Allegiant lost and found policy is the guidelines that help passengers find their lost belongings, claim compensation in case of a delayed or damaged bag, and help to find the missing items on board to the rightful owner. Here are the guidelines that help passengers with the said procedures about what to do when the baggage or an item is missing. 

Allegiant Air Lost and Found Policy

Factors Included under Allegiant Air Lost and Found

There are numerous factors associated with the lost and found event – whether it is receiving a damaged checked bag or reporting a delayed bag, or accounting for the compensation, the policy covers all the aspects that help passengers take mindful steps if they are affected. 

Allegiant Air Lost and Found Policy

Damaged Luggage on Allegiant Air

The nature of luggage is meant to shelter its contents and offer enough protection to the contents placed inside. The airlines will refuse to transport any baggage or its contents if they are unable to sustain regular handling.

Whether the baggage is new or has few wears and tears, it will show signs of usage and wear in the course of typical handling. Allegiant lost and found team will not be liable for any of the following losses:

  • Normal wear and tear scratches, scuffs, tiny scrapes, or soiling;
  • Split or ripped seams and zippers, cuts, splits, and punctures caused by inside contents are all examples of damage caused by big or over-packed bags.
  • Any damage caused by the cuts to the inner metal frames run in the fabric causing splits or tears in luggage material, and pull handle casing/attachments/rivets ripped away from frame or material are examples of manufacturer flaws.

The airlines will not accept liability for damage to a bag that is not attributed to the airline’s negligence. The airlines will not accept liability for damage caused by leaking from another passenger’s bag.

Delayed Baggage on Allegiant Airlines

Under the Allegiant Airlines baggage policy, the carrier ensures to provide your luggage on time after you land. If you can’t find your bags after landing, consult an Allegiant lost and found team at the airport. When you file your claim, the airline agent will issue you a 13-character file reference number or Property Irregularity Report (PIR).

The airline cannot guarantee that the customer’s baggage will fly with them on the same plane due to late check-in, and will not be liable for any damage, delivery charges, or consequential expenses incurred as a result of the bag’s failure to arrive on the same aircraft as the client.

Allegiant Air Delayed Baggage

Follow these steps to retrieve your delayed baggage with the airlines  – 

Find your bag – Using your name and a 13-character file reference number, you may check the status of your luggage via Allegiant Air lost and found phone number.

Baggage Delayed for 5+ Days – 

  • The airlines will need more information to assist you if your bag has been gone for 5 days or more. 
  • Passengers need to fill the Property Questionnaire with the 13-character file reference number they were given at the airport to get started.
  • Use the online contact form to send your claim information and the completed questionnaire.
  • Fill in your details after selecting the  ‘Delayed bag expenses’ from the ‘Subject’ pull-down menu.

Damage, Delay, or Loss to Contents Inside the Baggage

Except for claims arising from international flights covered by the Montreal Convention, the Allegiant lost and found a team that restricts the following items as checked baggage and do not accept any liability for any delay, loss, or damage – 

  • Medications, eye-glasses and other assistive devices
  • Personal documents that are important under the eyes of the law such as will paper
  • Painting and other works of art
  • natural fur products, antiques, heirlooms, 
  • Electronic gadget, IT hardware, or other equipment

Allegiant Air Lost and Found Items & Locations 

Was there something you forgot on one of the Allegiant flights or at the airport? The lost and found team makes every attempt to return any belongings that have been left onboard our planes. Here are the following situations that will help you learn how to find the missing item – 

Lost Belongings at the Airport 

Follow these steps to request the recovery of lost belonging at the airport area – 

Allegiant Lost Baggage at the Airport
  • Please notify the Allegiant Lost and Found department if you have left an item in a public area of the airport (e.g., bathroom, restaurant, or general boarding area).
  • Complete the lost item form  which may not fulfill accessibility rules if you left it in a specific area at the Allegiant Air section of the airport (e.g. a Business Lounge area, the desk of a gate, etc)
  • Make careful to include as many details as you want about the missing item, such as the brand, color, size, serial number, or unique features. 
  • Chargerback has been selected by the airlines to manage the Lost and Found service. The third-party baggage tracing company will send passengers a confirmation email with a tracking number once they’ve filed a Lost Item Form.
  • Chargerback will send you an email with clear instructions on how to retrieve your lost item if it is found. 
  • If the airlines were unable to retrieve it, they would contact passengers to help them file a lost baggage compensation. 

Lost Item on a Plane 

To report the loss of any item onboard, passengers need to complete the Allegiant lost and found form, and – 

  • Passengers need to provide as many details as they could for the lost baggage such as the brand, color, size, type, serial number, and other distinguishable characteristics. 
  • For electronic devices, they need to provide the username and password information
  • Chargerback has been selected by the airline to manage the Lost and Found service. The third-party baggage tracing company will send passengers a confirmation email with a tracking number once they’ve filed a Lost Item Form.
  • Chargerback will send you an email with clear instructions on how to retrieve your lost item if it is found. 
  • If the airlines were unable to retrieve it, they would contact passengers to help them file a lost baggage compensation. 

Passenger Loses Passport and Other Travel Documents

If you lose your passport, you must notify the passport office or consulate as soon as possible. All passports discovered at an airport by the Allegiant Airlines lost and found team are handed over to the local Customs office, or to Airport Security at the airport where they were discovered.

Traveler Lost Some Currency

The airline secures all currency found in a lost wallet, bag, or article of clothing at the airline’s ticketing office in the airport where it was discovered, and a receipt is placed inside the item in which the currency was discovered.

Note: When you get your lost wallet, purse, or piece of clothing back, it will come with a receipt as well as the electronic gift card with the exact amount of money any passenger has misplaced. Passengers can collect the electronic gift card with the Allegiant Airlines baggage claim team.

Passenger Lost the Ticket 

If a passenger lost a ticket issued by the airline, they need to contact the Allegiant Air reservation team to send them a copy of the e-ticket at the passenger’s registered email address. 

Allegiant Air Checked Items Allowed 

Allegiant Checked Items

As per the Allegiant lost and found policy, the following items are conditionally accepted as checked baggage and are subject to the passenger’s liability of risk, damage, loss, or delay.

The airline allows passengers to travel with these items as checked baggage and would be issued a limited liability baggage tag and is duly signed by Allegiant Air and the passenger. 

In such a case, the Allegiant Airlines lost and found desk will not be responsible or liable for loss to any of these items, 

All the fragile or perishable items will not be accepted as the checked bag unless – 

  • They are tightly packed or covered 
  • The items do not pose any risk, damage, or harm to the nearby checked bag

Many items, such as those included in the following list, will not survive normal baggage handling, as the passenger need to sign the liability form with the Allegiant Air

  • Shopping bags, grocery or garment bags
  • Cosmetic cases
  • Musical instruments and other delicate instruments
  • Radios, electronics, photographic equipment, and computers
  • Framed items, glasswares, display cases, and paintings 
  • Any form of liquid or glasses
  • Fishing rods, and tennis racket

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How do I report lost baggage with Allegiant Air?

Please visit the Allegiant Lost Baggage Office at your airport within 4 hours of your scheduled arrival time to complete a delayed baggage report. You can email the airlines if you were unable to report checked luggage issues at the airport. Please fill out the Allegiant Lost and Found form if you believe you may have left something behind on the plane or in the terminal.

How do I report damaged baggage with Allegiant Air?

Please visit the Allegiant Air Lost and Found Service Office at the airport within four hours of your arrival time to file a damaged baggage report. You can email the airline about the damaged baggage if you were unable to report checked baggage issues at the airport.

How do I submit receipts for interim expense reimbursement?

You can email your receipt(s) that must include – the date of purchase, the number of items purchased, total expenses incurred, the flight confirmation number, and the current delivery address.

I have filed a lost baggage claim with Allegiant Air. What are my next steps?

Allegiant Lost and Found baggage team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that the passenger’s luggage issues are resolved.
Please wait up to 45 days for your request to be processed once it is submitted. An email will be used to communicate claims such as lost documents receipts, luggage disputes, and so on.

What happens to the lost and found items at the airport?

Allegiant makes every effort to reunite passengers with items left behind at the airport checkpoint or at the baggage claim desk. Lost and found items are kept by airlines for a minimum of thirty (30) days before being turned over to an airport authority for the surplus property if they are not claimed.

Do Allegiant Airlines usually recover the lost luggage?

The majority of “lost” baggage is only delayed but the airlines have increasingly advanced methods for tracking them down.  Most likely, your luggage was mistakenly boarded on the wrong flight. Even if airline workers have found your luggage and informed you that it will be on the next flight, ask them to file a report.

Will Allegiant Air keep me updated on the status of the search for my lost item?

When you register a report for your missing item with the Allegiant Lost and Found team, you will receive an email. If the airlines uncover an item that fits the description of your missing item, they’ll send an email with further information so you can confirm that it’s yours. Throughout the process of looking for your missing property, the airlines will keep you updated via email.

What can I do to help increase the chances of finding an item?

On the Allegiant Baggage Lost and Found Report Form, kindly offers full, and accurate portrayals of the lost item. Gather all the details about the item(s) if possible before filling out all the details that help airlines with recognizable facts to hunt. If it’s not too much trouble, type the information precisely as it shows up on the item.

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  1. Mary Gregg on Reply

    I think I left my AirPods on the flight from Punta Gordy, Florida to Cedar Rapids, Iowa on Sat, March 26, seat 16C. Please let me know if someone turned them in.

  2. Donia Renee Williams on Reply

    I lost a black small bag with some jewelry items in it I may have lost it by the check luggage line or in front of the airport on May 2 2022.

  3. Richard Dunkerley on Reply

    I left my Iphone 12 on the seat on flight 2163 rom Savannah ,GA to Chicago Mid Way Airport on May12th at 7:AM. My conformation # was BTBMXD. My name is Richard Dunkerley. The phone was blue with a black Otter Case.

  4. Marilyn Kremen-Franco on Reply

    My wife was on flight 285 May26 2022 with Allegiant. She was in a wheelchair and went through security at 6pm with the one carry-on. She was off to the side and did not see the inspection as the airline attendent was talking to her about boarding. When we got home to Mich her computer case in her carry-on was open and the computer was gone. She is under doctors care and ALL HER RECORDS ARE ON THE COMPUTER and needed by the University of Michigan medical team—PLEASE FIND THIS–mac book pro—silver with the cap for the letter”Z” missing.

  5. Kathy Tietjen on Reply

    I was on flight 446 Florida to Ashville BSSWD2 have no Baggage . My home phone is 828-883-6322 I have no charger for phone please call

  6. Kirsten Bitar on Reply

    I was on Flight 897 from Fort Lauderdale to Syracuse on Friday, June 17th. I sat in Seat 25B.
    I left a lumbar support pillow. It is blue and inflatable.

    I will be returning tomorrow from Syracuse to Fort Lauderdale. I could pick it up at the airport. Please let me know if it was turned into lost and found.

    315-725-2962. Thank you.

  7. Silvia Moreno on Reply

    Yesterday I missed my flight 527 from Las Vegas to Reno. my flight left with my luggage
    So today I came to Reno today to pick up my luggage but nobody knows anything
    and I can’t get in touch with the baggage claim office,
    I would really appreciate any information as soon as possible, I have a wedding in a couple of hours and everything is there

  8. Kevin Hadley on Reply

    Lost large luggage from Cincinnati. Itinerary #BTKLBD. Leaving for a cruise Sunday morning. Need ASAP

  9. Karina on Reply

    It’s been over a month since Sara Alemans luggage has been missing. There has been messages left for allegiant lost baggage number both by Sara and the person who booked her flight. Wait time to speak to someone is always more than 2 hours (every time we have called). The baggage is needed. Please contact Sara at 82xxxxxx42. Baggage has been lost since Sept. 2. The only thing that is known is that luggage is in Las Vegas.

  10. Patricia Sego on Reply

    Searching for apple phone..may have been left on flt 44 from EugenenOR to Las Vegas October 24th in row 17D. Please contact me . Could not find Lost and Found Reporting document on line. Customer Svc line always busy.

  11. Shawn Campbell on Reply

    I was on flight 2844 leaving Concord going to Orlando Sanford Airport on Thursday Oct. 27th. Our flight was delayed an hour so I think we left around 2-2:30. I sat in row 21 on left, if you are walking towards the back of the plane. I believe my prescription sunglasses were left/dropped on the plane. I know I packed them but cannot find them. The were in a black hard case, dark brown shades. Hopefully they were on the plane

  12. eiji horiuchi on Reply

    I have lost my two luggages yesterday(11/20)from CVG to New Orleans.
    I waited for a long time at bagge claim NO.1 at New Orleans around 19:40-21:00.

    Both are big backpack. One is an orange Gregory backpack and the other is Black Diamond black backpack.

    I am now staying at New Orleans and leave tomorrow early mornig 6:00 to LAX.then
    transfer to Japan

    I really need my luggages.
    Where shoud I go?

    Please answer

  13. Macon Moye on Reply

    I took Allegiant Flight 1942 from Richmond VA to Nashville, TN today.
    When I got my bag at the BNA baggage carousel, the top zipped compartment was partially open. Most items (computer cords, etc.) were inside.
    However, the battery charge (black plastic size is a pack of cigarettes) was missing.
    Has someone at Allegiant found it?

  14. Edward on Reply

    I found an item on an Allegiant Airlines plane on December 12, 2022. If you lost something and can identiy it please leave me a message and describe the item and I will respond to you.

  15. Raul Schattner on Reply

    I forgot a Critical Medical device (CPap) in the flight 1869 on Saturday, December 31st., 2022 at the end of the flight in Palm Beach Airport. Please, let me know if someone found it. Was forgotten in the overhead bin at row 24. Is a small black bag. Please, let me know if someone found it.

  16. Scott Becker on Reply

    Left a pair of black Galaxy Airbuds on a flight from Mesa AZ to Appleton WI on 12/31. They are in a black case about the size of an egg.

  17. Scott Becker on Reply

    Left a pair of black Galaxy Airbuds on a flight from Mesa AZ to Appleton WI on 12/31. They are in a black case about the size of an egg

  18. Blanca Gomez on Reply

    I didn’t get my luggage from flight 34 from Omaha to Las Vegas to the John Wayne airport. I need my medicine and Debit cards is Black it has a red and white ribbon on it has my name Blanca Gomez on brand back tag or it has on the white tag my information

  19. Moreen Mink on Reply

    I believe I left a cloth bag, approx 8”x 5”. On the airplane. It was full of make up and supplies.-brushes. The cloth bag was white with gold pattern on it. Flight 2204 on 1-25-23 at 3:30pm. Any help and retrieving this would be greatly appreciated.

  20. Norma J Hurst on Reply

    My flight was from Gerald Ford international Airport on
    May 7th 2023 I let the ticket girl take my suitcase to be put on the plane I was on a non stop flight to Nashville Tennessee. No suitcase came around the luggage belt at all of mine I checked them. I have sent a missing report it’s been over 24 hours no call at all. I need for someone to please find my suit case and it needs to fo to my my home address as I will be leaving Tennessee in the next day or 2 please call me let me know what happened. Because this should have never happened at all on a non stop flight on allegiant airlines

  21. Carl Robertson on Reply

    I am trying to find a lost driver’s license, probably left aboard a plane three days ago. How do I inquire about it?

  22. Kimberly Westerfield on Reply

    My name is Kimberly Westerfield and I’m trying to make a damage luggage claim on line and on the phone but I’m not getting anywhere.So i wanted to know if I could put in a claim because I had known time to do it why I was there because my daughter inlaw had to get to the hospital for a MRI in if someone could please call me back are email me I would appreciate it thanks

  23. Frank Lane on Reply

    Left my Watch in the little round bucket at Mesa gateway on Friday July 13th traveling to Boise on a 9:47 am flight. It is a gold Invicta watch with a royal blue face. It has a date window on the face. The return flight from Boise landed Sunday night at 8:36pm.

  24. Jose Rodriguez on Reply

    I didn’t received my red bag and Allegiant didn’t gave me a reference number, my flight was 3236 from Lax to Provo departed at 1am 7/22/23arrived at Provo 3:30a 7/22/23

  25. Jose Rodriguez on Reply

    I didn’t received my red bag, allegiant didn’t gave ma a reference number my flight 3236 from Lax to Provo departed 7/22/23 at 1am arrived at Provo 7/22/23 at 3:30 am

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