Founded in 1996, Westjet airline is a Canadian airline that Initially started as a low-cost airline as a replacement for all the high-priced airlines but today, the airline stands as one of the most powerful and preferred airlines. The airline functions domestically as well as internationally and has a wide array of customers opting for it due to its exceptional service and ultra-flexible rules. If you are someone who is uncertain of their plans, well, this is the Perfect airline, Westjet change flight can be done in an easy method without any hassle. If you want to have more information about the Westjet change flight policy make sure to go through the guide. 

Westjet Flight Change Policy 

Westjet has an easy way to make any change in the flight details, however, in the time of COVID-19, they have further made the process easier by working on their changing process. The best way to change the flight tickets is online, whether the passenger has booked it via the web or grabbed it from the airport. Westjet airline same-day change in the flight can be done instantly without having to go through the long and tedious traditional processes. Westjet change flight policies are specially crafted to provide its passengers with the liberty to make the changes hassle-free. The passengers can now make any relevant changes just by paying the difference in the flight fee. However, Westjet change flight within 24 hours of booking remains mandatory if you want to enjoy the perks of free cancellation and changes in your flight. 

Westjet Change Fee Policy 

A passenger has the liberty to make modifications and changes to the date, time, meal and flights but the only condition is to do it within 24 hours if they do not wish to be imposed with any additional fee. If you want to make a Westjet same day change you will have to pay a small amount of money which is “60 days or less” of the flight, however, if you have booked a ticket in the business class, you would not be charged with any fee. The cost to change Westjet flights depends on the ticket that has been booked and your fare type. Westjet change flight within 24 hours would be absolutely free regardless of the fare type one has chosen. 

If you have an existing booking with Iceland airlines, you can simply change it without any penalty but the passenger might have to pay the fare difference between the dates. 

Westjet Flight Changes Online

When it comes to Westjet change flight policy, the passengers are lucky as the process is just a piece of cake and can be done by anyone in the blink of an eye. If you want to make a Westjet change in travel dates online, follow these simple steps to get your work done. 

1. Make sure to visit the official website of Iceland air and put the relevant booking details.

 2. Now you will get to see the option of “Manage Trips”

3. Give the details of your booking so that your flight can be fetched

4. Now that you have selected the individual flight, press the corresponding button to make your desired changes. 

5. Voila! Your flight details are changed, a sum of money might have to be paid depending on the date, fare etc. 

Westjet Change Travel Dates 

The passenger can change the dates of his travel as per his desire. If you want to push off the date, you can visit the website of the airline and do so. If you have booked the ticket via a third party, such as agents, it is highly advisable to contact them directly and request to make the changes. Westjet date change fee varies as per your fare type. 

Make sure that the flight is functioning on the day and the time that you wish to travel at your convenience. You can even change your date directly via an app meant specifically for your mobile phones with a tap. 

Westjet Change Name on Ticket 

There are too many perks that make Westjet airline as famous as it is, the passengers can now change their name on the flight ticket up to 2 hours before their departure. A name change can be done on all fares except for the basic ones. A Westjet name change fee would be applicable on your fare ticket which might be something like- 

 Travel within Canada- 

  • Economy- 100-118 CAD
  • Economy Flex- 100-118 CAD
  • Premium- 100-118 CAD
  • Business- 100-118 CAD

Travel from Canada to anywhere (Except Europe)- 

  • Economy- 100-118 CAD
  • Economy Flex- 100-118 CAD
  • Premium- 100-118 CAD
  • Business- 100-118 CAD

Travel From Canada to Europe- 

  • Economy- 150-177 CAD
  • Economy Flex- 150-177 CAD
  • Premium-150-177 CAD
  • Business- 150-177 CAD

However, if you wish to sell the ticket by entirely changing the identity, you can do so. Although It is highly advisable to cross-check your name before finally booking your ticket if you wish to save on the extra bucks. 

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Westjet Flight Change Policy 

Q. Does Westjet have a baggage policy? 

Yes, Westjet baggage policy comes like any other airline’s baggage policy and there’s a limit of carrying luggage. The baggage can be of 157 total centimetres or 62 total inches and not weighing more than 23 kilograms or 50 pounds. 

Q. Can I change the name on my Westjet flight booking? 

A. Yes, you can change the name entirely and sell it to another person if the need is, you can change your misspelt name as well. You have to pay the Westjet name change fee to do so.

Q. Can I change my flight date to Westjet? 

A. Yes, you can change your flight date without paying the Westjet change flight fee. Although a small sum of money will be levied as the difference from the date you had booked the date which you will be booking. 

Q. What can I do if Westjet airlines cancel the flight? 

A. There’s no need to panic if your flight gets cancelled. The passengers will get a  full refund and instant access to the next flight booking close to the date of departure. 

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    Wayne and Mary Turpel Res Code UZRGXZ
    Our original return flight was cancelled by West Jet.
    They have assigned us a different flight but it is not direct.
    I have found a direct flight for the same day as our original flight.
    The return flight we want is WE 778 from Victoria BC direct to Toronto.
    We need help to change to the new flight. I have been on hold several times
    Please contact us. 519-669-8261

    Thank you
    Wayne and Mary Turpel

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