Allegiant Airlines Cancellation Policy

Read the Allegiant Airlines Cancellation Policy below to save your money and avail even more exciting offers. 

Allegiant Cancellation Policy

The airline will charge the passenger a cancellation fee after the 24 hours window as per the Allegiant Cancellation Policy. Passengers are required to pay the cancellation fee depending on the routes and class of service chosen by them. The passengers do not require to pay the cancellation charges if they are canceling the flight within the approved period.

Allegiant Cancellation Policy defines that a passenger needs to pay the cancellation fee if they wish to cancel the trip. The policy is rigid, the passenger will not receive a refund when they are canceling the trip within the seven days of departure. To save the cancellation fee, the airline offers a protection plan. When a passenger is canceling the scheduled tickets with the Trip Flex Protection plan, then the airline will offer a full refund to them.
The Allegiant Airlines Cancellation Policy is regularly revised by the airline for enhancing the customer experience. If a passenger cancels a ticket on the same day of departure or fails to board, the whole ticket fare will be charged as the No Show Fees. The airline may revoke the cancellation fee, if the passenger is canceling the tickets for a critical condition like  Death, illness, theft of passports, etc.

Allegiant Air 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

Allegiant Air 24 Hour Cancellation Policy offers flexibility to the passenger, for canceling the tickets without paying cancellation fees. Purchase the Trip Flex Protection plan with standard tickets for obtaining full refunds. With the Trip Flex Protection plan, the passenger saves $75 for each ticket.

No cancellation fee will be charged on the passengers who cancel tickets within the 24 hours of reservation and the flight is seven or more days away as per Allegiant Air 24 Hour Cancellation Policy.

The non-refundable ticket holders are also eligible for a full refund, the only condition is that the passenger needs to cancel the scheduled flights within the day of booking. For Cancellation the airline offers various methods such as  Website, Mobile App, Over the call, Ticket office, Airport counter. According to the Allegiant Air 24 Hour Cancellation Policy, the types of tickets do not have any role in deciding the refund, if the tickets are canceled within the authorized period (24 hours of booking).

Allegiant Air Cancelled Flight Compensation

When the airline cancels the flight, then the airline will offer free services like Food, Drinks, Accommodation, Calls, Fax, Seat on the next flight or Travel voucher as the Allegiant Air Cancelled Flight Compensation. The allegiant airline will not grant any compensation when the flight is delayed or canceled for natural disasters.
When the flight is canceled by you for certain reasons within seven days of departure, then you will not receive any amount as a refund or compensation. All the ticket fare will be charged as Allegiant Cancellation Fee.

According to the plan entitled by the passengers. Passengers can claim a refund after paying the Allegiant Cancellation Fee.

The passenger with Trip Flex Protection plan will get a full refund without any deduction of the Allegiant Cancellation Fee. But if the passengers without Trip Flex Protection plan need to pay $75 for securing refunds. The airline will charge the whole ticket amount as a cancellation fee if the passenger is canceling tickets on the same day of flight departure.

The cancellation fee depends on the travel time, type of tickets, service level, and many more. If the flight got delayed for more than five hours or canceled by the airline, passengers have a chance to cancel the trip without paying the Allegiant Cancellation Fee. 

FAQs Related To Allegiant Airlines Cancellation Policy

How Do I Cancel An Allegiant Flight Online?

For saving service charges, the passenger prefers an online method for canceling the scheduled tickets. The passenger must have a stable Internet connection for canceling tickets online.  Following is the answer to your query about “How Do I Cancel An Allegiant Flight Online”.

The cancellation steps are:-
1. Visit the official site of Allegiant Air and complete the logging process by filling the user ID and password box
2. Go to the My Trip section and Enter the booking ID 
3. Select the trip and choose the passenger from the available list
4. Fill the required box and click on the proceed tab for visiting next page
5. Choose the payment method, If required to pay the cancellation fee
6. Note the refund value and reference number for future use

How Often Do Allegiant Air Cancel Flights?

Generally, Allegiant Airlines never cancel flights but if the safety of passengers is compromised, then they cancel the flight by notifying the passengers in advance. When the airline cancels flights, they offer compensation to each passenger.

What Happens When Allegiant Air Cancels A Flight?

When the flight is canceled by Allegiant Air, all the passengers will get a full refund or travel vouchers for upcoming travels. The airline provides free meals, accommodation, etc as compensation.

In case, if you wish for a seat on the next flight to your destinations, the airline will reserve a seat for you for free of cost.

What Is The Allegiant Air Cancellation Policy for passengers without Trip Flex Protection?

The passengers need to pay a cancellation fee when they are not entitled to the Trip Flex Protection plan. $75 is charged to them as Allegiant Cancellation fees.

Passengers with Allegiant Air Trip Flex Protection plan do not require to pay the cancellation fee, they will get a full refund without any deduction.

How To Cancel Allegiant Flight Offline?

To cancel Allegiant Flight Offline, the passenger needs to call the customer service team by calling on +1-855-568-1951 toll-free number. The helpdesk is open 24 x 7 and available in many languages including the English Language. For canceling a ticket, the passenger needs to present their booking code and the last name to the travel agent. The agent will execute the cancellation method. 

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  3. Greenway on Reply

    I have called four times. Allegiant Air’s customer service line rings and then disconnects. Need to cancel flight
    and issue me a voucher. The Flight is under Greenway tomorrow morning from TYS- confirmation #B6GWNF

  4. K Greenway on Reply

    B6GWNF is my fight number- under name Sean Greenway. It is within the 24 hour time period. I do have flex trip on this flight please issue my voucher through email and please call me to confirm that this has been finalized. Thank you K Greenway

  5. Theresa on Reply

    I was quite irritated when the airline cancelled the flight unannounced. The weather was pretty bad, it was not the airline’s fault but it was the situation that I was mad at. The airline provided us with free coupons worth 100 USD and accommodations at the airport itself. The next flight was about to arrive the next morning. The airline tried its best to make us as comfortable as possible, we got complimentary food and free drinks the next day in the aircraft. It was quite an experience.

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