Ethiopian Airlines seat upgrade

Ethiopian Airlines seat upgrade program offers a range of options for passengers looking to upgrade their class and experience enhanced amenities, comfort, and privileges. Passengers can redeem miles for an upgrade, bid for an upgrade, and other options, either online or at the airport.

Ethiopian Airlines seat upgrade

What are the options to get Ethiopian Airlines seat upgrade?

Ethiopian Airlines offers several methods for passengers to upgrade from Economy to Cloud Nine Business Class –

  • Online paid upgrade – Passengers can request an Ethiopian Airlines upgrade to Cloud Nine online through their official website or through the mobile app. Simply log in to the booking using their reservation details and explore available upgrade options.
  • Airport counter – Passengers who prefer customized travel can visit the Ethiopian Airlines airport counter. The airline representatives can assist with upgrade requests, check availability, and process payments.
  • ShebaMiles upgrade – Ethiopian Airlines offers its loyalty program members, ShebaMiles. This way passengers can request Ethiopian Airlines upgrade using miles. Passengers accumulate ShebaMiles through frequent travel and can use these miles to upgrade their class.
  • Ethiopian Airlines bid for upgrade – They may invite passengers who are holding Economy class tickets to bid for an upgrade to Business class. They just need to place their bids, indicating the amount they are willing to pay for the upgrade.

How does the Ethiopian Airlines bid upgrade work?

Ethiopian Airlines bid upgrade
  • You determine the amount you’re willing to pay in addition to the original ticket cost for the Ethiopian Airlines business class upgrade
  • Your card details would be saved by the airlines, but it won’t be charged at this stage.
  • The higher your bid, the greater the chances of securing an Ethiopian Airlines upgrade bid.

Step for Ethiopian Airlines bid upgrade

You may receive an email invitation 7 days before your trip’s departure. Click on the given link, and it will redirect you to the Ethiopian Airline’s website, where you can make an offer to upgrade your flight segment. – 

  • Choose the specific flight sector you’d like to upgrade.
  • Use the user-friendly slider to indicate your offer amount
  • Fill in your contact details.
  • Enter your payment information.
  • Review all the information you’ve entered.
  • Hit the “Submit” button.

Please Note – Keep your email confirmation handy, it contains all the details of your upgrade offer.

Benefit of Ethiopian Airlines bid upgrade

If you need to request Ethiopian Airlines flight change to a Business class fare for all segments of your trip today, you would be required to pay the fare difference which may cost you a fortune. But if you opt for a bid upgrade, you are required to pay nominal charges which could be not even 10% of your original Economy Class fare.

Please Note: The fare conditions of your original ticket remain unchanged, including the cancellation policy, and earned frequent flyer miles.

Why do Ethiopian Airlines offer upgrades?

From time to time, Ethiopian Airlines experience unsold seats in the Business Class. Rather than letting them go vacated, the airline offers an exclusive offer to our Economy class passengers. This opportunity allows you to bid for an upgrade to a premium seat, ensuring that you have a chance to enjoy the perks of our Business class at nominal charges. 

What is the Ethiopian Airlines CloudNine Upgrade?

Cloud Nine in other words is the Business Class cabin on the Ethiopian Airlines flight. If you are selected for an upgrade, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy the following benefits for your upgraded flight sector –

  • Business Class Check-In
  • Lounge Access (where available)
  • Priority Boarding
  • A Luxurious Seat in Our Business Class Cabin
  • Award-Winning Business Class Service
  • Priority Baggage Handling

Please noteEthiopian Airlines pet travel service is restricted for cloud nine service class passengers. 

Eligibility criteria for Cloud Nine upgrade

Here’s all the information you need to know –

  • You must have a confirmed ticket to be eligible for an Ethiopian Airlines Cloud Nine upgrade
  • Upgrades are available for the flights operated by Ethiopian Airlines.
  • If your flight is operated by a different airline, upgrade offers may not be applicable.
  • If you’re traveling with an infant, there are certain restrictions on Ethiopian Airlines upgrading to cloud nine.
  • Your ticket should be issued on ET Stock, and must be issued by a ticket number with a 071
  • Ethiopian Airlines group bookings with eight or more passengers may also have restrictions. 

Available destinations for Ethiopian Airlines Cloud Nine upgrade

The following are list of destinations/airports that are eligible for Ethiopian Airlines Cloud Nine upgrade

Addis AbabaDubai
Addis AbabaCairo
Addis AbabaParis De Gaulle
Addis AbabaCape Town
Addis AbabaDublin
Addis AbabaFrankfurt
Addis AbabaLondon Heathrow
Addis AbabaKuala Lumpur
Addis AbabaHong Kong
Addis AbabaSeoul
Addis AbabaShanghai
Addis AbabaSao Paulo
Addis AbabaNairobi
Addis AbabaToronto
Addis AbabaLos Angeles
Addis AbabaMadrid
Addis AbabaDammam
Addis AbabaDoha
Addis AbabaKuwait
Addis AbabaMuscat
Addis AbabaMumbai
Addis AbabaStockholm
Addis AbabaMilan

How does Ethiopian Airlines upgrade work for ShebaMiles members?

Here’s in and out of ShebaMiles upgrade

Domestic flight restriction – Ethiopian Airlines miles upgrade service is not available for flights within Ethiopia. 

Validity – Flight booking made with Ethiopian Airlines upgrade miles remains valid for 12 months from the date of issuance.

Codeshare – Upgrade with miles would not be applicable on codeshare flights.

Applicable – Ethiopian Airlines business class upgrade with miles are applicable for one-way flight/each direction. 

Exclusion – Upgrade Awards are not available for flights booked with award tickets.

Mileage accumulation – When you request Cloud Nine upgrade using ShebaMiles upgrade award, your mileage accrual is based on the booking class booked on the Economy Class cabin.

Baggage allowance – When connecting flights operated by other airlines, the upgraded class’s luggage allowance may not apply. To know more, refer to the Ethiopian Airlines baggage policy. 

Ethiopian Airlines business class upgrade– Date changes for ShebaMiles upgrade awards are allowed for a nominal fee of USD 5.00 per flight. This is in addition to the upgrade cost and any applicable fare difference. 

Special privileges for ShebaMiles members – When requesting an Ethiopian Airlines upgrade at the airport with ShebaMiles, certain special privileges will apply – 

Membership TierFree Re-bookings Before TripFree Re-bookings After Trip
Silver1Not applicable
Gold2Not applicable

ShebaMile upgrade award calculator

Ethiopian Airlines ShebaMile upgrade award calculator

The calculator on the ShebaMiles upgrade award calculator provides you with information on the exact miles required for an Ethiopian Airlines upgrade.

How to get Ethiopian Airlines seat upgrade at the airport?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you make your Ethiopian Airlines upgrade at airport –

  • Arrive at the airport 3 hours before flight departure.
  • Find the Ethiopian Airlines check-in counter at the airport.
  • Approach the airline counter with your travel documents, including your passport, ticket, and any other required identification.
  • Request the airline representative at the counter that you are interested in upgrading Ethiopian Airlines Seat.
  • If an upgrade is available, the airline representative will provide you with the details and the applicable Ethiopian Airlines business class upgrade price.
  • After payment is processed, you will be assigned a seat in the upgraded class.
  • You will receive a new boarding pass reflecting your upgraded status.

Please Note – Consider joining the airline’s loyalty program, if applicable, as this can provide you with opportunities for complimentary or discounted upgrades. 

Ethiopian Airlines understands that every traveler has unique preferences when it comes to their in-flight experience. That’s why they offer a variety of methods for passengers to upgrade their class. So, the next time you fly with Ethiopian Airlines, consider the possibilities of upgrading your travel experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How to get a free upgrade on Ethiopian Airlines?

Join Ethiopian Airlines’ ShebaMiles loyalty program and accumulate miles through frequent travel. At times, the elite members are entitled to a complimentary upgrade.

How to upgrade on Ethiopian Airlines?

Log in to the Ethiopian Airlines website or mobile app, access your booking, and explore available upgrade options. Or, you can visit the airport on the day of departure to request an upgrade on your existing booking, subject to availability. 

How to upgrade to business class on Ethiopian Airlines?

Contact Ethiopian Airlines customer support at 000 800 100 7947, to check if your flight is eligible for upgrade or not. 

How much is the Ethiopian Airlines business class upgrade price?

The price to upgrade to Business class on Ethiopian Airlines varies depending on factors like the route, flight class, and availability. 

Can I upgrade seats after booking on Ethiopian Airlines?

Yes, you can upgrade your seat after booking on Ethiopian Airlines provided that the request must be completed up to 3 hours before departure.

Will you earn additional Business Class bonus miles for the ShebaMiles upgrade?

No, additional bonus miles are not granted for the upgrade, whether you’re a ShebaMiles member or a Frequent Flyer member of Partner Airlines within Star Alliance.


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