Traveling especially for young travelers requires meticulous planning and consideration. Allegiant Air Unaccompanied minor policy understands the significance of ensuring the safety, comfort, and seamless travel experience for children traveling alone.

Allegiant Air Unaccompanied Minor Policy

Allegiant unaccompanied minor policy outlines the guidelines, procedures, and essential information for families seeking to have their children travel alone on their flights.

Who can travel as an unaccompanied minor on Allegiant Air?

Allegiant Air unaccompanied minor

As per Allegiant Unaccompanied minor policy, the airline does not allow individuals under the age of 15 to travel as Allegiant Air unaccompanied minors.

0 – 5 YearsNot AllowedNot allowed to travel alone
5 – 14 YearsAllowedAn adult is mandatory
15 and aboveAllowedConsidered as adults

Allegiant Air Unaccompanied Minor Rules and Regulations

Under Allegiant Airlines unaccompanied minor program, passengers can fly alone above 15 years of age. Here are the detailed guidelines for passengers traveling with children – 

Children who are under 24 months:

Allegiant air rules for minors include – 

  • Your child can travel as a ticketed passenger with their own seat, secured in an FAA approved car seat.
  • Your child can also travel as a lap child, seated on the lap of an adult passenger without any charge.
  • A birth certificate is required at the Allegiant Air check-in counter.
  • Must be accompanied by an adult passenger aged 15 years or older.

Children between 2 Years to 14 Years:

As per Allegiant Airlines minor policy, the guidelines include – 

  • Children must have their own seats for travel and fly as ticketed passengers.
  • FAA safety regulations restrict passengers to occupy exit row seats.
  • A birth certificate is required for travel.
  • Children in this age range be accompanied by a fare-paying passenger aged 15 years or older.

Young passengers between 15 and 18 years of age:

As per Allegiant Airlines unaccompanied minor policy and here are the following guidelines that will apply – 

  • Passengers in this age group must have their own seats.
  • Birth certificate or any valid identification with the birthdate.
  • While these young travelers can fly alone that is why no Allegiant unaccompanied minor fee would be applicable. 
  • While these young travelers can fly without an adult companion, please be aware that Allegiant Air cancellation policy will not permit them to fly if the airline cancels the flight due to weather advisory or any circumstances within its control.

What is the Allegiant Air unaccompanied minor Fee?

There is no special provisions for Allegiant unaccompanied minor fee as the airline allows passengers 15 years or older to travel alone. 

What Are Allegiant Air identification requirements for minors?

Whether you’re traveling with young children or flying solo as a minor, the airline requires the following Allegiant ID for minors.  

  • The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requires government-issued identification for all passengers who are eighteen (18) years of age or older.
  • For passengers who are under 18 years of age, a birth certificate is mandatory.
  • Photo identification used for age verification must be issued by a state or national government. Allegiant Air ID requirements for minors include driver’s licenses, state-issued identification cards, and passports.

Here is a comprehensive list of acceptable forms of identification as per TSA guidelines.

Please Note – It’s mandatory to provide proof of age for minors as failure to do so will lead to denied boarding.

What is the Allegiant Air Unaccompanied Minor booking process?

If you’re planning to book a flight under Allegiant unaccompanied minor program, here are the following methods – 

How to for unaccompanied minors book online?

Follow these steps to request a flight under the Allegiant Air minors flying alone program – 

  • Confirm that the child falls within the eligible age range of flying alone which is 15 years or older.
  • Navigate to the Allegiant Air official website.
  • Entering the departure and arrival cities, travel dates, and the number of passengers, including the unaccompanied minor.
  • Browse through the available flight options that match your travel criteria.
  • Enter the required information about the unaccompanied minor, including their full name, age, and date of birth.
  • Complete the payment for the flight to Allegiant Air for unaccompanied minors.

After payment, you’ll receive a confirmation email containing your itinerary and details. 

How to book through customer service?

To book travel for Allegiant minors flying alone, follow these steps – 

  • Reach out to Allegiant Air customer service team via phone or email to initiate the booking process for an unaccompanied minor.
  • Provide the customer service representative with all required details about the unaccompanied minor, including their age, travel dates, and any specific requirements.
  • The customer service team will guide you through the booking process and provide you with essential information.
  • Make the necessary payment for the flight.

Receive a confirmation email containing your travel itinerary and details. 

From eligibility criteria to identification requirements, and from booking procedures to associated fees, every facet of Allegiant unaccompanied minor policy aims to streamline the travel experience for both minors and their parents or guardians. 

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Can minors fly alone on Allegiant?

Yes, minors can fly alone on Allegiant Air provided they must be 15 years or older. 

Do minors need ID to fly Allegiant?

Yes, Allegiant Air generally requires minors traveling to have proper identification under TSA guidelines. 

Does Allegiant require a birth certificate for minors?

Allegiant Air may request a certified copy of a birth certificate as proof of age for children under twenty-four (24) months of age. This is in line with the FAA guidelines.

Can you make an online reservation for your child traveling alone on Allegiant?

Yes, you can make an online reservation for an unaccompanied minor. The booking would be considered the same as adult-ticketed fare.

Who are considered unaccompanied minors on Allegiant?

Passengers who are 15 years or older are considered young travelers. The airline does not allow passengers under 15 years or younger to travel alone.

Do kids fly for free on Allegiant?

Yes, Allegiant operates on a fare-based system that requires passengers, regardless of age, to purchase a ticket.

How old must children be to travel alone on Allegiant Air flights?

The minimum age for a child to travel alone on Allegiant Air flights is typically 15 years old.

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