ITA Airways Seat Upgrade

ITA Airways offers a range of exciting upgrade options to elevate the passenger’s travel experience and turn it into a memorable one. Whether you’re seeking information about ITA Airways upgrade, making requests at the airport, or upgrading onboard, they’ve got you covered.

ITA Airways Seat Upgrade

What are ITA Airways upgrade methods?

Here are the different types of upgrades offered by the ITA Airways – 

  • Bid upgrade – ITA Airways allows passengers to place a bid for an available upgrade. Passengers need to specify the amount they need to pay for the bid. 
  • Upgrade at the airport – Passengers can inquire about upgrade to business class at the airport check-in counter. If available, they can pay for the business class upgrade before boarding their flight.
  • Upgrade on board – Passengers may have the opportunity to request upgrades while onboard. This option is only applicable to the flights operated by Alitalia.

What are the key points regarding ITA Airways upgrade?

ITA Airways seat upgrade options

Here’s what you need to know – 

Partnered Airlines – Seat upgrade is not available on any codeshare agreement and partner airlines. It is only available for the ticket code that starts with 055.

Traveling with minors – If you’re traveling with a passenger aged 3 to 14 and only one of you received an upgrade, the airline will try its best to upgrade for both of them. 

Earning Volare program points – Seat upgrade to ITA Airways business class won’t earn you additional points. Passengers will only accumulate points based on their purchase.

Baggage allowance – Your baggage allowance remains the same as the originally purchased ticket, even after upgrading.

What is ITA Airways bid for upgrade?

Passengers can request for ITA Airways bid for upgrade where they bid a price in order to elevate to the higher class of service. The higher the bid the better the chances of securing a successful upgrade to ITA Airways business class. 

Steps to request ITA Airways bid for upgrade

Before requesting the bid, check ITA Airways upgrade eligibility whether your flight booking is eligible. Just enter your last name and the booking reference in the required field.

  • Once you confirm your eligibility, you can specify the amount you’re willing to pay.
  • Provide your credit card details. 
  • After submitting your offer, you’ll receive an email confirming your participation.
  • ITA Airways will confirm your request between 72 and 24 hours before your flight’s departure.
  • If your offer is accepted, the upgrade amount will be charged to your credit card. Your original ticket remains valid, and when you request ITA Airways check in, you’ll receive your boarding pass for Premium Economy or ITA Business Class.

Important Information for bid upgrade

Terms and conditions – Here are the key points that passengers should know – 

Age requirement – To participate in the ITA upgrade bid initiative, you must be at least 18 years old.

Group travel – Offers must be made for all passengers within the same booking and must be paid using a credit card.

When to request – Passengers can only request ITA upgrade bid after purchasing the Economy Class ticket.

Evaluation – ITA Airways evaluates every request based on the highest amount amongst the pool of passengers it has offered, and also based on seat availability. 

Exception – The following bookings are not eligible for upgrade – 

  • Bookings that include pet travel service.
  • Passengers traveling in a group of more than 9 passengers under the same reservation code.
  • Passengers need special assistance. 
  • Bookings that include domestic travel.
  • Passengers traveling with infants.

Refund guidelines – While upgrades are typically non-refundable, except if the ITA Airways flight is canceled or delayed due to extenuating circumstances or situations that are within the airline’s control.

Rejection – If your ITA upgrade bid request is rejected, your credit card will not be charged and you won’t incur any flight change fee.

Flight change after upgrade – If your bid is accepted, requesting ITA Airways flight change will not result in a refund of the offered amount. .If you wish to change your flight before your offer is accepted, your previous bid get canceled, and you must make a new ITA upgrade bid request.

How to request an ITA Airways upgrade at the airport?

ITA Airways seat upgrade at the airport

Passengers can upgrade seats at the airport up to 3 hours before scheduled departure. You must adhere to the following guidelines – 

  • Children aged 2 to 11 years old are not eligible for any waivers.
  • Infants, aged 0 to 23 months, are subject to a charge of 10% of the adult ticketed fare.
  • You may receive an upgrade offer during online check-in, at the departure airport, or via email if you hold an Alitalia ticket purchased at least 4 days before the flight’s departure.
  • Seat upgrade to ITA Airways business class would not be applicable to passengers traveling on award tickets, corporate fares, or group fares. 
  • Such passengers can purchase upgrades separately with their miles in their award tickets.
  • Upgraded passengers may enjoy the convenience of priority boarding.
  • ITA upgrade to business class at the airport does not include an increased baggage allowance, mileage credits, or access to airport lounges.

Steps to request seat upgrade at the airport

Follow these steps – 

  • Arrive at the airport 3 hours prior to departure.
  • Head to the ITA Airways check-in counter and ask the airline’s agent about the availability in the Business Class cabin. 
  • Check to see if your flight booking is eligible for an upgrade. Provide the booking reference or ticket number for validation.
  • If there is an ITA Airways seat upgrade available the airline staff will inform you about the associated costs. 
  • If you decide to proceed, you need to make the payment upfront. 
  • After completing the payment, you’ll receive a new boarding pass reflecting your upgraded seat reflecting the upgraded cabin class.

What is the ITA Airways upgrade fee?

Below is the overview of the fee for the seat upgrade for the following routes and the class of service – 

Flights to/fromFrom Economy Class to ITA Business ClassFrom Economy Class to Premium Economy-ClassFrom Premium Economy Class to ITA Business Class
Argentinafrom EUR 549from EUR 329NA
Brazilfrom EUR 499from EUR 329NA
Chilefrom EUR 549from EUR 329NA
Chinafrom EUR 450from EUR 259NA
Japanfrom EUR 450from EUR 259NA
South Koreafrom EUR 450from EUR 259NA
United Arab Emiratesfrom EUR 250from EUR 169NA
United States, Canada and Mexicofrom EUR 439from EUR 249NA

Does ITA Airways allow business class upgrades on board?

For all flights operated by Alitalia, passengers can upgrade to long-haul international flights on Premium Economy and Business Class flights.

Seat upgrade on board is applicable on single flight segments. Upgrade would not be applicable on connecting flights. Below is the overview of the fee – 

Upgrade TypeCost
From Economy Class to Premium EconomyEUR 390
From Premium Economy to Business ClassEUR 880
From Economy Class to Business ClassEUR 1,300

Seat upgrade provides a gateway to a more comfortable and enjoyable journey. Remember to check the availability and details of upgrades for your specific flight, and grab the opportunity to make the most of its Business Class cabins. 

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How to upgrade on ITA Airways?

Check the ITA Airways website for available seat upgrades. If available, bid for an upgrade through ITA Airways upgrade bid program or simply inquire about the upgrades at the airport. 

How much does it cost to upgrade to business class on ITA Airways?

The cost of upgrade to ITA Airways business class starts at 300 EUR and goes up to 1300 EUR depending on factors such as the route, and the fare class of your original ticket. 

Can we upgrade flight tickets with ITA Airways?

Yes, ITA Airways offers various upgrade options, including cabin class upgrades, bid upgrades, and more. You can explore these options at the airline’s website or simply approach the airline’s customer service. 

How do you qualify for a flight upgrade on ITA Airways?

Passengers must have the flight operated and marketed, which starts with the ticket code 055 to qualify for a flight upgrade on ITA Airways.

How do I upgrade to business class for free with ITA?

Subscribe to the airline’s Volare Program and collect enough points or hold elite status then you might be eligible for the complimentary upgrade.

Can I upgrade my flight after booking with ITA?

Yes, after you book a flight, you’re eligible for the ITA Airways bid upgrade program that helps you secure the ITA AIrways business class against a nominal bid.


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