Aeromexico Seat Upgrade

Do you wish to upgrade Aeromexico flight for your upcoming travel?  Your chances might be good if you are a top elite member of their frequent flier program. 

Aeromexico Seat Upgrade

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t give up. Even when there is high demand and little availability, there is usually a way for you to fly in the premium class if you:

  • Understand the upgrade process.
  • Find out how to receive free upgrades by using your frequent flier miles.
  • When available, take advantage of low-cost premium flights.

We’ll also discover how to upgrade for both Elites and non-Elites members.

Types of Upgrade on Aeromexico

You can choose from a wide range of a la carte alternatives and unwind on a completely flat bed with extra space and privacy on board. Whether you prefer First Class or Business, there are a few different ways to ask for the Aeromexico upgrade. Here are the methods for being included to the upgrade list:

  • Aeromexico Miles Upgrade – After you’ve accumulated enough miles, it’s time to use them to book a premium flight.
  • Upgrade Bid – Provide a bid and an offer to Aeromexico First Class upgrade. The airline will inform you of the minimal fee you must pay 24 hours prior to your scheduled departure.
  • Ask airlines to upgrade – Call the Global Contact Customer Service or speak with an Aeromexico executive at the airport to upgrade your flight.
  • Push Upgrade – Speak with one of the airline’s specialists to reserve a push upgrade up to 48 hours before your trip. Simply give the airline’s customer service a call to get things going, and they’ll take care of the rest. Whether an upgrade is offered will depend on the fare you’ve reserved. Your Push Upgrade can be paid for using a credit card.
  • Upgrade at the airport – You still have time to request Aeromexico upgrade when you check-in at the airport. After upgrading, you are permitted to utilize the airport lounge and bring along additional baggage. Depending on availability, your fare rules will determine if you are eligible to upgrade. You can pay in cash, with a credit card, or using Aeromexico Guest Miles. The airline’s chauffeur service is not available for instant airport upgrade.

Methods to Upgrade Aeromexico Flights

Passengers have the option to upgrade Aeromexico through numerous ways – 

Aeromexico Bid Upgrade 

For a better in-flight experience, Aeromexico gives you the option to upgrade to Clase Premier (business class). If you want to take part in this programme, you must:

  • Buy a Main Cabin ticket with an applicable fare already.
  • Please enter a valid email address.

Passengers who satisfy these criteria will receive an email invitation to bid for an upgrade on select flights.

How does the bidding for Aeromexico upgrade works?

Passengers will receive an email inviting them to submit their offer for an upgrade before departure if there are seats available in Clase Premier on a certain flight. Passengers who consent to participate will be routed to the Aeromexico upgrade opt-in page, where they must choose how much they are prepared to pay for the upgrade on a specific route or segment.

A confirmation email confirming the bid’s receipt will be sent to the passenger once it has been submitted on the upgrade page.

The amount of the winning bid will be charged to the passengers. If an upgrade bid is not successful, the passenger will still fly on their original reservation without being charged.

Follow these steps to bid on an upgrade to Clase Premier Business Class.

  • Visit the link to download the Aeromexico bid upgrade form.
  • Fill in the booking reference and the last name. 
  • Choose the tag where you want to offer –  Premier Cabin / AM Plus
  • Enter the amount you want to pay for each flight segment’s upgrade.
  • If your Aeromexico upgrade auction t was approved, you will receive an email confirming the amount and the flights covered by the offer.
  • A confirmation email will be provided if your upgrade request was approved. 

Please note – After the Aeromexico bid upgrade is confirmed, it is neither refundable nor endorsable.

Aeromexico upgrade with Club Premier Points

The Aeromexico Club Premier Program is the best option to upgrade the flights. 

Although it can be annoying, Aeromexico Club Premier’s transfer ratios are complex. 

It has a good number of transfer partners such as Delta Airlines and other Star Alliance members, which we’ll cover in the following sections.

Aeromexico is one of the few airlines that still provides a round-the-world award ticket, and its miles have a lot of flexibility when it comes to upgrading.

Aeromexico offers different award charts for its own flights than partner airlines, although it has reasonable routing rules. When you upgrade Aeromexico flight, only one stopover is permitted on round-trip flights, which we’ll take advantage of in the following redemption possibilities.

Redeeming the Aeromexico Club Premier Points to upgrade

It is possible to redeem the Club Premier points to request Aeromexico seat upgrade. All you need to do is call the Aeromexico customer service to request one. Passengers can also email about upgrade at [email protected].

Here are the partners affiliated with Aeromexico that accept Club Premier points for flight upgrade.

Saudia AirlinesDelta Air Lines
TaromChina Airlines
Vietnam AirlinesChina Eastern
Xiamen AirlinesCzech Airlines
Kenya AirwaysAerolineas Argentinas
Korean AirAir Europa
Middle East AirlinesAir France
ITA AirwaysGaruda Indonesia

Below is the table mentioned about the club Premier points needed to request the Aeromexico upgrade. The Club Premier points are valid for the Aeromexico operated flights only.

Upgrade from Economy to AM PLUS
Origin/DestinationMexicoUSACanadaCentral America & CaribbeanNorth/South America
Class of ServiceCoach ClassCoach ClassCoach ClassCoach ClassCoach Class
Central America & Caribbean640007000070,80062000NA
North America7200080000800004800054000
South America1040001040001040009000071000
North Asia144000170000170000120000180000
Southeast Asia144000170000170000120000180000
North Africa155000132000132000149000149000
Middle East155000132000132000149000149000
Southwest Asia213000207000207000204000204000
Upgrade from AM PLUS to Premier Class
Origin/DestinationMexicoUSACanadaCentral America & CaribbeanNorth/South America
Class of ServicePremier ClassPremier ClassPremier ClassPremier ClassPremier Class
Central America & Caribbean120000160000160,000124000NA
North America1280001600001600009600088000
South America170000240000240000180000142000
North Asia280000280000280000280000320000
Southeast Asia280000280000280000300000320000
North Africa325000285000285000298000326000
Middle East325000285000285000298000326000
Southwest Asia446000448000448000409000448000
Australia, NZ, & South Pacific446000448000448000409000448000

Call Aeromexico to request an upgrade

Aeromexico AM Plus Seat

By calling Customer Service at 55-5133-4096, you can request an Aeromexico flight upgrade to Premier Class or an AM Plus seat at counters in the airport.

We want to point out:

  •  Flights with a shared code or those run by a different airline carrier will not be eligible under Aeromexico upgrade program.
  • Class F is included in the upgrade sale.

When requesting upgrade over the phone, the following reservation are not eligible

  • Tickets in the P, G, and X fare classes
  • Compensation for damage/injury/flight disruption
  • Free airline travel
  • Employee discount tickets, passes, or unitickets

How Passengers may receive a guaranteed upgrade with Aeromexico?

Aeromexico seat upgrade might be challenging to come by. Despite the limited quantity and high demand, there are ways to increase your chances of securing an upgrade or outright reserve a premium cabin.

With Elite Membership Status

Upgrade certificate – To get system-wide upgrade certificates, you must reach Executive Platinum Elite status. These certificates apply to all international flights that Aeromexico operates, regardless of the fare class, with the exception of restricted fares.

Club Premier points – Purchase first- or business-class reward tickets with GuestMiles. Using miles is the quickest way to upgrade to business or first class tickets.

Purchase an upgrade – At the gate, you can purchase an upgrade. It can be cheaper and a better deal to ask for upgrades when checking in at the airport. Priority would be given to elite members.

Without Elite Membership Status

Leading elite member – Obtain the support of a leading elite member. Elite members may get the first preference. Just send the top elite member an upgrade request.

Use miles to upgrade flight tickets – Using miles to buy a premium class award ticket is the simplest way to guarantee a seat in the front of the plane. The sign-up bonuses for credit cards typically offer enough miles to reserve a business or first class award ticket, even though there are several ways to earn a lot of Aeromexico Club Premier points. .

Use miles to upgrade – Request an Aeromexico upgrade with miles, which are available for even inexpensive economy tickets, subject to availability.

Set up business class fare notifications – Because discounted business class and premium economy cost a little higher compared to economy, you can set up fare alerts with websites like Google Flights to get updates when the route you’re looking for has a good business or first class deal.

Flight is overbooked – You might be able to ask for an upgrade on the next flight if you miss your connection due to an airline-caused disruption or give up your seat when an aircraft is overbooked.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Aeromexico Seat Upgrade

Can you upgrade Aeromexico from Basic to Classic after purchase?

No. Basic economy fares are not eligible for upgrade after the flight is ticketed.

How to upgrade Aeromexico?

Do you already have a reservation? You can upgrade Aeromexico flights through a bid. All you need to do is – 
1. Please fill out the form below with your information.
2. Choose your upgrade bid price.
3. Enter the details for your debit or credit card.
4. Check the details and accept your offer.

Can Delta Diamond Medallion get upgrades on Aeromexico?

Medallion Members are entitled to complimentary upgrades on Aeromexico-operated flights. Delta and Aeromexico are codeshare partners.

How to get a free upgrade on Aeromexico?

The Club Premier program’s elite rank is the most guaranteed way to receive a free upgrade. On all flights within Mexico, Aeromexico offers free upgrades to its most loyal customers.

Is the upgrade worth it in Aeromexico?

Aeromexico’s Clase Premier can be a fantastic choice if you’re looking for flights to Mexico and want more luxury and facilities, especially if you can receive a free upgrade or use miles.

How much to bid for Aeromexico upgrade?

The cost to bid for a flight upgrade varies by 20% to 40% of the ticket value. These prices have been determined in accordance with the travel route.


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