Iberia Manage Booking

Iberia manage booking options to help you manage your reservation with ease. You can add value to your air travel by checking in and boarding, issuing the boarding pass, upgrading to Economy Sky Room and extra baggage, among others.

Iberia Manage Booking

In this post, we will discuss each and every feature available under the Iberia airlines manage booking section, how you can avail of those features, the airline’s fee for each and every service available under the manage flight tab, and much more. 

Features that Help You to Manage Iberia Airlines Booking 

Once you have purchased the ticket on www.iberia.com, you can manage your reservation, make flight changes, add seats to your reservation, purchase extra baggage and much more. 

To access Iberia manage trip section, you need to fill in the following information – 

  • Six-digit PNR confirmation number.
  • Last name of the passenger. 

With the manage Iberia booking section, you can do the following – 

Flight Changes

You can modify your trip dates via the Iberia Manage Booking tab if you booked your ticket on www.iberiaexpress.com and selected an Express, Classic, Flex, or Business rate. The flight changes are subject to the airline’s penalty and depend upon the fare chosen at the time of purchase. 

Prior to departure, you can change the date of your flight on all of the fares offered by Iberia Airlines. You must keep the same ticket category or, if that is not possible, move to a higher rate and pay the difference in price plus any applicable administration fees. For instance – 

  • In Economy Class, if purchased Economy Express, and Economy Classic, the airline fee will be applied. On the other hand, no change fee will be applied if passengers purchased Economy Classic Plus and Economy Flex. 
  • In Business Class, the Business Classic fare is subject to a change fee. The first change is free on the Business Plus fare, and additional charges will apply with the subsequent changes. No change fee will be there to the Business Flex fare.  
  • Changes are only permitted on the Iberia-managed reservation if you purchased the flight ticket on the airline’s website. 

Flight Cancellation

Cancellation of the flight booking is possible through official website to manage my booking link. 

Passengers who wish to cancel their flight through the manage booking tab must have their reservations purchased through www.iberia.com. In addition – 

  • Select ‘Cancel and refund’ from the Iberia Airlines Manage My Booking menu. If your ticket is open, please note that all sectors will be cancelled. If you select Refund, all flight segments will be cancelled.
  • Only the payment method used to make the purchase will be credited with the refund. Refunds are given according to the fare condition associated with the reservation. 
  • For reservations booked with a third-party online platform or any other travel agency, for cancellation and refund, please contact the original point of purchase. 
  • Please visit sales offices or call the Iberia contact centre directly to arrange for the refund.

Add Extra Baggage

If you need to bring more bags than what your fare type, cabin class, or frequent flyer tier allows, you can pay the excess baggage cost at the airport or pay in advance at a 50% discount when you check in online 24 hours before your departure. Extra baggage services can be paid for using the Iberia Manage Booking section. 

If any of your baggage exceeds the maximum dimensions or weight allowed, you will be charged a 65 USD excess baggage fee. As a result, if you need to bring more luggage, it is advised to purchase an additional bag when checking in online and taking advantage of special savings.

Here is the overview of the baggage fee purchased online, at the airport as well as through the airline’s customer service phone number – 

Extra ServiceVia Manage Booking (in USDAirport Price (in USD)Customer Service (in USD)
Bag (23kg)25-6550-9025-65
Bag and extra bags (23kg)35-6870-9535-68
Bag UP TO 32kg (first bag)Not available110-145Not available
Bag up to 32kg (second bags)Not available130-150Not available
Special baggage – Ski equipment / Golf equipment / BicycleNot available5045
Special baggage – OthersNot available50-9050-85

To know about the weight allowance and dimensions of the checked and carry-on baggage, read the baggage policy of Iberia airlines. 

Name Changes

It is possible to correct/change the name of the passenger on the purchased Iberia airlines booking through the Manage Trip section. 

Please note that the name correction is applicable on the unused flight segment and the passenger type (adult, child, infant) is not changeable. Changes or corrections to names and surnames are only available if the ticket is an Iberia-operated flight and the booking includes a ticket stock number starting with 075.

  • In case of name correction – Please visit the manage booking section if the name has been misspelt by up to three letters, as this service is accessible for all ticket types, and the class of service.  It is possible that a 150 USD name correction fee will be charged.
  • Adult + infant tickets – The infant is excluded from the name change fee if the name that needs to be altered relates to an adult travelling with an infant.
  • Name change due to divorce – Name changes due to marriage or divorce are subject to a fee. A ticket would be sent for a reissue, hence a fare difference would be applicable. Passengers need to show official paperwork proving the name change occurred after the ticket was purchased.

Passengers need to complete the name correction/change up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure. 

Seat Selection

The Iberia manage trip page allows all passengers to choose their seats before travelling for more comfort and to ensure that they are seated next to relatives or friends. In the seat reservation section, you’ll find all of the terms and conditions that apply to your seat.

Here is the overview of the seating in the following cabin classes – 

Economy Class – Iberia Airlines is the only airline that offers advanced seat selection. If your fare does not include this option for free, you can still select your seat in advance for a cheaper amount than at the airport through Iberia manage booking tab.

Here is the exact price guide if you dd seat at the time of booking or after the purchase through the Iberia manage flight tab – 

XL Seat (in USD)Emergency Exit (in USD)Front Seat (in USD)Standard Seat (in USD)
Domestic flights151295
Europe, Africa and the Middle East flights27241612
Long-haul flights55853124

Premium Economy – If you fly in Premium Economy, you can choose your seat ahead of time. If your fare does not include this option for free, you can still select your seat in advance for a lesser price compared to the seat selection at the airport. 

Business Class – When you travel to Business class you can select the seats for free through Iberia manage your booking section. 

Iberia Air Manage Booking Fee

With Iberia manage booking tab, you can purchase the travel add-ons or make alterations to your confirmed reservation anytime before the scheduled departure. Here’s is the overview of the airline’s penalty for the following services under the Iberia airlines manage booking section – 

Manage Trip servicesAirline’s penalty (in USD)Fare difference
Flight changes200Yes
Flight cancellation200No
Name change/correction150Yes
Flight upgrade200Yes
Seat selectionFees applicable for Economy Class onlyNo
Add extra baggage65No
Online check-inFreeNo

Manage Booking is the airline’s online management system that enables customers to make appointments for travel service, check-in and board, as well as amend, upgrade and add travel services such as legroom seats or extra baggage in a simple and convenient manner. The service is also available on website; log in as a registered user to avail of all features within this section of the website.

Frequently Asked Questions – Iberia Manage Flight Booking

How do I cancel my Iberia flight?

Cancellation of the flight booking is possible through the official site to manage my booking link. Passengers who wish to cancel their flight through the manage booking tab must have their reservations purchased through www.iberia.com.

How do I obtain my boarding pass?

You can obtain the boarding pass at the time of online check-in through the Iberia airlines manage my booking section. Passengers can also obtain a boarding pass at the airport. The check-in must be completed at the airport up to 2 hours before the scheduled departure. 

How can I find out if I can change my flight?

Changes are subject to the terms of the fare rules associated with the Iberia airlines reservation. You can review the terms and conditions through the Iberia manage trip link.

How can I request the invoice for my flight?

You can request the invoice through the Iberia manage my booking section. You can also access the tax and payment receipts of the booking older up to 12 months. 

How can I request a special service?

Travellers who require a wheelchair may do so through the Iberia manage booking page or by contacting the airline’s customer service centre to request the service that best meets their needs. The passengers must arrive at the airport desks well in advance, as the boarding pass will only be issued at these locations. Please keep in mind that if you require special services during your flight, you must reserve them at least 48 hours in advance. 

How can I select seats for my Iberia flight?

The Iberia manage trip page allows all passengers to choose their seats before travelling for more comfort and to ensure that they are seated next to relatives or friends. You can also call the airline’s customer service.


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