KLM Upgrade

On a long-haul flight, who wants to be crammed into economy class? Long-haul business class offers far greater comfort and personal space, and if you play your cards right, you won’t have to shell out a fortune to request to upgrade KLM flight seats.

KLM Upgrade

Let’s look at all the flight upgrade options with KLM, how you can request the upgrade, the benefits included, free upgrade, and more.  

Travel Class Upgrade Terms & Conditions

The prerequisites for upgrading to KLM Business Class are listed below.

  • Passengers can request to upgrade KLM flight at the time of online no earlier than 30 hours before the scheduled departure.
  • This KLM Business Class upgrade option is available at the reduced rate.
  • When you request the upgrade, the price you already paid will be subtracted from the upgrade fee. Fare difference may apply.
  • You are entitled to get the same benefits as any other passenger traveling in premium classes for the flight segment for which you have requested the higher class.
  • The quantity of Miles earned by Flying Blue members will stay the same as what was specified on your original ticket. 
  • The total amount of cash you spend on the upgrade will determine how many extra miles you receive.
  • KLM has the right to assign a seat in premium class owing to operational, safety, or security concerns.

Preliminary conditions for KLM upgrade to Business Class

Here are consideration you must take a note of before requesting the class of service upgrade – 

  • If you select the exit seat in the Business Class or Premium Comfort Class, the airline requires you’ll be of assistance at the time of possible emergency. 
  • You must be in good health, capable, fully mobile, and not using any medications if you choose to be seated at Exit Row.
  • You must also guarantee that all information provided during KLM seat upgrade to a higher class is accurate.
  • Passengers must refrain from making speculative, misleading or fraudulent upgrade requests. 
  • Additionally, you will only book a reservation for yourself or another person you are legally entitled to do so on behalf of.

Refunds under KLM upgrade

You are entitled to a refund of the costs associated with an KLM Business Class upgrade for the unused portion only. The refund is provided if were not honored the Premium seat despite having an upgrade to a higher travel class:

  • If the airline has canceled the flight
  • The aircraft has changed.
  • In case of schedule change for 4 or more hours.
  • Passengers who missed the connecting flight with KLM, Air France, Kenya Airways or Delta Airlines.
  • If the airline has assigned the Business Class seat to somebody else owing to security, operational or safety reasons. 

To request a refund for the KLM upgrade, you need to fill out this form.

Please note – Passengers are not entitled to get any refund if the conditions listed above are not met.

Options to Upgrade the KLM Seat

Would you like to receive more comfort, privacy, and service? Upgrade KLM flight to Premium Comfort Class or Business Class to make the most of your journey. We’ll show you how to do it.

KLM Bid For Upgrade

Are you traveling in Economy Class? With KLM bid to upgrade the program, you can specify how much you’re willing to spend to upgrade to Business Class.  If your bid is the highest, you will enjoy luxurious travel in KLM Business Class. 

To improve your chances of getting a bid accepted, submit your offer online 14 hours before your scheduled departure. Here’s how it works – 

  • After making a reservation on KLM website, you will receive a request to upgrade to a higher class on your booking confirmation page and in your confirmation email.
  • Simply input your credit card details and a bid price for each leg of your journey to upgrade. 
  • The airline will advise you by mail 72 to 24 hours before departure if your request for an upgrade has been approved or denied. 
  • If your upgrade offer is approved, your credit card will be charged the amount you specified, and you will receive your enhanced boarding pass. 
  • You don’t pay anything and keep your original ticket if your upgrade request isn’t accepted.

KLM Business Class Upgrade

If you upgrade KLM Business Class, you’re entitled to get the following amenities – 

  • Access to the boarding lounge
  • Priority check-in
  • Seat in Business Class with extra room, privacy, and comfort
  • One additional checked bag no more than 32 kg. The additional allowance on top of regular baggage allowance.
  • Unlimited access to the internet
  • Amenity kit.

When can you request a Business Class upgrade?

Depending on when you request the upgrade, you will receive different rewards.

  • If you request in advance, you will receive all of the benefits indicated above for the Business Class upgrade.
  • If you buy at the airport, you are entitled to all the privileges on board. , but priority service and lounge access are not included. 

Please note – You can request an upgrade 60 days before your flight’s departure time. The online service is available until 37 hours prior to departure.

Premium Comfort Class upgrade

Experience the perks of Premium Comfort Class when you fly on long-haul flights.

  • A Premium Economy Class seat with at least a 7″ inch greater seat pitch than ordinary Economy Class seats
  • Free meals and drinks, a superior seat recline, and a leg rest that supports the entire leg
  • Memory foam cushions provide additional comfort.
  • Amenity kit 
  • 13-inch screen for in-flight entertainment
  • Complimentary meals and alcoholic beverages.
  • Checked baggage allowance based on existing class of service. 

How to request KLM upgrade to Premium Comfort Class?

To upgrade KLM flight to Premium Economy, passengers need to call the airline’s Customer Service. Unfortunately, the online upgrade is not available.

Comparisons of Travel Class with KLM

Are you flying internationally and unsure about the travel class you wish to reserve? We have contrasted the features of our Business Class, Premium Comfort Class, and Economy Class to assist you to upgrade KLM flight service – 

Economy ClassPremium Comfort ClassWorld Business Class
Seats (Standard Legroom)79 cm99 cmFully reclined
Carry-on Baggage1 item (max.12 kg)2 items and 1 accessory (max. 18 kg)2 items and 1 accessory (max. 18 kg)
Checked Baggage1 checked baggage (max 23 kg)2checked items (max 23 kg each)2checked items (max 32 kg each)
FoodSnack, warm meal, or sandwichPremium Comfort meal3-course dinner created by top chefs
BeveragesChoice of fruit juice, soft drink, beer, wine, coffee, or teaAdditional choice of selected wines and liquorsAdditional choice of sommelier selected wines and top-shelve liquors
Amenity KitNoPremium Comfort Class kitBusiness Class kit
HeadsetStandardNoise cancellationNoise cancellation
Entertainment system9-11 inch13.3 inch16-18 inch
Pillow and blanketStandard setBusiness Class setBusiness Class set
SkyPriorityNot includedNot includedIncluded
Lounge accessAt a feeAt a feeIncluded

Miles Upgrade with KLM

Flying Blue is the name of the frequent flier programme jointly offered by KLM and Air France.

Flying Blue miles are the miles you accumulate and may use flight upgrades to KLM Business Class or Premium Comfort. In addition – 

  • Flying Blue offers a variety of award ticket buckets to upgrade your flight between the United States and Europe. 
  • For instance, the following reward fare buckets are available for a nonstop business class travel from Boston to Amsterdam:
  • 35,000 miles
  • 45000 miles
  • 48000 miles
  • 125000 miles
  • 185000 miles
  • 192000 miles

You should make an effort to reserve tickets that are in the Saver award category because there is such a wide variety of possible prices.

If you want to upgrade a one-way business class, it falls into the following categories:

Upgrade from Economy Class toFlying Blue Miles Cost (One-Way)Taxes and Fees (in USD)
Premium Comfort ClassFrom 12,000 to 15,000 miles70 – 140 USD
Business ClassFrom 26,000 to 36,000 miles220 – 290 USD

KLM’s website is the finest resource for finding award space if you’re redeeming Flying Blue miles for travel.

KLM upgrade to Business Class or Premium Economy is as  simple as following these steps:

  • Visit the KLM homepage, and navigate to the My Trip section
  • Enter the booking reference and the passenger’s last name to retrieve the booking. 
  • Select the flight segment that you need to upgrade. Click on the ‘Upgrade with Miles’ tab to continue.
  • Decide on your preferred flight, redeem your Flying Blue miles, then use a credit card to pay the taxes and fees.

KLM Free Upgrade

The following nine suggestions will increase your likelihood of receiving a KLM free upgrade on your upcoming business trip:

  • Speak with the airline at the airport – Unless you are a frequent flier, the agent is usually not authorized to push you up to a nicer seat. However, he or she can increase your chances at the gate by adding a code that tells the gate agent that you are qualified for a KLM upgrade.
  • Make your reservation through a travel agent – When you make a reservation through a travel agent, it’s feasible for them to add a note to your reservation that reads “OSI.” This will help people recognise you as a VIP or CEO, which will greatly improve your chances of getting an KLM seat upgrade. KLM airlines is  constantly looking to steal passengers away from rivals, especially if there’s a possibility to land a commercial deal.
  • Check in early – If you are an elite or frequent flier member, arrive early to enhance your chances of being upgraded to business class. One who checks in first with KLM will get the better seat when there is only one upgrade available and two frequent flier members desire it.
  • Give up your seat – This action improves your chances of receiving an upgrade if you’re not in a rush and don’t mind asking to be bumped. If you are moved to the following flight, you often receive a free vacation or a credit voucher to use within a year.
  • Join the KLM Blue Miles program – Your likelihood of receiving an upgrade increases once you become a frequent traveler. Being an elite member of KLM allows you to reserve the best seats, therefore it is advantageous to continue with it and advance. 

KLM Last Minute Upgrade

The next time you check in online, on your phone, or at a self-service check-in kiosk, you might be given the option to make KLM last-minute upgrade service to Business Class or Premium Comfort Class. 

Take advantage of this offer and enjoy the comfort and enhanced benefits of Business Class and Premium Economy travel, such as:

  • Priority boarding and security clearance
  • Access to Business Lounge at the airport
  • Most international planes have lie-flat beds.
  • A variety of opulent amenities, such as fine wines, liquor, and food.

Here are following important points to consider for Last Minute upgrade – 

  • Last-minute upgrades are contingent upon inventory.
  • Prices depends on each specific flight segment.
  • All applicable taxes are included in the cost of the last-minute upgrade service.
  • Prices are only communicated to the passenger during the check-in.
  • The cost of the last-minute upgrade depends on the flight segment for which it is chosen.
  • The last minute upgrade is not eligible for –
    • Codeshare or interline agreement flights.
    • Booking with multiple passengers where one passenger does not want to request a flight upgrade.
    • Passengers who booked Basic economy fare.

How to request a last-minute upgrade?

You can complete your Last-Minute Upgrade request:

  • Call the airlines at least 24 hours before departure.
  • Or, simply check-in at the airport at least 3 hours before the scheduled departure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – KLM Seat Upgrade

How many KLM miles to upgrade to business class?

Generally you need to accumulate at least 25000 miles to request an upgrade to KLM Business Class for all flights outside the Netherlands. The miles vary with the travel route and the class of service booked.

Can I upgrade KLM flights with Delta Miles?

Yes. Flying with KLM allows Delta SkyMiles members to accrue and use miles. Members of the Medallion programme receive privileges like access to lounges, priority boarding and other preferential services.

How much to upgrade on KLM flight?

The airline charges a fee of 200 USD per passenger as a change fee. If upgrading with cash, passengers are required to pay any applicable fare difference.

How to get an upgrade on KLM?

When booking your flight online, you can upgrade to Business Class or Premium Comfort Class. You can also request KLM seat upgrade at the airport’s self-service kiosk once you’ve checked in.

Can I upgrade my KLM flight?

Yes. KLM offers passengers the option of a paid upgrade from Economy Class or Premium Comfort Class to premium class for part of their trip at an online check-in no earlier than 30 hours before departure or at one of the airport kiosks.

How do I upgrade to Business Class on KLM?

When booking your flight online, you can upgrade to Business Class or Premium Comfort Class. Even after checking in, you can upgrade to Business Class or Premium Comfort Class at the self-service kiosk in the airport.

You can get a last-minute upgrade offer at or after check-in. It should be noted that last-minute upgrades are only available for a single flight, not for your entire reservation.

Is Economy Comfort on KLM worth it?

Economy Comfort seats are up front, you’ll be among the first passengers to board the flight.  Other features include:
Legroom is 5 cm more spacious than a regular seat.
4-5 cm deeper reclining than a regular seat
Be among the first travelers in economy class to board the flight.
Most aircrafts have in-seat power.

Can I pay to upgrade on KLM?

Yes. Paid upgrade option is available no earlier than 30 hours prior to the scheduled departure.

Does KLM offer Premium Economy seats?

As of right now, KLM is the newest airline to have a premium economy cabin.

What is KLM’s premium comfort?

Your seat in Premium Comfort Class will be in a peaceful cabin of just 21 to 28 seats that is completely segregated from Economy Class and Business Class. Your seat’s features include:
Up to 17 cm extra legroom than a typical Economy Class seat
Recline by up to 20 cm
Adjustable foot and leg rests
In-seat power
13 inch personal entertainment system


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