Aeromexico is one of the most famous airlines in Mexico City, it offers its services for many different routes and destinations. Passengers enjoy best-in-class facilities and services with Aeromexico Airlines. So, if a passenger/customer has booked a flight with Aeromexico and wishes to change his/her flight due to some unavoidable circumstances then, he/she need not worry as Aeromexico Airlines have a dedicated flight change policy for their customers/passengers.

Aeromexico Flight Change Policy
aeromexico flight change policy

Through the Aeromexico change flight policy, passengers can easily avail of the flight change services without much hassle. But a passenger should have pre-knowledge of the chosen airline’s flight change policy and all its aspects for a smooth process.

How to Change My Flight with Aeromexico?

Do you have the question “How to change my flight with Aeromexico?” in your mind? No worries, Aeromexico takes care of its/customers well and they provide both online as well as the offline method for the amendments and changes in the flight reservation.

A passenger may choose any of the methods depending on his/her convenience and preference. Aeromexico provides the option to manage your bookings through both of the methods (online and offline) which comprise a flight change, or flight cancellation on Aeromexico.

Passengers are provided with dedicated staff members and representatives who guide and assist in the process of the flight change or any other booking-related query.

Aeromexico Change Flight Online:

Passengers can enjoy this most convenient and easy method for booking flights with Aeromexico Airlines. The Aeromexico change flight online method provides two options for the changes and amendments in the flight reservation, passenger can choose the official website or the mobile app of Aeromexico for raising a change/amendment request.

The process is really easy and convenient, everything is just a few clicks away. You can enjoy online services and facilities while sitting in your home.

The official website and mobile app of Aeromexico, both offer a user-oriented experience and each & every functionality is easy to use and understand for any age-group person.

Steps for Aeromexico online flight change:

Read below and follow the steps for online changes and amendments in the flight reservation with Aeromexico Airlines.

  1. Visit the official website of Aeromexico Airlines.
  2. Now, find the option of “Manage Trip” and click on it.
  3. Enter the confirmation code and the last name of the ticked passenger in the provided space.
  4. Now, find and click on the option of “Find Trip”.
  5. View your reservation and make the selection for the flight you wish to change.
  6. Now, select the new date of the travel and find new flights accordingly.
  7. From the available options, choose the best suitable and convenient flight for yourself.
  8. After all the above steps/processes, make an online payment for the change fee/penalty(if applicable) and the fare difference between the flights(if any).
  9. In the end, always remember to get the confirmation of the new flight reservation over the mail or phone.

Aeromexico changes flight Offline:

Many of us, still prefer the old traditional offline methods over the modern online methods for ticket booking and management with any airline.

Aeromexico takes care of its every passenger/customer. Thus, it also provides offline ticket booking and management facilities to its passengers/customers.

Passengers can either choose to visit the Aeromexico booking center/kiosk located at the nearest airport or call on the Aeromexico reservation department number the request changes and amendments to the flight reservation. The staff members of Aeromexico will always be ready to help and assist you in resolving your queries.

Aeromexico Same-Day Flight Change:

Aeromexico also provides the same-day flight change service to its passengers/customers, you can avail and enjoy the benefit of flight changes/amendments on the original travel date as per your reservation.

But this service is only open until one hour before the originally scheduled flight departure. So, remember to make all the changes and amendments to the flight reservation at least one hour before the originally scheduled flight departure. 

This service of same-day flight change is not applicable for any of the long-hauled flights with Aeromexico.

The newly selected flight by you should be on the same routes and between the same airports as per the original flight reservation.

For those passengers who have already checked in through any method(online, offline, mobile app), the option of choosing an earlier flight is not available.

Passengers/customers will have to pay the change fee/penalty and the fare difference between the flights(if any) as per the terms and conditions of the purchased fare. 

Aeromexico Change Flight Fee:

If you wish to make changes and amendments to your flight reservation with Aeromexico then, you must seek pre-knowledge of the Aeromexico change flight fee and penalties which will give you an idea of the expense for availing of the flight change service.

Read below to find the flight change fee of Aeromexico for different fares.

  • For Basic fare: No Fee
  • For Classic fare: Cost up to USD 300
  • For AM+ fare: Cost up to $300 USD
  • For Comfort fare: Cost up to $300 USD
  • For Flexible fare: No Fee
  • For Premier fare: No Fee

For more information regarding the Aeromexico flight change fee, visit the official website of the airline or call on the Aeromexico airline’s reservation department number.

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  1. Jean Mascarenhas on Reply

    It is quite unbearable to have to wait twice in a day for 2 hours to get an answer. The recording just goes on saying “an agent will be with you in a moment”. Two hours is not really A Moment. I am sure you are aware of this. I have already given a review of your airline earlier, and have the same impression even now. Have not been able to get anyone on the phone for the past two days. I have you can get answer phones more frequently, otherwise change the recording and let us know how many hours we have to hold on to get an agent on the phone

  2. Maria Alejandra Dávila Garza on Reply

    I made a reservation from Mexico City to San Antonio Texas in flight number 632 leaving on March 31 and returning on April 2 on Aeroméxico in flight number 633 staying two nights at the Doubletree by Hilton San Antonio Airport in San Antonio, Texas USA.

    My request is to change the trip to the month of October departing on October 6 to October 8 and staying at the Doubletree by Hilton San Antonio Airport in San Antonio, Texas USA.

    Can you help to make this change?

  3. Maria Alejandra Dávila Garza on Reply

    I had to change the dates due to the Coronavirus Emergency Policy of the United States. I need to buy some medicines in the USA that are not made in my country.

  4. Andrew Black on Reply

    My wife had booked a flight ticket with the airlines. However, she did not feel well to travel and decided to change the travel dates. That’s when she informed everything to the representative who assisted her by briefing her about the Aeromexico flight change policy. Though we had to pay certain charges it was not a hefty amount.

  5. Jessica Diaz on Reply

    The Aeromexico flight change policy was simple to grasp. My uncle was able to change his flight to remain with us for an extended period of time thanks to the policy.

  6. David Butler on Reply

    Why have I been charged £1,118.00 GBP to change a flight time from Cabo san Lucas to Mex on febuary 12th 2024??—booking ref LCIONG,its a Premier ticket.
    Read below to find the flight change fee of Aeromexico for different fares.

    For Basic fare: No Fee
    For Classic fare: Cost up to USD 300
    For AM+ fare: Cost up to $300 USD
    For Comfort fare: Cost up to $300 USD
    For Flexible fare: No Fee
    For Premier fare: No Fee

    David Butler

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