For passengers with disabilities or special needs, air travel could be an uphill task. In the wake of this, the Aeromexico special assistance team offers services including wheelchair service, elderly assistance, and unaccompanied minor services, to ensure a comfortable, hassle-free, and accessible travel experience.

Aeromexico special assistance services

What special assistance services does Aeromexico offer?

Aeromexico special assistance services are tailored to the specific needs of the passengers. The airlines offer special assistance in case of disability or a specific condition.

Aeromexico wheelchair assistance

We’ve outlined all the essential information to guide you through the Aeromexico wheelchair assistance service –

Wheelchair assistance at the airport – The airline offers wheelchair assistance at the airport. You can request the wheelchair by navigating through the Trip Summary page. 

Before you arrive at the airport, it is recommended to fill out the Aeromexico Mobility Device Handling Form.

Aeromexico Wheelchair assistance on board – On Embraer 190 and Boeing 737/767/777 planes, two wheelchair types are provided – for seat-to-seat and seat-to-lavatory transport. The wheelchairs would be assisted by flight attendants without lifting for safety.

At the time of check-in – During the Aeromexico check-in process, you have the option to check in your mobility aid along with your luggage or at the boarding gate. If your electric mobility aid requires disassembly, kindly do so during check-in to facilitate its proper handling.

Wheelchair accessories – For accessories like seat cushions and footrests that are removable from your mobility aid, these can be brought on board or checked in with the wheelchair. To know more, refer to Aeromexico Airlines baggage policy. 

Transporting batteries – Mobility aids with non-spillable wet batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, or lead-acid batteries can be vertically stored in the aircraft’s baggage compartment without battery removal.

Aeromexico Special Assitance for elderly passengers

Here’s how Aeromexico special assistance team assists elderly passengers – 

Priority boarding – Under the Aeromexico Airlines elderly assistance services, senior citizens would be offered priority boarding as well as baggage service. 

Special seating – Aeromexico is sensitive to the eating preferences of elderly passengers, helping them find seats that best suit their comfort and mobility needs.

Onboard assistance – Elderly passengers would be provided help with meal service, and providing blankets.

Mobility aid support – For elderly passengers requiring Aeromexico wheelchair assistance or walking assistance, necessary support would be provided. 

Connecting flight assistance – For passengers with connecting flights, the airline’s staff is available to guide them through the check-in and baggage process, ensuring they reach their next flight comfortably and on time.

Onboard oxygen services on Aeromexico flights

Here’s all you need to know about the Therapeutic Oxygen Services offered by Aeromexico – 

Transportation fee – Aeromexico charges 65 USD plus tax. You can access Aeromexico’s Therapeutic Oxygen Service. Please note that this fee is non-refundable unless the service is canceled at least 48 hours before departure.

Eligibility – This service is available exclusively for flights operated by Aeromexico that have a duration of under 3.5 hours.

How to book – You need to call Aeromexico Customer Care to submit your request. You may be asked to provide the flight date and passenger’s name. The service requests are processed from Monday to Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

Request timeline – For domestic flights, bookings must be made at least 72 hours ahead, while international flights require bookings at least 96 hours before departure. 

Traveling with assistance – Passengers using the Therapeutic Oxygen Service must travel with a companion aged 18 or above who can assist them in managing oxygen.

Non-stop/direct flights – Therapeutic Oxygen Service is provided exclusively on nonstop flights and is not available during connection flights.

Medical information form – Complete Aeromexico’s medical information form at least 20 days before departure. This form should be submitted through the provided link or faxed to (0155) 1164 – 8510.

Oxygen service at the airport – Please note that Aeromexico does not provide therapeutic oxygen service on the ground at airport facilities.

Carrying your own oxygen tank – If you plan to carry your own oxygen tank, it must be completely empty or at a pressure of 40 PSI before being checked as baggage. It cannot be taken as carry-on baggage. 

Here is the list of aero oxygen concentrator equipment that will be accepted for in-flight use.

What are the other special assistance services by Aeromexico?

There are numerous other special assistance services that Aeromexico offers to cater specific needs of passengers including assistance for pregnant passengers, unaccompanied minors, and more.

Aeromexico stretcher services for passengers

Here’s everything you need to know –

Requesting medical assistance – To access the Aeromexico medical services, kindly complete this form. 

  • Additionally, a medical information form, signed by your treating physician, needs to be submitted within 10 days prior to your flight departure. 
  • This can be done via the link provided at least 72 hours before domestic flights and 96 hours before international flights.

Service fee – The cost of the medical services is equivalent to the booking of 9 Economy Class seats. You also need to pay for flights required by the physician and travel companion.

Check-in – It is recommended to check in at least two hours before domestic flight departures and three hours before international flights.

Companion service – Passengers availing medical services should be accompanied by either a family member or their attending physician throughout the flight.

Carrying medical supplies – Treating physicians are allowed to carry a supply of syringes and needles required for the patient during the flight’s duration.

Ground stretcher service – Please note that the airline does not offer ground stretcher services within airport premises. If you require this service within the terminal, arrangements must be made independently. If ambulance access is needed, coordination with airport authorities is recommended.

Aeromexico assistance for serious illnesses

Passengers with serious illnesses can carry mobility aids. You are allowed to bring one folding wheelchair, one pair of crutches, or any necessary orthopedic devices required for your mobility.

  • Assistance time – The airline’s dedicated team is available to assist you from Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.
  • Booking timeline – You need to request for travel authorization at least 72 hours in advance (considering business days) before your flight date. 

Aeromexico Unaccompanied minor special assistance

Aeromexico offers a designated UM check-in counter at the airport to facilitate a seamless start to the journey. Besides –

Dedicated ground support – In the event of connecting flights, Aeromexico representatives will ensure a smooth transition between flights, guiding the child to the appropriate gates. 

Booking Aeromexico Airlines unaccompanied minor service needs to be booked 48 hours before scheduled departure. 

Guidelines – Passengers must be aware of certain conditions – 

  • Unaccompanied minors must be between 5 and 17 years of age.
  • Parents or guardians should be present at the origin airport at least 3 hours before the flight’s scheduled departure.
  • Parents/guardians must stay at the airport for 15 minutes after takeoff.
  • The individual accompanying the minor and the person picking them up from the airport must have valid identification.
  • AM Plus seats would not be available for unaccompanied minors.
  • On connecting flights, unaccompanied minors are not permitted to travel on the last flight of the day.  The rule doesn’t apply when the said flight is only a flight for the day.

Aeromexico special assistance for pregnant passenger

Here’s everything you need to know more about traveling during pregnancy – 

Travel requirements during weeks 1 to 32 – If you are between weeks 1 and 32 and have no pregnancy-related complications, you can travel without the need for a medical certificate.

Traveling between weeks 33 and up – For passengers who have entered the 33rd week of pregnancy and beyond, they need to  – 

  • Upload the medical certificate using the provided link.
  • Ensure the certificate is uploaded 48 hours before your scheduled flight departure

Guidelines – When obtaining a medical certificate for travel

  • The certificate should be issued no more than 5 days before your scheduled flight departure.
  • The certificate must state that you are fit for air travel.

What is the Aeromexico Airlines Emergency Assistance Plus program?

The key features of Aeromexico Airlines emergency assistance plus include – 

  • Emergency medical evacuation and transportation were provided to the passengers.
  • Free medical consultation.
  • Assistance with lost documents, including passport and travel document
  • Coordination of travel arrangements for stranded passengers due to flight cancellations or delays.
  • Assistance with Aeromexico flight cancellations and other issues related to rebooking. 
  • 24/7 round-the-clock assistance.
  • Passengers can opt to enroll in the Aeromexico Airlines Emergency Assistance Plus program during the booking process or up to 48 hours before their trip.

Which Aeromexico special assistance requires advance requests?

The following services must be requested at least 48 hours in advance – 

  • Supplementary oxygen if supplied by Aeromexico or carrying a portable aero oxygen concentrator.
  • Gurneys
  • Incubator
  • Crib
  • Checking in a dry battery-operated wheelchair
  • Traveling with a group of ten or more passengers with disabilities.

Services on demand – The following service are not mandatory to be requested in advance but if booked in advance it ensures a seamless travel – 

  • Aeromexico wheelchair assistance
  • Traveling with pets or trained service animals

Services that require medical certificates

A medical certificate might be necessary for the following services  –

  • Require onboard medical oxygen
  • Have a contagious infection or disease.
  • Suffer from a health problem that might affect the flight’s completion.
  • Have brain damage. Accompanied travel may be required.
  • Are in a coma. They must be accompanied by a relative or assistant.
  • Have terminal disease. They must be joined by a relative or accompanied assistant. 
  • Have epilepsy.

What are the required documents for Aeromexico special assistance?

When a passenger needs special assistance on an Aeromexico flight, here are the following documents that may be required by the passenger with a disability or special services. You need to submit the following documents to the Aeromexico special assistance service team – 

  • a medical certificate
  • disability identification
  • vaccination records, 
  • Service animal documentation. (If you’re traveling with a pet).

It’s important to remember that passengers must request for special assistance services at least 24 hours before scheduled departure, and is subject to availability. This way the airlines can make the necessary arrangements. 

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What is Aeromexico special assistance service?

Special assistance service refers to the support or help provided by Aeromexico to passengers with special needs, such as disabilities, medical conditions, or mobility issues.

How to request Aeromexico special assistance?

You can request special assistance using the following number – 1-800-237-6639.

Who is eligible for special assistance services on Aeromexico flights?

Any passenger who requires special assistance due to a medical condition or disability is eligible for special assistance services on Aeromexico flights.

What types of special assistance services does Aeromexico offer?

Aeromexico offers a range of special assistance services, including Aeromexico wheelchair assistance, assistance with medical devices, oxygen supply, and special meals.

What documents are required for special assistance services on Aeromexico flights?

Examples of documents that may be required include a medical certificate, disability identification, vaccination records, and service animal documentation.

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