Japan Airlines seat upgrade

Japan Airlines seat upgrade allows travelers to elevate their journey to new heights. Whether you’re eyeing a more spacious seat, enhanced services, or a touch of luxury, JAL Upgrade options have got you covered.

Japan Airlines seat upgrade

What is Japan Airlines bid upgrade?

JAL bid upgrade offers a unique chance to bid for an upgrade from Premium Economy Class or Economy Class to a higher class of travel.

If the aircraft includes a Premium Economy cabin, you can choose either Premium Economy Class or Business Class, based on availability. Passengers with Premium Economy Class tickets are eligible for an upgrade to Business Class.

Eligible passengers – This exclusive offer is available for passengers who have purchased an international ticket with a JAL flight number starting with ‘131’. Codeshare agreement flights are not eligible for JAL bid upgrade.

Upgrade options – Passengers holding Economy Class tickets have the chance to upgrade to –

  • Premium Economy Class
  • Business Class

Please Note – Passengers traveling on a Business/Premium Economy Class are not eligible for Japan Airlines Pet Travel service.

Applicable routes – JAL operated international routes are eligible for this service.

Upgrade order – Japan Airlines upgrade will be confirmed in descending order of bids. In cases where multiple customers bid the same amount, priority will be given based on the following order – 

  • Ticket reservation class.
  • JMB status
  • bid execution date and time.

Email source – Passengers who are eligible for the JAL bid upgrade option will receive an email notification from [email protected].

Please note: The number of seats available for upgrades is always limited. 

How to request JAL bid upgrade?

All you need to do is – 

  • Visit the JAL website, and navigate to the ‘Reservation Confirmation’ section. 
  • If your flight is eligible for bidding, you’ll notice the “Bid Upgrade” button. 
  • Click on it to begin the application process.
  • On the bidding web page, you will find a list of eligible flights from your itinerary.
  • If both Premium Economy Class and Business Class are available for bidding, select the class you prefer for the potential upgrade.
  • You can submit your Japan Airlines seat upgrade up to 48 hours before your flight’s departure.
  • Enter your desired bid amount along with your credit card information in the provided dedicated form.
  • In the event of a successful bid, you will receive an email notification at least 24 hours before your departure.

To know the terms and conditions check out the JAL bid upgrade overview.

How to get Japan Airlines upgrade with miles?

Passengers can make the miles upgrade request on the airline’s website as well as over the phone. Reservations are available from 10:00 AM (Japan time) until 

  • 24 hours prior to departure for reservation made through phone
  • 25 hours prior to departure for reservation made online.

Eligible Fare for Japan Airlines upgrade with miles

You can use JAL international upgrade awards for tickets purchased in the following eligible booking classes – 

Upgrade FromUpgrade ToBooking Classes
Business ClassFirst ClassJ, C, D, I
Economy/Premium EconomyBusiness ClassW, R, Y, B, H, K
EconomyPremium Economy ClassY, B, H, K

Japan Airlines business class upgrade process using miles 

Follow these steps –

  • Log in to your JMB account.
  • Visit the JAL Mileage Bank top page.
  • Select “International Upgrade Awards” in the Popular awards section under “Redeem your miles.”

How many miles to get Japan Airlines upgrade?

The required miles vary with international destinations. Below is the overview of the Japan Airlines seat upgrade with miles for flights to/from North America –

Flight From Los Angeles –

Departure CityDestinationClass of ServiceRequired Mileage
Los AngelesOsakaPremium Economy20,000
Los AngelesOsakaBusiness Class30,000
Los AngelesOsakaFirst Class45000
Los AngelesSan DiegoPremium Economy20,000
Los AngelesSan DiegoBusiness Class30,000
Los AngelesSan DiegoFirst Class45,000
Los AngelesVancouverPremium Economy20,000
Los AngelesVancouverBusiness Class30,000
Los AngelesVancouverFirst Class45,000

Flights from Boston

Departure CityDestinationClass of ServiceRequired Mileage
BostonTokyoPremium Economy20,000
BostonTokyoBusiness Class30,000
BostonTokyoFirst Class45000
BostonNew YorkPremium Economy20,000
BostonNew YorkBusiness Class30,000
BostonNew YorkFirst Class45000
BostonSan FranciscoPremium Economy20,000
BostonSan FranciscoBusiness Class30,000
BostonSan FranciscoFirst Class45000
BostonSeattlePremium Economy20,000
BostonSeattleBusiness Class30,000
BostonSeattleFirst Class45000

Flights from Chicago

Departure CityDestinationClass of ServiceRequired Mileage
ChicagoTokyoPremium Economy20,000
ChicagoTokyoBusiness Class30,000
ChicagoTokyoFirst Class45000
ChicagoNew YorkPremium Economy20,000
ChicagoNew YorkBusiness Class30,000
ChicagoNew YorkFirst Class45000
ChicagoSan FranciscoPremium Economy20,000
ChicagoSan FranciscoBusiness Class30,000
ChicagoSan FranciscoFirst Class45000
ChicagoSeattlePremium Economy20,000
ChicagoSeattleBusiness Class30,000
ChicagoSeattleFirst Class45000

Flights from Dallas Fort Worth (DFW)

Departure CityDestinationClass of ServiceRequired Mileage
Dallas Fort WorthTokyoPremium Economy20,000
Dallas Fort WorthTokyoBusiness Class30,000
Dallas Fort WorthTokyoFirst Class45000
Dallas Fort WorthNew YorkPremium Economy20,000
Dallas Fort WorthNew YorkBusiness Class30,000
Dallas Fort WorthNew YorkFirst Class45000
Dallas Fort WorthSan FranciscoPremium Economy20,000
Dallas Fort WorthSan FranciscoBusiness Class30,000
Dallas Fort WorthSan FranciscoFirst Class45000
Dallas Fort WorthSeattlePremium Economy20,000
Dallas Fort WorthSeattleBusiness Class30,000
Dallas Fort WorthSeattleFirst Class45000

Flights from Los Angeles

Departure CityDestinationClass of ServiceRequired Mileage
Los AngelesTokyoPremium Economy20,000
Los AngelesTokyoBusiness Class30,000
Los AngelesTokyoFirst Class45000
Los AngelesNew YorkPremium Economy20,000
Los AngelesNew YorkBusiness Class30,000
Los AngelesNew YorkFirst Class45000
Los AngelesSan FranciscoPremium Economy20,000
Los AngelesSan FranciscoBusiness Class30,000
Los AngelesSan FranciscoFirst Class45000
Los AngelesSeattlePremium Economy20,000
Los AngelesSeattleBusiness Class30,000
Los AngelesSeattleFirst Class45000

Check out the Japan Airlines upgrade with miles for all other international destinations.

How to get Japan Airlines Upgrade at last minute?

Passengers can request a Japan Airlines business class upgrade on the day of departure. The upgrade would be available only in Business or First Class. 

Eligible fares for upgrade

These fares include – 

  • Flex
  • Saver
  • Special Saver
  • Round Trip Saver
  • Shareholder’s Flex
  • Promotion
  • JAL CARD Flex
  • Business Flex
  • Remote Island Flex
  • JAL Domestic Award Ticket
  • JAL CARD Navi Discounts
  • Go somewhere with miles
  • Tour Fare

JAL upgrade timings

To request the Japan Airlines upgrade, you should adhere to the following timings – 

Upgrade TimingDescription
Upgrade Opens3 hours before your scheduled flight departure.
Upgrade Closes20 minutes before your scheduled flight departure.

How to request the Japan Airlines upgrade at last minute?

Follow these steps – 

  • Go to the JAL Airlines website and click on the ‘’Boarding/check-in’’ button on the homepage.
  • You will see the option that reflects ‘’Departure date upgrade’’ on the next page. This option is only available if the passenger’s flight ticket is eligible for the Japan Airlines seat upgrade.

Alternatively, you can request the last-minute upgrade on the mobile app as well.

Please Note – passengers can also upgrade last minute at the Japan Airlines check-in self service kiosk. 

What to know about Japan Airlines International upgrade awards?

JAL International Upgrade Awards allows you to redeem miles to fly in a higher class of service than your purchased ticket. Here are the key details of this Japan Airlines seat upgrade option – 

Eligible routes for upgrade

JAL international upgrade awards are applicable to international flights only. Additionally –

  •  The program is acceptable only for Japan Airlines upgrade to business class. 
  • Upgrade awards are not available for Japan domestic routes or on codeshare flights operated by other airlines.

Tickets not eligible for Japan Airlines Seat Upgrade

The following ticket types are not eligible for JAL International Upgrade Awards –

  • Individual or group inclusive tour fares
  • Special discounted fares
  • JMB award tickets

How to get upgraded to Japan Airlines premium economy?

You get the chance to elevate your travel class to “JAL Premium Economy Class” right at the airport.

Here’s what you need to know – 

  • To request a Japan Airlines premium economy upgrade at the airport, you’ll be required to pay an additional fee. 
  • Passengers must upgrade at the airport up to 3 hours before scheduled departure for international flight. 

Miles cost for JAL upgrade to premium economy

When upgrading to JAL Premium Economy Class at the airport, it’s essential to understand how mileage is calculated. It varies for each route. Below is the overview of miles for upgrade to JAL premium economy for North America and Hawaii

CityFrom JapanTo Japan
New YorkJPY 40,000USD 350
ChicagoJPY 40,000USD 350
BostonJPY 40,000USD 350
DallasJPY 40,000USD 350
Los AngelesJPY 40,000USD 350
San FranciscoJPY 40,000USD 350
SeattleJPY 40,000USD 350
San DiegoJPY 40,000USD 350
VancouverJPY 40,000CAD 490
HonoluluJPY 40,000USD 350

Know the Japan Airlines mileage calculation for Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia South Asia, and East Asia.

Japan Airlines upgrade policy is a gateway to a superior travel experience, where passengers can experience added comfort and luxury. So, the next time you board a JAL flight, consider exploring the Japan upgrade policy.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How many miles to upgrade to Business Class Japan Airlines?

The miles cost required to upgrade to Business Class on Japan Airlines depends on domestic and international travel routes, class of service, and frequent flyer status.

How to upgrade seats on Japan Airlines?

Use the Japan Airlines bid upgrade service to a higher class. If your bid is accepted, your seats will be automatically upgraded. You can also redeem JAL miles to request an upgrade to a higher class.

Can I upgrade my Japan Airlines ticket to get assigned seats?

Seat assignments are usually separate from class upgrades. You can typically select or change your seat assignment when booking your ticket or through the JAL website or app. 

Can I upgrade my flight after booking?

Yes, you can often upgrade your flight on Japan Airlines after booking. You can request upgrades through the JAL website or at the airport

What does a business upgrade cost on Japan Airlines?

The Japan Airlines upgrade cost varies with the travel route and the class of service. To obtain the specific cost of a business class upgrade, you should check with Japan Airlines. 

Does JAL offer paid upgrades?

Japan Airlines does offer paid upgrades, subject to availability. Passengers can inquire about purchasing upgrades at the airport on the day of departure if there are available seats in a higher class. 

Can you ask a flight attendant for an upgrade on a Japan Airlines flight?

Flight attendants may not have the authority to grant upgrades on the spot. It’s advisable to explore upgrade options through the airline’s website, app, or at the airport


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