Manage Philippine Airlines Flight Booking

Philippine Airlines Manage Booking gives you an opportunity to add value to your flight booking through a number of features available online. With the manage booking section, you can – 

Manage Philippine Airlines Flight Booking
  • Change/cancel the flight.
  • Add or change the seat.
  • View, print, or email the itinerary.
  • Upgrade the flight booking.
  • Add extra legroom seats.
  • Add extra baggage.

In this article, we will cover all the aspects of the manage booking section, how you can avail of these, the service, the airline’s penalty, and much more.

Options Available in Philippine Airlines Manage My Booking Section

PAL manage booking is an online self-service tool that allows you to view and update your flight booking at your leisure. You can utilise the manage booking section with the following service – 

1. Flight Date and Time Changes

Sometimes our plan changes unexpectedly, and we have to alter our flights. With the manage flight section, you can change your departure time or date, or both. 

Before making the flight changes follow these terms and conditions for changing the flight – 

  • The Philippine Airlines website/mobile app or the airline’s call centre were used to purchase the original flight ticket.
  • The ticket is for a direct Philippine airline reservation, and that includes codeshare flights.
  • Use a credit/debit card to purchase the original flight ticket. Flight tickets purchased with reward miles, as well as any discounted fares, are not changeable through the manage booking section. 
  • No change to a flight ticket will be allowed at the time of purchasing the travel essentials and add-ons e.g., purchasing a seat, a suitcase, or a seat upgrade.
  • You can make online changes up to 2 hours before the scheduled departure. 
  • Passengers are not allowed to change the departure and/or origin points
  • The initial seating selection will be cancelled if you request to change the flight. For the new flight, new seats must be chosen.

2. Flight Ticket Cancellation

Philippine Airlines Flight Ticket Cancellation

With Philippine Airlines managing my booking section, passengers can cancel the flight and claim a refund online. Only if the reservation is done through the airline’s direct sales channel

Before requesting the cancellation, follow the terms and conditions as per the cancellation policy – 

  • Passengers have to purchase reservations/tickets through official website or global call centre. 
  • The airline will process the refund of the credit used at the time of flight purchase.
  • All flights originating to and from the United States and Canada can be cancelled for a full refund via the My Booking section within 24 hours of booking.
  • The Philippine Airlines booking must be purchased through the airline’s official website
  • If you cancel a non-refundable ticket, passengers will get a refund for the unused airport taxes and fees in the form of a travel credit. The credit can utilize within 12 months from the date of purchase. 
  • Passengers can make the flight cancellation up to 4 hours before departure for international flights, and 2 hours before departure for domestic flights. 
  • If the airline cancels the flight, passengers need to rebook the flight or utilise the travel voucher up to 12 months from the date of departure. 

3. Add Extra Baggage

You can now use our prepaid extra baggage service if you are planning to travel with more luggage. Passengers on some flights can purchase additional checked luggage capacity up to 24 hours before departure and save up to 10%. 

How does it work?

Philippine Airlines Extra Baggage

You can buy the extra baggage allowance through the Philippine Airlines My Booking section or through the airline’s customer service phone number.  If you have already purchased your flight ticket online, you can purchase your prepaid additional luggage up to 24 hours before your flight departure.

How do you know if your reservation is eligible for the extra baggage?

Passengers holding a confirmed Philippine Airlines reservation and travelling on the selected routes operated by the same airlines.  The online discount lies if you decide to purchase the baggage allowance up to 48 hours before the scheduled departure. 

Extra Baggage Charges

After you’ve purchased your flight ticket with the airlines, go to Philippine Airlines manage booking to verify your ticket entitlement and the cost of your prepaid baggage. The cost of excess luggage is determined at the time of purchase and the flight duration. The extra baggage fee varies with domestic and international travel. The baggage allowance can measure in the following ways – 

  • The baggage allowance would be measured by the weight in the blocks of 5 kg, and the maximum baggage allowance must not exceed 75 Kg
  • Prepaid extra baggage allowance will measure by piece, and up to 3 extra pieces per passenger for domestic travel, and 5 extra pieces per passenger for international travel. 

Note – Without prior clearance, the airline will not accept a bag weighing more than 32kg or measuring more than 203cm in total length. The total size of your bag is the sum of its width, height, and length.

4. Class/Seat Upgrade

Philippine Airlines Class/Seat Upgrade

Passengers can buy the upgrade on the short-haul and long-haul flights through the Philippine Airlines website manage booking section. You can enjoy many benefits of the premium class as you travel in greater comfort. Some include – 

  • Premium hospitality on board.
  • Preferential treatment before and after the trip.
  • Free additional baggage allowance for carry-on and checked baggage. 
  • Priority for baggage delivery. 
  • Status and award miles accumulated with every flight upgrade. 
  • The original ticket’s terms and conditions remain unchanged.

What are the requirements for a class upgrade with Philippine Airlines?

The requirements of a Premium Economy Class upgrade vary according to the route, booking class, and trip time.

Here are the following requirement for an upgrade – 

  • The flight ticket must be booked in the preceding class cabin
  • Must be a confirmed reservation.
  • Flight must be operated and marketed by Philippine Airlines.
  • Upgrade via the airline’s website is applicable for all passengers in the booking. To upgrade the flight for 1 passenger, call the airline’ customer service. 

The flight cannot be upgraded under the following circumstances – 

  • For flights that have already completed the check-in. 
  • Chargeable additional services have been reserved but no purchase was made, and the required service documentation has not been issued.
  • For trips where additional services, such as bringing a pet into the cabin, have already been scheduled. 

5. Name Corrections on Ticket

Passengers are allowed to make the name corrections, and you can request most of them through the Philippine Airlines manage reservation section, once you have retrieved the booking. 

Up to 48 hours before your intended departure, you can rectify spelling errors of up to three characters per passenger through the Manage My Booking section. There will be a cost for name correction.

Note – You can correct the name on the ticket up to 2 hours before the scheduled departure

6. Travelling With Infants

On an existing reservation, you can add an ‘infant on lap’ or ‘infant on seat’ up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure. 

7. Seat Selection

You can select the seats on the Philippine Airlines operated flight anytime after the booking through the Manage flight link. The earlier you select your seat, the more choices you have to pick your favourite spot. 

Seat Selection, Philippine Airlines

When flying in Economy, Premium Economy, or Business Class, you can reserve a seat in advance for an additional cost. The cost of your flight is determined by the seat you choose, your ticket type, the length of your flight, and your frequent flyer status. The important points include –

  • When buying your ticket, you can reserve your seat in advance or later via the Philippine Airlines Manage booking page. 
  • The service is available on Philippine Airlines-operated and marketed flights. 
  • If you are flying on a Philippine Airlines flight but your ticket was issued by another carrier, please contact the airline or select your seat at check-in.
  • If you’re flying in Economy or Premium Economy Class and don’t want to pay for your seats, you can choose a free Standard seat available at check-in. The same rule applies to the Business Class reservation. 

8. Book a Vacation Package

Convert your flight reservation into an all-inclusive package by adding hotel stay and car rental at attractive prices. All can be booked through the Philippine Airlines manage your booking section. 

The user-friendly PAL Manage booking page makes it easy for you to choose from the range of hotels/stays and/or car rental deals exclusively customised for your booking. In addition – 

  • Pick the deals you want to add to your reservation. 
  • Pay the required difference.
  • You can also customise the hotel and car rentals offline by calling the airline’s customer service number. 

9. Check Flight Status

Trace the flight schedule of the flights operated by Philippine Airlines and track all the schedule and arrival information in real-time. 

Flight status is available from 180 days from the date of purchase to 365 days from the date of travel. 

To check your flight status, enter both your origin and destination or just one if you want to see all flights departing from or arriving at the airport of your choice.

Steps to Manage Your Booking with Philippine Airlines 

You can access the booking and perform multiple requests through the manage booking tab available on the airline’s website or by calling customer service.

Manage PAL Booking Online – Follow these steps to navigate the Manage Booking tab – 

manage Philippine booking online
  • Visit,
    and navigate to the My Booking page.
  • Enter the booking confirmation PNR and the last name of the passenger. 
  • Once you retrieve your booking, you can do the following  – 
    • Change/cancel the flight
    • Seat selection
    • Flight upgrade
    • Add/update information
    • Add extra baggage. 
    • Travelling with infants.
    • Name corrections on ticket.

Manage PAL booking via Customer Service – You can also access all the services through the customer service phone number. While making flight changes and cancellations, choosing a seat selection, and much more may be subject to the airline’s penalty. 

Fee Applied To Various Services to Manage Booking

Your flight booking may be subject to the airline’s penalty or the service, for the following services – 

Manage Booking servicesAirline’s fee (in USD)Fare difference (if any)
Flight changes300Yes
Flight cancellation300No
Name correction200Yes
Flight upgrade300Yes
Add seatsStandard feeNot applicable
Car RentalRegular fareNot applicable
Hotel bookingRegular fareNot applicable
Infant on seat50% of the adult fareNot applicable
Infant on lap10% of the adult fareNot applicable

The airlines offer different flight booking services. It is recommended to check flight availability and book your flight ticket early. You can avail of the ticketing service any time of the year. Philippine Airlines manage booking section is available online 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. As long as you log in you can access your booking transaction anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – PAL Manage Booking

How do I access Manage Booking?

You can access your flight booking by filling in the reservation number and the last name in the required field. Please remember that your surname and PNR must be provided precisely as they appear on your reservation.

What can I do under the Manage Booking section?

With the Manage My Booking section, you can – 

1. Preview your flight itinerary.
2. Change or update personal details such as email, phone number, emergency contact, etc. 
3. Purchase additional baggage allowance.
4. Use the travel credit.
5. Change or cancel the flight
6. Bid or purchase for the flight upgrade.
7. Choose your seat.

How can I know that my reservation is eligible for the upgrade?

Retrieve your booking using the Manage My Booking tab. The system automatically determines which of your flights is eligible for an upgrade. Select the ‘Upgrade’ link. Confirm your upgrade request for the flight or flights you want to upgrade.

How do I change my booking online?

To make a modification to your reservation online, go to My Booking and select “Change flight.” You can’t utilise this online option for:
> Multi-city booking.
> Travel credit issued due to Covid-19 restrictions.
> Booking that needs to add special requests such as a wheelchair, special meals, etc. 

Where can I find my booking reference? 

Your booking number can be found in the confirmation email and on your e-ticket. Other communications you may receive from us, such as the pre-departure email and the online check-in reminder, will include your booking number.

Can I cancel my flight through the PAL manage booking section?

Yes, with Philippine Airlines manage my booking section, passengers can cancel the flight and claim a refund online provided that the reservation must be purchased through the airline’s direct sales channel. 


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