Allegiant pet policy accepts pets in a cabin but they must be in an FAA-approved pet carrier which must fit under the seat in front of you. Unfortunately, Allegiant Air does not allow your pet to travel in the cargo hold or as checked baggage, so the only option you have is to qualify your pet for in-cabin travel.

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With Allegiant Air pet policy, you will get insights into how to qualify pets for in-cabin travel and guidelines for service animals and emotional support animals.

Allegiant Pet In Cabin Policy

As per Allegiant pet policy, the airline allows domesticated cats and dogs to travel within the United States. Here are all the requirements you need to follow –

  • Age requirement – The age of the pets must be at least 8 weeks old. 
  • Required documents – No health certificates are required for domestic flights except for flights to/from San Juan and Puerto Rico. 
  • Reservation – Pet reservations can be booked online at the time of booking the flight. Passengers can add pets up to 24 hours before departure by calling at +1-702-505-8888.
  • Check-in process – The check-in process must be completed at the airport at least 1 hour before the scheduled departure. The Allegiant Air check-in desk at the airport opens 4 hours before departure.
  • Other requirements – Pets must be odorless, harmless, violent, and non-disruptive. Pets must remain inside the carrier at the airport as well as during the flight.

Allegiant Pet Fee

Allegiant pet fee of 100 USD per pet per direction would be applicable. The fee applies for travel within the United States and Canada. No fee applies to service dogs traveling with disabled passengers.

Allegiant Air Pet Carrier Requirements

Allegiant Air pet carrier must be FAA-approved and within the specified weight limit so that your can qualify for travel with you.

Allegiant Airlines pet carrier size and requirements

Allegiant pet carrier size

Pet carrier size must not exceed the size of 9in x 16in x 19in (22cm x 40cm x 48cm). In addition – 

  • The pet container can be soft-sided or hard-sided. 
  • A single pet container must hold at least 2 pups or kittens. 
  • Only 1 pet carrier is allowed per passenger.
  • Must be ventilated and leakproof.
  • The combined weight of the pet and carrier must not exceed 20 lbs.
  • As per Allegiant pet policy, the pet must remain inside the carrier on the aircraft.

Allegiant Service Animal Policy

Allegiant Airlines welcomes fully-trained service animals to accompany passengers with physical, sensory, psychiatric, and other cognitive disabilities.

Allegiant Airlines pet policy for service animals

You must adhere to the following conditions as per Allegiant pet policy – 

  • Eligible animals – Only dogs are allowed regardless of breed or type.
  • Required documents – Passengers must fill out the U.S. DOT Service Animal Air Transportation Form and email it to [email protected] at least 48 hours before departure. A hard copy must be presented at the time of check-in at the airport.
  • Check-in – Allegiant Aircheck-in must be completed at the airport at least 1 hour before departure. 
  • Number of animals per passenger – Each passenger can travel with up to 2 service dogs free of charge.

Please Note: You need to fill out the following Allegiant Service Animal Form.

In addition, Allegiant pet policy outlines the following guidelines – 

  • The Allegiant Air service dog should not occupy any space beyond its owner’s seat. If it does, the passenger may be denied boarding.
  • The animal must not extend its body into the aisle space.
  • The service animal must be seated on the floor.
  • Passengers can carry service animals on their lap if the weight is no more than 30 lbs.
  • The service animal must remain under the passenger’s control all the time and must exhibit aggressive behavior.
  • Passengers with service animals are not allowed to select exit row seats.

Allegiant Air Pet Policy For Emotional Support Animal

As of January 11, 2021, Allegiant no longer accepts emotional support animals. However, these animals can still travel as regular pets, subject to a fee, provided they meet all the conditions as per Allegiant’s Pet Policy.

How to add a pet to your flight with Allegiant Air?

You can add your pet at the time of booking on the airline’s website or mobile pet or at the airport on the day of travel and must comply with the Allegiant Airlines pet policy. Add to that, you can also call the customer service to complete the said request.


While booking your flight or at the time of online check-in on the Allegiant Air official website, passengers can request Allegiant Pet Services by filling out the form.

Please Note: According to Allegiant pet policy, passengers can only add in-cabin pets to the flights operated and marketed by Allegiant Air.

Via Phone

You can request a pet reservation over the phone by calling +1-702-505-8888. Fill out and submit 48 hours before scheduled arrival. You need to pay the required Allegiant Air pet fee.

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Allegiant pet policy provides a detailed framework for passengers traveling with domesticated cats and dogs. This includes the guidelines for in-cabin travel and the exclusion of pets in checked baggage as per Allegiant Airlines baggage policy and cargo. Also, the airline bars travel for emotional support animals. However, they can travel as other animals in the cabin, subject to the pet travel fee.

FAQs related to Allegiant Pet Policy

Does Allegiant allow pets?

Yes, Allegiant allows pets in the passenger cabin but not as checked baggage or in the cargo hold.

How strict is Allegiant with pet carriers?

The pet carrier must not exceed the size limit set by Allegiant, which is generally 9 inches x 16 inches x 19 inches.

Do Allegiant Airlines allow pets?

Yes. Allegiant Airlines allows small cats and dogs to travel in the cabin. The airline does not permit pet travel as checked baggage as well as cargo. 

Does Allegiant charge for ESA dogs?

Yes, Allegiant Airlines considers emotional support animals as regular animals and is subject to 50 USD per pet fee in each direction.

How do I add a pet to my Allegiant flight?

Passengers can add pets to their reservation at the time of booking, through online check-in as well as at the airport. 

Do I have to buy a plane ticket for my ESA on Allegiant?

No, passengers simply have to pay an in-cabin pet fee. 

What size pet carrier is allowed on Allegiant Airlines?

Allegiant Airlines allowed pet carriers with a maximum size of 9 inches x 16 inches x 19 inches.

Can service dogs fly on Allegiant Airlines?

Yes, fully trained service dogs can fly on Allegiant Airlines flights but not Emotional Support Animals.

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