With Volaris pet policy passengers can travel with their pets on board or as checked baggage allowance, but there are certains, guidelines, and requirements to adhere to.

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To travel with a hitch, please go through the pet travel regulations, guidelines, and requirements to familiarize yourself with domestic or international pet travel restrictions.

General conditions under the Volaris pet travel policy

Volaris pet travel policy

As per the Volaris pet policy, pets are allowed in the passenger cabin provided that the combined weight of the container and the animal does not exceed 10 kg. In addition – 

  • If the container and the pet are heavier than 10 kg, it must be documented for shipment in the Volaris pet cargo hold on the same flight as the passenger.
  • Pets may be brought on board an aircraft in the cargo hold as long as the combined weight of the container and the animal does not exceed 45 kg.
  • The airline allows cats and dogs to be traveled as pets.
  • The airline do not accept pets under 4 months of age. Any pet who has a medical condition, or requires nursing, violent, and pregnant females are also not permitted. 
  • The aircraft allows only 4 pets that can be transported per flight. One pet is allowed per passenger under Volaris pet in cabin program. 
  • Pets that are under anesthesia or who lack a valid health certificate, immunization certificate, or other required documentation will not be allowed.
  • Pets with unpleasant odors or that need to be scrubbed will not be allowed.
  • Pets must always be secured by a collar, leash, or harness.
  • Animals that pose a threat to the crew or passengers due to their nature or behavior will not be allowed in the passenger cabin.

Volaris pet travel requirements

Volaris pet carrier requirements

Under the Volaris pet policy, you must adhere to the following documentation and size/requirements of the pet cabin.

Documentation for traveling with pets

You must bring both your original vaccination card and one duplicate copy of it. Every pet must be vaccinated against rabies at least 30 days before the scheduled departure. In addition – 

  • Pets must have a record of their initial and subsequent anti-rabies vaccinations if they are above 15 months old. 
  • The application of the vaccine and/or its reinforcement must be recorded at least a year before the scheduled departure date on the immunization card.
  • Current anti-parasitic that is no older than 6 months until the date of the return flight. 
  • A licensed veterinarian must issue the vaccination certificate on paper with a letterhead and include the date, and the license number. 
  • The Health Certificate, which certifies that your pet has been examined and is clinically healthy. The validity of the certificate must be complied with the arrival flight, if the passenger is flying roundtrip. 
  • A signed pet transportation form provided at the check-in time of Volaris Airlines
  • If flying to and from Mexico and Central America, an original and a copy of the zoosanitary certificate is required. 
  • If flying to and from the USA, the health certificate of the pet is not necessary

Volaris pet in cabin requirement

The Volaris approved pet carrier as carry on baggage must met the following requirements – 

  • Pet must be fully enclosed, in a Volaris approved pet carrier container. The dimension must be within 44 cm x 30 cm x 19 cm (17.5 x 12 x 7.5 inches).
  • Inside the cage or container, the pet must be able to stand and walk around.
  • If the animal is a dog, the cage must be firm as long as it meets with the guidelines and specifications listed above. For cats the cage/kennel must be robust. 
  • The cage should go beneath the seat.
  • For any reason, your pet is not permitted to leave its cage throughout the journey.
  • If the transported pet is a cat, the passenger and his pet should fly in the last row of the flight in a window seat. 

Requirement for pet travel as checked baggage

The approved cabin or kennel required for pet to travel as a checked item must met the following requirements – 

  • The combined weight of the pet and the cage should not exceed 45 kg.
  • The cage needs to have a sturdy framework.
  • It must be impermeable, have good ventilation on all four sides, and be devoid of anything that could endanger the animal.
  • Must be anti-leak seal and scratch resistant.
  • To lift it, handles are necessary.
  • A fee for oversize must be paid in addition to the Volaris pet travel fee if the cage measures in excess of 158 linear cm.
  • The cage should allow the animal to freely rotate around its own axis.
  • The cage must include an odor neutralizer. It must be marked with the passenger’s contact information for pet’s identification. It can be filled with hygienic stones or an absorbent material.
  • Containers must prevent spillage, and the cage must include absorbent material.

Volaris pet travel requirement for the emotional support animals

volaris airlines pet travel fees

As per the Volaris pet travel policy, the airline do not charge for emotional support animal, and is available for the following routes – 

  • Within Mexico
  • Mexico to Central America, and vice-versa
  • Within Central America
  • Within South America
  • Central America to South America, and vice-versa

Check out the Volaris travel with pet requirements below if you want to bring an emotional support dog or cat onboard. The animal may instead fly as a checked pet for an extra fee if it does not match one of the following requirements – 

  • A statement from a mental health professional, licensed clinical social worker, psychiatrist, or psychologist, must be submitted.
  • It must be recent, having been issued within a year of the departure date.
  • It must state that the person is receiving medical attention from a professional and needs the animal to fly with them.
  • It must be printed with the expert professional license number on letterhead paper.
  • You can transport your ESA in a carrier, on a leash, or in a harness. The animal can only be up to 26 pounds in weight, as per Volaris dog policy.

Under the Volaris pet policy emotional support program –

  • Cats must only travel in strong carriers; Volaris dog travel must include fabric or firm carriers.
  • The animal’s and the carrier’s combined weight must be within 26 lbs.
  • Service dogs may leave the carrier, and are not allowed to exit during takeoff and landing.

Volaris pet fee for travel 

Volaris pet fee for travel 

As per the Volaris Airlines pet policy, the pet travel cost varies with the domestic and international travel. Below listed is the Volaris pet fee for flights within Mexico. 

Volaris pet fee for domestic travel

Pet travelOnline Booking [in USD]At the airport [in USD]
Pet on board6075
Pet as checked baggage100135

Volaris pet fee for international travel

Pet travelOnline Booking [in USD]At the airport [in USD]
Pet on board100125
Pet as checked baggage200225

Volaris pet cost is not applicable for service animals provided they meet the specific condition of service, being the passenger responsible for looking after them. 

Inevitably, there are still questions. Although these regulations make the general rules quite clear, there will always be “what-if” or gray-area scenarios. Be informed going in to reduce any unexpected surprises.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How to add pets to Volaris flights?

You can add the pet travel to your reservation while making flight reservations using the Volaris airlines website or mobile app, or later at airport check-in counters.

Do Volaris airlines allow pets?

Yes, on Volaris flights, your pets are allowed in the passenger cabin as long as the combined weight of the kennel and the animal does not exceed 10 kg.

While traveling with a pet, how do I prepare for the flight?

Give your pet food and drink at least four hours before departure. Give your pet time to adjust to the cage days before you are scheduled to travel to help your pet travel more peacefully. Place a familiar toy or an item in the cage. Put sanitary stones or absorbent substances in the cage.

How much time before should I arrive at the airport?

As per the Volaris pet policy, you must arrive at the airport at least two hours prior to your flight’s departure for domestic flights, and at least three hours prior for international flights.

How much does Volaris charge for pets?

Volaris pet travel fee varies for international and domestic flights. You will also pay less if you pay the pet travel cost online rather than at the airport. Refer to the aforementioned ‘Volaris Pet Fee’ section.

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