Any of us can face sudden unavoidable circumstances and due to this, we may need to change or cancel our flight tickets. With Allegiant air, you don’t have to worry about the flight change or cancel related services. But you must have knowledge of the Allegiant change flight policy for availing the flight change or cancellation services with Allegiant Air without any hassle. When you already have the knowledge of the Allegiant Air flight change policy, you will find the change/amendments or cancel process very easy and convenient. Read below to understand the change flight policy and all its aspects in detail.

Allegiant Air Flight Change Policy

How to Change My Flight on Allegiant Air?

Thinking about “how to change my flight on allegiant?”. Don’t worry, you get both online as well as an offline option with Allegiant Air for changes and amendments in the flight reservation. The choice remains with the passenger, he/she may choose any option for changes in the flight reservation as per his/her convenience and preference. In addition to the changes in the reservation, passengers can totally manage his/her bookings with the Allegiant Air. The representatives and dedicated staff members of Allegiant Air will ensure to solve any of your booking related queries.

Allegiant Air Change Flight Online:

Passenger can choose the online option for their flight changes/amendments request with Allegiant Air. This option is most convenient and easy for any user/passenger, you can simply raise the requests for changes and amendments through the official website or mobile app of the Allegiant Air. You get everything under a few clicks, both the website and mobile app are designed in such a manner that anyone can use it with ease for availing the flight changes/amendments or any other offered services of Allegiant Air.

Steps to change flight:

  1. Firstly, visit the official Allegiant air.
  2. Now enter the ticketed passenger’s last and name and confirmation code for logging in to your account with Allegiant Air.
  3. Now find the option of “Manage Travel” and click on it.
  4. Look for the flight you wish to change and select it.
  5. Now make a selection for the new flight you wish to choose.
  6. Follow the further on-screen instructions and process for completing the process.
  7. Make payment for the flight change fee(if applicable) and the fare difference between the old and new flight(if any).
  8. In the end, make sure to receive the confirmation for the new flight ticket reservation on the mail or phone.

Allegiant air change flight offline:

Many of you may still prefer the old traditional way of ticket booking. Allegiant Air also offers the offline option to its customers/passengers for making the changes and amendments in the flight reservation. Many passengers find the offline method more convenient and safe, You can simply visit the booking center/kiosk of the Allegiant Air at the nearest airport or call on the allegiant air flight change phone number for raising a request of change/amendment in the flight reservation. Passengers will get full assistance and guidance from the dedicated staff members and representatives of the Allegiant Air for the process of the flight change/amendment or any other booking related query. You should prefer the offline option if you are already at the airport.

How to Change Name on Allegiant Flight?

Many of you must be having this question in your mind “how to change name on allegiant flight?”. As if now, Allegiant Air does not provide any provision to its passengers/customers for the name change in flight reservations with them. So we suggest you, to think before entering details(mainly the name) while booking flights with Allegiant Air as you will not get any further chance for the edits and amendments in the flight reservation details. For any further information, you can call on the Allegiant Air’s reservation department number.

Allegiant Air Flight Change Fee:

Want to know the Allegiant Air flight change fee structure and details? Read below to find the answer to this question. Different airlines have different fees and charges for different types of services offered thus, it becomes important for a passenger to know the fees and charges of the chosen airlines beforehand to plan accordingly.

If you have chosen Allegiant Air for your traveling experience then, find below all the details regarding its flight change fee and penalty. You must have clarity on the charges and penalty part before availing any services.

  • According to the Allegiant Air flight change policy, customers/passengers will not get any future travel credit in their account if they raise the flight change request within 7 days of the originally scheduled departure.
  • But if you have purchased a TripFlex fare for your flight reservation then, you are allowed to make changes and amendments in your flight reservations.
  • A passenger/customer is allowed to make changes and amendments in his/her flight reservation up to 7 days before the originally scheduled flight departure.
  • The changes for a part of the ticket depends on the availability of the seats and the change fee for this is $75.
  • If you have purchased the TripFlex fare type then, you do not have to pay any change fee or penalty.
  • But the TripFlex fare holders are allowed to make changes and amendments in their flight reservation at least 72 hours before the originally scheduled flight departure.
  • All changes for TripFlex ticket holders depends on the availability.

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  1. Leonila Haycraft on Reply

    I would suggest you to read allegiant airlines flight change policy carefully before booking tickets with the airline. Recently I booked the ticket with Allegiant Air and suddenly I noticed that my dates are incorrect in the ticket. I called allegiant airlines telephone number at +1-855-635-3039 and asked team to correct my date, now the ridiculous part started – The agent over the phone call asked me to pay $75 to update the dates. I argued with him and finally the guys changed the date. thank god. So guys please take care while booking with any airline.

  2. Grayson Fostera on Reply

    My colleague had made a reservation with Allegiant Air. We invited him to stay with us for a few more days. To be sensitive to our feelings, he phoned the agent and requested him to notify him of the allegiant air flight change policy. Everything went off without a hitch thanks to the airline support team.

  3. Silva Patterson on Reply

    I made a mistake in the flight date and am attempting to change it. I went to the airport desk, and the employee asked me to pay a tiny percentage of my ticket cost as an allegiant air flight change fee, and the adjustments were completed quickly. The entire process was positive, and I am grateful to have been a part of it.

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