United Airlines name change policy is designed to streamline and simplify the process for passengers who need to modify their names on booked reservations. 

Air Canada Name Correction Policy

This comprehensive policy revision comes as a result of United Airlines’ continuous efforts to better cater to the diverse needs of its customers, ensuring hassle-free travel arrangements and avoiding unnecessary inconveniences.

 In this article, we will delve into the details of United Airlines change name on ticket policy, shedding light on the eligibility, process, name change fee, and more. 

United airlines name change policy

What are the United Airlines Change Name On Ticket Eligibility Criteria?

United Airlines name correction request is not allowed in lieu of changing the name of the passenger for another. To correct a United Airlines misspelled name on the ticket, the following criteria must be met – 

  • Flights must be operated exclusively by United Airlines, and requests for name corrections can only be made for United’s segments. 
  • Name correction is not permitted after completing the United Airlines check-in process. 
  • The ticket inventory must begin with code 016. 
  • Only one ticket reissue is permitted for correcting names on United Airlines flights. 
  • During travel, only minor name corrections for United Airlines are allowed, provided that the ticketed name matches exactly with the government-issued photo ID. 
  • Changing the passenger’s date of birth and gender is not allowed when requesting a name change on a United Airlines ticket. 
  • Modifying the date of birth will only be permitted for minor corrections made due to errors during the booking process. 

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It’s important to remember that United Airlines allows only one name correction per customer, and any further changes will be subject to their passenger name change policy.

Important – Under United Airlines 24 hour cancellation policy, passengers can cancel the flight ticket and rebook the new flight with the correct name on the ticket.

What are the documents required for United Airlines Change Name on Ticket Request?

To support a United Airlines Name Change request, you typically need the following documents:

  • A valid government-issued identification document, such as a passport or driver’s license.
  •  If the name change is due to marriage or divorce, you need a Marriage Certificate or Divorce Decree.
  • Court order may be required to validate any legal name change request.
  • If the name change request is for a minor, additional documents may be needed, such as a birth certificate or guardianship papers. United Airlines Unaccompanied Minors are also eligible for name change requests. 

What information is needed for a name change on a MileagePlus account?

To modify the name on your MileagePlus account,  ensure that the name on your account matches the government-issued ID you’ll present at the airport due to TSA Secure Flight program regulations.

The guideline includes –

  • Minor name changes or corrections such as fixing first or last name spelling, or adjusting prefixes or titles can be done without additional documents. No United Airlines name change fee would be applicable. 
  • For more significant name changes, you must submit a written request along with supporting legal documents like a marriage license, divorce decree, legal name change document, or government-issued identification displaying both your old and new names.

How to request the United Airlines change name on ticket – To request a name change, please update the necessary details in your MileagePlus account profile. 

  • If it’s a significant change, you’ll need to upload the required supporting documentation. 
  • The processing time for the change is approximately 2 weeks. 
  • Any future modifications to this information must be requested by contacting the MileagePlus Service Center. 
  • If you have further questions regarding updating your account information, you can refer to the frequently asked questions section.

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What type of Name Change Request Accepted by United Airlines?

As per United Airlines change name on ticket policy, below is the overview of the name change requests generally accepted by the airlines – 

Accepted Name Change RequestsExample
First/Middle/Last NamesIf your ticket has a misspelled first name, such as “Jhon” instead of “John,” you can request to correct it to match your actual name.
Nickname to Legal NameIf your ticket shows your nickname “Mike” but your legal name is “Michael,” you can request to change it to your full legal name.
Inverted Names Adding Middle NameIf your ticket lists your last name first, such as “Smith, John,” and you want it corrected to “John Smith,” or if you want to add your middle name, such as changing from “John Smith” to “John William Smith,” you can make this type of request.
Adding an Additional Last NameIf you recently got married and want to add your spouse’s last name to your ticket, such as changing from “Jane Johnson” to “Jane Johnson-Smith,” you can request to include the additional last name. Subject to fare difference and United Name Change fee.
Legal Name Change due to Marriage, Divorce, AdoptionIf you legally changed your name due to marriage, divorce, or adoption, you can request to update your ticket accordingly. For example, if your ticket shows your previous surname “Lisa Anderson” but you legally changed it to “Lisa Thompson” after getting married, you can request the name change to reflect your new legal name. Subject to fare difference and United Name Change fee.

How to request a name change/correction with United Airlines?

Passengers can request the name correction online through the United Airlines Manage Booking tab. To request the name change, passengers need to call the airline’s customer service.

United Name correction request online – Follow these steps – 

  • Navigate to the”My Trips” section.
  • Enter the 6-digit confirmation number and the passenger’s last. Click on the ‘’Search’’ tab to access the booking. 
United name change request process
Log in with United Airline
  • Once you access your booking, look for an option related to “Name Correction”. Click on that option to proceed.
  • Follow the prompts and instructions provided on the screen to initiate the name correction request. This may involve entering the correct name or providing the necessary documentation.
  • Review the information you entered and ensure its accuracy before submitting the request.
  • Confirm and submit the name correction request.

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United Airlines name correction through Customer Service – To request a name change through United Airlines customer service, follow these general steps:

  • Contact United Airlines customer service via phone.
  • Explain your situation to the customer service representative and inform them that you need to request a name change for your booking.
  • Provide the necessary details, such as your booking confirmation number, ticket number, and current name on the ticket.
  • Clearly state the reason for the name change, whether it’s a misspelling, a legal name change, or any other valid reason.
  • Provide supporting documentation, such as a passport, driver’s license, marriage certificate, or court order, depending on the nature of the name change request.
  • Once your request has been processed, the customer service representative will inform you of the outcome and any further steps you may need to take.

How much is the United Airlines Change Name on Ticket Fee?

Below is the overview of the United Airlines Name Change fee

Accepted Name Change RequestsName Change Fee (in USD)Applicable Fare DifferenceChanges To Be MadeChanges Need to made Up to
First/Middle/Last Names$75YesUnited Airlines Customer Service24 hours before departure
Type/Misspelled ErrorFreeNoOnline24 hours before departure
Nickname to Legal Name$75YesUnited Airlines Customer Service24 hours before departure
Inverted Names Adding Middle Name$75NoUnited Airlines Customer Service24 hours before departure
Adding an Additional Last Name$200YesUnited Airlines Customer Service24 hours before departure
Legal Name Change due to Marriage, Divorce, Adoption$200YesUnited Airlines Customer Service24 hours before departure

United Airlines Name Change policy allows for minor name corrections without additional documentation, while significant name changes require written requests accompanied by supporting legal documents.

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By maintaining clear guidelines and exercising discretion when necessary, United prioritizes the integrity and consistency of its passengers’ information while providing a smooth and reliable travel experience.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How do I change my name on a United Airlines flight?

Passengers can request the United Airlines name correction via united.com as well as by calling on ‘name correction United Airlines phone number’ at +1-800-864-8331.
As per United Airlines name change policy, the names must be corrected up to two hours prior to the scheduled departure.

Can I change the name on the United Airlines ticket?

Yes, you are allowed to change the name on the United Airlines booking provided the ticket inventory must start with 016.

Does United Airlines allow international ticket name changes?

Passengers are allowed to request United Airlines change up to 2 hours prior to the scheduled departure for a fee of 200 USD per passenger each way along with the applicable fare difference if any.

Does United Airlines charge to name change?

If you notice the mistake within 24 hours of flight purchase, you should cancel the ticket and process the full refund, and then rebook again with the correct passenger name.

How to change misspelled name on the United Airline ticket?

If you notice the mistake within 24 hours of flight purchase, you should cancel the ticket and process the full refund, and then rebook again with the correct passenger name. Beyond 24 hours, feel free to reach us at our name change phone number. Please note, as per United Airlines name change policy, name corrections are subject to a penalty along with the applicable fare difference.

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  1. Lily Frida on Reply

    I booked a flight for myself, I have a lap infant travelling with me. My itinerary that was emailed to me through United Airlines reads everything correctly.. But When I checked my first flight on the airlines website (United Airlines operated through Westjet) it read everything correct except for my lap infant’s name, with no space between his first name (Alexander) and middle initial (b). I spoke to the airline’s representative, they corrected my child’s name and issued a United Airlines name change waiver for me. This was an impeccable service from the airlines.

  2. Doris Torres on Reply

    I booked a flight to London with United airlines for myself, my daughter and my partner. My partner always goes by his middle name and now I’ve noticed that I mistakenly booked his ticket with the Last name and First name. I realised this 2 days before the scheduled departure. The airlines addressed my issue, asked me to submit a copy of the passport to change name on United Airlines ticket. They split my husband’s reservation and added the middle name on his booking. I paid 200 USD for corrections. The whole process went smoothly. Thanks for saving my husband’s ticket.

  3. Vipin Kumar on Reply

    Hi My name is Vipin Kumar. I have booked a ticket from Washington Dulles to Chennai. On My passport my given name is Vipin. I do not have any surname. However on my ticket it is showing Mr Vipin Kumar. My travel agency told me that they have put Vijay Kumar as a last name and there is no first name. When I called the airlines, they said the exact opposite thing, as the ‘Vipin’ need to be added to my last name. This was a huge mistake from my travel agency, however United change name on ticket and asked me to pay the change fee, and the fare difference. But the airline addresses my issue in a rightful manner and ensures me a safe travel.

  4. Jack Ray on Reply

    I didn’t notice it within 24h and since the beginning of January I have been calling my travel agency to get that corrected. Was told it would be taken care of. Now two days before departure I’ve received an email from my travel agent asking me to buy a new identical ticket with the right name spelling at the current fare. With the possibility of having the original price refunded.. Imagine the prices two days before the departure date!!! Called Airlines and requested change name on United account. They corrected the name and charged me a very small amount as a name correction fee. The airline saved me from buying a ticket.

  5. Karen on Reply

    I got recently divorced and had my name changed to my maiden name. I subscribed to my mileagePlus account after the marriage and was using my husband’s last name. I was not able to redeem my mileage for any booking due to the name mismatch on the booking. I called airlines and requested them to change name on United mileageplus account. They did it without charging me any fee. They asked me to submit the divorce decree for validation. The whole process went smoothly and my account’s last name was altered to the maiden last name. Thanks a lot….

  6. oden smith on Reply

    Basically My last name is Smith-Eddine and unfortunately ‘Smith’ have been omitted at the time of booking.I realised the mistake after receiving the ticket 3 weeks ago, so I called lastminute.com to assist and they reassure me that they will change it, today I received an email saying that I have to cancel my ticket and book a new one, it cost me 2250 USD and I don’t have that much of money now as I has to book hotel and car as well. Because I haven’t booked the ticket directly from United Airlines, they do not want to deal with me. But the airline’s rep Ryan goes the extra mile and changes the last name on the United Airlines ticket. I only paid 589 USD for everything. Wow, they saved my business trip.

  7. laura on Reply

    Hi, I booked United airlines tickets for myself ,wife and infant baby to Mumbai from Copenhagen thru online travel agency.Travelling date was still 1.5 months away. My problem is, when I got an itinerary from a travel agent I found my infant baby’s first name is correct i.e Candice Rogan (as her passport) but when I cross checked in the United website my infant baby first name appeared as only Candice. Though it was not my mistake and I spoke to airlines to request United correct name on the ticket. They unhesitantly did that for me and also offered me a voucher of 100 USD for the future reservation. I really appreciate the way they handle my concern and rectify it promptly.

  8. Jordan Moore on Reply

    I booked a ticket with United Airlines because I wanted to have some fun during my vacations, but I had no idea that it would turn out to be the worst experience of my life because there were some spelling errors in my name on the ticket, which prevented the airlines from letting me continue the trip after making the necessary corrections. So I filled out an online application to have the ticket corrected. But it didn’t work, so I contacted the customer service number, but it was really complex. I finished the procedure, but it took a while to do the name adjustments, so my two days were squandered on this name correction stuff. My vacations were spent in this charade because it consumed so much of my valuable time.

  9. Lauren on Reply

    After booking a flight with United Airlines, I discovered that the ticket’s spelling of my last name was incorrect. I was instructed to do this correctly by the airline. But since I had to catch the same flight in two hours, it was already too late to accomplish this. When I spoke to the airport counter, the guy told me not to worry about it and requested my valid ID and PNR number. They made the errors correct and charged me $200 for changing my name. All ok, but I feel that the airline should have reminded or informed me earlier because I had to get to the airport counter three hours ago to do all this name correction stuff.

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