines Pet Policy

United Airlines Pet Travel Policy

In United Airlines, passengers can inform the United Airlines team in advance if you are planning to travel with your pet as it is suggested to make early reservations as seats are limited.

The United Airlines pet policy states that only small cats, rabbits, dogs, and household birds are admitted to traveling inside the cabin. In addition, they can travel within the continental United States excluding Hawaii. Below is the other information, you need to look after.

  • No weight criteria are mentioned for the pet however, your pet should fit in a carrier under your seat.
  • The size of the carrier should be 44 x 30 x 19 cm (hard sided) or 46 x 28 x 28 cm (soft sided).
  • 125 USD including 125 USD service charge for each stopover that is up to four hours within the US or up to 24 hours outside the US.
  • Pets are allowed on International depending on the flight you choose.

Additional Information

In this particular airline, dogs are not allowed from Australia, Micronesia, or Hawaii. Dogs are not allowed to fly with unaccompanied minors. Besides that, customers can buy an additional ticket for carry-on an additional bag. For more information, you can visit the Airlines Policy website to read more about United Airlines pet policy.

Alaska Airlines Pet Policy

Alaska Airlines Pet Travel Policy

Alaska is in partnership with Banfield Pet Hospital. They provide a discount on pet transportation. As per the Alaska Airlines pet policy states, you can let your one pet travel from/to Hawaii. Though Hawaii maintains the status of rabies 0 free states so there can be additional rules and regulations for pet transportation.

For Alaska Airlines, your pet should be Eight weeks old to be eligible to travel. Small cats and dogs are permitted in the cabin into Mexico and Hawaii however bird transportation is not permitted into Hawaii. Below are the other details for those who are carrying their pet in the cabin.

  • The maximum weight of your pet carrier should be 9Kg or 20 pounds.
  • The size of the carrier should be 43 x 28 x 19 cm for hard and 43 x 28 x 24 cm for soft.
  • 100 USD is the cost of carrying your pet carrier inside the cabin.
  • Pets are allowed on international flights as well.

Additional Information

Travelers can fly with two dogs in the main cabin but only when you purchase an adjacent seat. Two dogs can fly in the same carrier. For more information, you can visit the Airlines Policy website to read more about Alaska Airlines pet policy.


Those who have pets are usually worried about the travel plans for airlines. Luckily a few of the airlines permit domesticated pet animals to fly with their owners inside the cabin. Airlines such as Delta, United, America, Alaska, and Southwest allow your dogs, cats, and household birds to travel. However, there are some rules and restrictions that you must have read in this blog.


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