American Airlines Vs Delta

When it comes to American Airlines vs Delta we can say that both American and Delta are the big players in the aviation industry and have acquired a sizable market share in the United States when it comes to travel. Although they share certain similarities when it comes to luxuries and services, there are certain differences in their operational approach and in-flight services.

American Airlines Vs Delta

In this blog, we will give an overview of American Airlines vs Delta.

Delta vs American Airlines Seating

Delta vs American Airlines Seating OPtions

This topic would be incomplete if we didn’t cover the seating experience for both these airlines. However the seating comfort for American Airlines or Delta remains on the similar side, but here are some quick facts –

American Airlines

Class Of CabinInformation
International First ClassComfort seats with spacious legroom and privacy. There are swiveling seats that face windows for a better view
International Business ClassFlat seats for sleeping
International Premium EconomyEconomy seats with a pitch of 31 inches and a width of 17 inches
Domestic First ClassLarge seats with spacious legroom. This includes 42 inches pitch and 20 inches width
Domestic Premium EconomyStandard economy seats with a pitch of 36 inches and a width if 18 inches
Domestic EconomyStandard economy seats with a pitch of 36 inches and a width of 18 inches

Delta Preferred Seat

Class Of CabinInformation
Delta One (International Business Class)Stylish, mood lightning cabin with seats that are 19.7 inches wide with an 80 inches pitch
International Premium Economy (Premium Select)Offers more legroom with a pitch of 35 inches and a width of 18 inches
International EconomyLarger domestic economy seats with a pitch of 31 inches and a width of 18 inches
Domestic First ClassLarger seats with a width of 20.9 inches and a 38-inch pitch
Domestic Premium Economy (Comfort  Plus)More legroom with a width of 18 inches and a pitch of 35 inches
Domestic EconomyStandard seats with a width of 16.5 inches and pitch of 31 inches

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Entertainment Options – American Airlines vs Delta

American Airlines vs Delta entertainment options

Which is better, Delta or American Airlines, when it comes to entertainment? In straight terms, Delta Airlines is far superior to its counterpart. The reason being –

  • American Airlines partners with a handful of subscription services. 
  • Delta on the other hand offers plenty of choices for movies, music, and TV shows for all ages.
  • Delta offers free Wifi.
  • Delta offers screens, regardless of the class of service, for every seat.

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Food and Dining: American Airlines vs Delta Airlines

American Airlines vs Delta Airlines food options

When it comes to dining atop the skies, giving an overview of American Airlines vs Delta is not an uphill task. Both airlines offer generous treats in every class of service, however, the only difference is the quality of the food they serve.

Both American and Delta Airlines offer complimentary meals and snacks on board, regardless of the class of service.

American Airlines Food Menu 2023

While comparing American Airlines Vs Delta we came to know that the snacks and beverages are free for all cabins. Fine dining option where passengers are served full hot meals, is offered in premium cabins. Here’s what American Airlines offers in terms of food in all classes of service – 

  • International First Class – Chef prepared hot meals alongside premium wines and alcoholic beverages on American Airlines food menu 2023 international flights.
  • International Business Class – Snacks and drinks are complimentary in Business Class. On long-haul flights, passengers are served two hot meals.
  • International premium economy – Food is similar to what is expected in Business Class. Passengers do not get hot served meals, but a pre-packaged meal.
  • International Economy – Passengers get pre-packaged meals. Meals would be served two times if it is a long-haul flight.
  • Domestic first class – Pre-packaged meals and unlimited beverages are served in the first class. You can expect a hotel meal on the JFK – LAX route.
  • Domestic premium Economy – The airline offers complimentary snacks, alongside pre-packaged meals.
  • Domestic Economy – Snacks and drinks are complimentary. No hot meals were served. Passengers have the option to purchase an in-flight menu.

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Delta Airlines food menu 2023

Here’s what you can expect depending on the cabin you’ve booked –

  • International Business Class – Passengers can expect hot meals and numerous options on the Delta Airlines food menu international flights for beverages.
  • International Premium Economy – The same food is served as one in Business Class.
  • International Economy – Similar to American Airlines, they serve pre-packaged meals. On longer routes, they serve hot meals.
  • Domestic first class – Plenary of options available when it comes to alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The airline serves complimentary snacks.
  • Domestic premium economy – No premium meals are available in Delta Comfort Plus. Pre-packaged meals are available for free.
  • Dometic economy – Passengers are served complimentary snacks and drinks plus the choice of tea and coffee.

Frequent Flyer Program – Which is better Delta or American Airlines?

The comparison of American Airlines and Delta in lieu of its frequent flier points is quite similar, but the contrast lies in the revenue model. However, both are great in terms of user experience.

American Airlines AAdvantage

American Airlines is a part of the OneWorld alliance, thus integrating hassle-free with the codeshare agreement flights. The airline offers maximum rewards for domestic travel by the AAdvantage Program.

This video is taken from | Credits: @AmericanAirlines (Youtube Channel)

Delta SkyMiles Loyalty Program

Delta SkyMiles Loyalty program is more akin to a revenue-based model. Passengers do not get many benefits from international travel in comparison to domestic travel, which is highly cost-effective.

This video is taken from | Credits: @Delta (Youtube Channel)

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Is Delta or American Airlines better?

So what would you choose between these two airlines which are nearly similar in terms of experience? Here’s the summary of Delta vs American Airlines – why you choose one over the other.

Choose American Airlines if

  • You don’t vouch for mileage redemption on international travel.
  • You live near Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, or Dallas which are the primary hubs of American Airlines.
  • If you make frequent trips to Cancun or Santo Domingo the airline offers discounted fares.
  • You like more of a Boeing aircraft, as American Airlines heavily relies on its Boeing Fleets.

Choose Delta Airlines if

  • You live near Atlanta, Cleveland, Detroit, Seattle, and Orlando which are Delta’s primary hubs.
  • You get a personal video screen at every seat.
  • They offer premium foods in Business and First Class cabins.
  • If you make frequent trips to Europe (France, Netherlands, and Italy), Delta has a codeshare as well as an interline agreement with Alitalia, Air France, and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

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This is video is taken from | Credits: @PointsAdvisor (Youtube Channel)

The choice between American Airlines vs Delta depends upon the travel preference and priorities. If mileage redemption on international travel is what you prefer, choose Delta Airlines. If you live near Chicago or Dallas, go for American Airlines. The choice between these two carriers is a matter of specific travel needs.

FAQs related to American Airlines Vs Delta

Is Delta or American Airlines better?

Delta is known for its in-flight entertainment while American is preferred for redemption for domestic miles. 

Are Delta and American Airlines partners?

No, American Airlines is OneWorld Alliance while Delta is a member of SkyTeam Alliance.

Can you transfer Delta miles to American Airlines?

No, Miles are unique to each airline’s loyalty program and cannot be interchanged.

Is American Airlines or Delta better?

American Airlines has advantages in its Oneworld Alliance partnership. Delta offers modernized premium cabins and ergonomic-style seating.

Is Delta or American Airlines cheaper?

Both Delta and American offer similar deals for domestic and international flights. 

Does American Airlines codeshare with Delta?

No, American Airlines and Delta are competitors. Both airlines have extensive networks of codeshare agreements with various airlines.


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