WestJet Upgrade

With a WestJet seat upgrade, you can transform that dream into a reality. You can explore WestJet Business Class upgrades, delving into the available options, and the process of upgrading, that help you enhance your travel experience.

WestJet Upgrade

What types of seat upgrades does WestJet offer?

WestJet offers a range of upgrade options to cater to your individual needs – 

Bid for upgrade – WestJet Bid Upgrade is an exclusive system that empowers you to make an offer for upgrades on your flight. Simply enter the amount you’re willing to pay for an upgrade. If your offer aligns with our criteria, you could be awarded the upgrade.

WestJet Rewards upgrade – If you’re a member of Rewards, you can use your accumulated points to upgrade your flight. Depending on your loyalty program tier and seat availability, you can enjoy WestJet complimentary upgrades.

Seat upgrade at check-in – Consider upgrading your seat at the time of check-in. WestJet often offers seat upgrades for purchase at the check-in counter, subject to availability.

How does the WestJet Bid Upgrade Program work?

Follow these steps to see if you’re eligible for an upgrade –

Check eligibility – Enter Your Reservation Code and Last Name

  • Begin by visiting our website and locating the “Place an offer” section.
  • Enter your reservation code and last name in the provided fields.
  • Click “Place an offer” to determine your eligibility for an upgrade.

Select your offer amount – After confirming eligibility, choose the specific flight segment for which you’d like to submit an upgrade offer. In addition – 

  • Use the slider to indicate the amount you’re willing to pay, inclusive of taxes and fees.
  • This step allows you to customize your offer to match your preferences.

Enter contact and payment details – Provide your contact and payment details in the designated fields. Rest assured, your credit card will only be charged if your WestJet bid upgrade offer is accepted.

Review and submit – Take a moment to review all the details you’ve entered. Once satisfied, submit your offer.

Confirmation – The WestJet will inform passengers 72 hours before your flight. The airline will send you an email notifying you whether your offer has been accepted.

Terms and Conditions for WestJet bid upgrade

You can submit an offer to travel in a higher cabin up to 75 hours before your scheduled WestJet flight departure. In addition – 

  • Your offer is the extra amount you’re willing to pay for the upgrade.
  • Your nominated payment method will only be charged if your upgrade offer is accepted.
  • The bid upgrade applies to all guests on the booking. 

Eligibility – The offer to upgrade is valid for flights operated by WestJet only. They are not available for travel on a codeshare agreement flight, including codeshare and alliance carrier partners.

Change/cancelation – You can make changes to or cancel your offer to upgrade, provided you do so at least 75 hours before your flight departure.

Acceptance criteria – Westjet bid upgrade offers based on various factors, including the value of your offer, the original fare of your booking, your WestJet Rewards tier status, available seats, and the number of guests on your booking.

Seat selection – After your upgrade is confirmed, you can select your seats during WestJet check-in, which is available 24 hours before departure. 

Restrictions – Offer to upgrade would not be applicable for Basic fares, WestJet unaccompanied minors service, codeshare flights, or other airline tickets.

Baggage allowance – WestJet seat upgrade to business class comes with a maximum of 2 checked bags, with possible fees for overweight or oversized luggage. To know more, refer to the WestJet baggage policy. 

Fare rules – If your upgrade offer is accepted, the fare rules from your original ticket remain in effect for the upgraded flight, including the rules on WestJet flight changes and cancellations.

Are complimentary upgrades available on WestJet flights?

Westjet complimentary upgrades would only be available to the Platinum, Gold, and Silver members. Here are the key points to consider – 

Eligibility – WestJet upgrade to Premium is available to the esteemed Platinum, Gold, and Silver members. To be eligible for these upgrades, 

  • you must have purchased eligible fares. 
  • Please note that this offer excludes flights to/from Europe and Asia.
  • Not applicable on codeshare agreement flights. Flights must be operated by WestJet only.
  • WestJet complimentary upgrades are applicable to single-guest reservations.
  • Last-minute upgrades will take you from the cabin you purchased to the next available higher cabin, whether it’s from Economy to Premium or Premium to Business. 
  • Please note that WestJet seat upgrades to first class directly from Economy Class are not available.

Westjet seat Upgrade Priority allocation

The airline allocates upgrades in a specific priority order, starting with Platinum members, followed by Gold and Silver members.

Below is the overview of the complimentary upgrade based on the Tier Status with WestJet

Membership TierPrior to check-inEligible FarePriority
SilverEconomy to Premium (excluding Europe and Asia)EconoFlex (Y, B, M)Lower priority
GoldEconomy to Premium (excluding Europe and Asia)EconoFlex (Y, B, M)Higher priority
PlatinumEconomy to Premium (excluding Europe and Asia)EconoFlex (Y, B, M), Econo (H, Q, N, S, X, T, K, L)Highest priority

Eligibility for last-minute upgrades with WestJet

 If you haven’t received an upgrade before check-in, you still have a chance for a last-minute upgrade at the boarding gate. Last-minute upgrades become available when there are seats in a higher cabin. In addition, Platinum, Gold, and Silver members are automatically prioritized for WestJet flight upgrade at the last-minute.

WestJet complimentary upgrade at check-in

Make sure to check in at least 75 minutes before departure. You can do this either online or at the airport.

Below is the overview of the premium upgrade based on the Tier Status

Membership TierPrior to check-inEligible FarePriority
SilverEconomy to Premium (excluding Europe and Asia)
Premium to Business on flights within Canada only
EconoFlex (Y, B, M)
PremiumFlex (W)Premium (O, R)
Lower priority
GoldEconomy to Premium (excluding Europe and Asia)
Premium to Business on flights within Canada only
EconoFlex (Y, B, M)
PremiumFlex (W)Premium (O, R)
Higher priority
PlatinumEconomy to Premium (excluding Europe and Asia)
Premium to Business on flights within Canada only
EconoFlex (Y, B, M)
PremiumFlex (W)Premium (O, R)
Highest priority

How to upgrade seats with WestJet at the time of check-in?

Follow this step-by-step guide

  • Start by visiting the WestJet official website.
  • Access the online check-in feature.
  • Enter your reservation details, including your booking reference or confirmation number, last name, and departure city. Click “Continue” to proceed.
  • If you have multiple flights in your itinerary, select the specific flight for which you want to upgrade seat WestJet.
  • Once you’ve selected your flight, you’ll be presented with a seat map.
  • Explore the seat map to see which seats are available for the upgrade.
  • Click on the seat you’d like to upgrade to. 
  • A pop-up window will appear with details about the seat and the upgrade cost.
  • After reviewing the seat details and upgrade cost, confirm your selection.
  • Provide your payment details to complete the transaction. 
  • Your credit card will be charged for the upgrade cost.

WestJet flight upgrade policy offers a world of possibilities to enhance your travel journey. Whether you’re dreaming of a more comfortable seat, exclusive amenities, or the indulgence of Business Class, the airlines have tailored options to meet your desires.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Can I upgrade my WestJet flight?

Yes, you can upgrade your WestJet flight using bidding, through WestJet Rewards points, or exploring last-minute upgrades at the airport check-in counter.

How to get a free upgrade on WestJet?

WestJet Rewards members may have the chance to enjoy complimentary upgrades based on their loyalty program tier and seat availability.

How to upgrade WestJet flight?

Participate in the WestJet bidding system to make an offer for an upgrade. Alternatively, use your accumulated points to upgrade your flight. Or consider a WestJet seat upgrade at check-in. 

Is the WestJet seat upgrade worth it?

WestJet upgrades offer enhanced comfort, exclusive amenities, and a more luxurious experience

How much does it cost to upgrade on WestJet?

The cost of upgrading on WestJet varies based on factors like the route, cabin class, and availability. To know the accurate information, refer to the airline’s website. 

How much to bid for WestJet seat upgrade?

During the bidding process, you specify the amount you’re willing to pay for the upgrade. The bidding amount ranges between 200 USD and goes up to 1800 USD.


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