According to Air India name change policy, even a small error in the passenger’s name may matter. This is because the name entered in the ticket bookings must identically match with the documents to be shown as identification proofs. Hence, a minor mistake may cause a problem with an altogether different person’s details. 

Hence, individual authentication cannot be done due to the absence of valid documents. Therefore, as mentioned above, the name of the passenger should match with ID proof. And, in case the passenger realizes that his name has been incorrectly spelled, it is requested to make the necessary changes in the name well before the time of departure. 

Air India Name Change Policy

Rules to Change Passenger Name Air India Ticket

The rules to be followed for changing names are based on the Air India name change policy. These rules help in guiding the passengers to make certain modifications to their names without facing any hassle. The rules are comprehensive and deal with almost every aspect of the process of changing names. In case of any confusion, these rules can be quite helpful for passengers to find a solution. The following are some of the rules for Air India name correction/change that are commonly followed by the travelers of this operator:

  • The name with the changed spelling should match the documents shown as ID proofs. In the case of an Air India ticket name misspelled and not matching with document proofs, a person may unwillingly invite allegations based on a violation of ‘Aviation Industry’ law. Hence it can be counted as a punishable offense. Apart from the correct spelling, all the characters of the name should also be in the correct order as mentioned in the ID proof.
  • While making the change in the name, a valid reason has to be provided. It is because based on the reason mentioned, Air India may decide on whether to charge a booking fee or not. Often, the airline waivers a fee for change name in Air India ticket if they find the reason convincing. 
  • As per the Air India name change policy, the airline allows name corrections in the form of spelling corrections or inter-changing the first or last part of the name. 
  • The airline does not provide an option to transfer the ticket to another person as a solution to the name mismatch. However, under COVID-induced conditions, tickets can be transferable. 
  • Air India, like many other airlines, may allow the correction of a single character of a name without charging a fee. However, this is absolutely under the discretion of Air India.
  • For name change in Air India flight ticket, the airlines offer both methods, online and offline. However, it must be noted that Air India does not allow name changes through its “Manage my Booking” option on its website. It is advisable to call up the customer care of the airline and seek help to change their names. Or may visit the nearest Air India office to discuss the same.
  • Since one cannot correct names through the “Manage Booking” option, it would be best to cancel the ticket and apply for rebooking on the website. This would be quite useful as especially when a ticket is canceled within 24 hours of booking, passengers can get a full refund. Hence, passengers from the website of Air India, can cancel a ticket with an incorrect name and buy a new one with the correct spelling quite easily. 
  • Changes may be permissible for tickets that are bought either in cash or by card. 
  • In general, Air India does not allow full name change, according to the policy. The carrier only permits full name change for cases like marriage or divorce, or for reasons that have led to a legal name change procedure. Hence, for all the above cases, Air India has to be informed about the full name change by providing valid legal documents as proof. 

The Air India ticket name change rules cover only the completely unused bookings.

Name Change Rules for International Travelers

International travelers of Air India are needed to keep in mind a few rules related to passenger names. These norms are to be followed to avoid Air India ticket name correction/change in later stages: 

  • The name entered should identically match the passport of the passenger.
  • Travelers’ names must be filled during the reservation of the ticket. For instance, it should have the full surname and the name given.
  • In case, the name of an individual is Will Smith. He must not enter his name as Will S. In other words, the full surname name has to be entered. 
  • Again, a passenger can have just a single name, such as the very name itself or the surname. In that case, that single name has to be mentioned both in the “Given Name” field and the “Surname” field. 
  • Usage of any numerics or characters like “-” or single quotes like (‘) are strictly not allowed under this policy. 

Documents Required to Change Name in Air India Tickets

As already mentioned above, the names should be similar to the documents produced as ID proofs during Air India check-in. The ID proofs must be BCAS approved. There is a specific list of documents for domestic passengers that are approved by the BCAS to ensure the security control of passengers departing from the airport. Hence, to avoid any problems, the identification documents valid under Air India name change policy are as shown below:

Change Name in Air India Tickets
  • Passport of the Passenger
  • Voter ID card which is issued by the Election Commission of India
  • Aadhaar or m-Aadhaar which is issued by UIDAI  (Unique
  • Identification Authority of India)
  • The PAN card that is issued by the Income Tax Department of India
  • RTO issued driving license 
  • Service Photo ID Card that is issued by State or Central Government, Public limited, local bodies, and Public Sector Undertakings
  • Student Photo ID Card that is issued by institutions or educational institutions recognized by the Government of India
  • Passbooks of Nationalized Banks with an attested photograph
  • Pension documents with passenger’s photograph
  • A handicapped certificate or disability photo identification card that is issued by the State, Administration, or UT Government

Methods For Air India Change/Correct Name

Passengers are to be noted that the methods for changing their names are based on the norms of the Air India name change policy. The methods are simple and can be easily followed. 

There are basically two methods for changing the names. The first method involves using the airline website to know the contact/email details. Then, the passenger can take help from the customer support of the airline by calling or writing to them about the issue. Or, an individual may pay a direct visit to the office of Air India to inform them about the name correction. 

Method 1: Air India Ticket Name Correction Online  

Ticket Name Correction Online

The online method is quite simple and can be done in a relaxed way as this method allows customers to make changes by staying within the comfort of their homes. One can make a virtual visit to the airline by simply logging on to its website. Hence, the website-based name change process is quite popular among travelers. Under this method, the very first step for making Air India change name on ticket is to access the website of the airline first. The rest of the stages for changing names are provided below: 

  • After visiting the website passengers are needed to go to the “Contact Us” page.
  • There they will come across a list of email addresses. For instance, There are also other email addresses as well for various membership passengers. For instance, Silver Edge Members can email,, for Golden Edge Members, while the is for Maharaja Club members. However, for general queries, any passenger can send an email at
  • In the email, they can request the airline to apply for a necessary Air India change passenger name. It is recommended that travelers should clearly state the reason for changing their names. This will help them to be free of any charges for modifying them.
  • A confirmation email would be sent once the name change application is accepted by the airline.

Method 2: Call-Based Air India Name Correction/Change

Perhaps the most effective way to make sure of a name correction or change is by giving a call to the local Air India office situated in the nearest town, city, or country. Customer support will provide effective guidance to Air India name change as per this policy. 

Method 3: Social Media for Air India Passenger Name Correction

Passengers may also take the help of the social media handles of the airline. One may write about their query on the official Facebook or Twitter account of Air India. On reading the post, the customer support team can directly get in touch with the traveler. Therefore, it is advisable that along with the query, one should also mention their email address or their active phone number for easy contact. 

Method 4: “Ask Maharaja” for Name Change Air India Ticket 

There is also a chatbot called “Ask Maharaja” on the website. One can ask about their concerns related to name corrections to the “Maharaja”. Even if “He” is offline, the passenger can leave his or her questions on the chat box so that when online the support team may be able to answer back or even give a call back in case the matter is urgent. 

Method 5: Airport Visit for Air India Change Name

Passengers may also visit the Air India office in person in case one is not able to reach out to the customer team over the phone. Or, he might face an issue where a face-to-face meeting with the officials is necessary to manage the name change process. Therefore, those who have easy access to the airline office or ticket centers can visit to get quick solutions from the officials right there.

Air India Name Change Fee

Air India Name Change Fee

According to the policy, the carrier does charge an Air India name change fee for the correction of the names. However, passengers can avoid getting charged for correcting names in case they can provide valid reasons. If the airline is convinced that the passenger is genuine with his reasons and has made a minor mistake, he or she may not have to pay a fee. Or else, either the traveler may not be allowed to change the name at all or maybe allowed in exchange for a fee. 

For example, there can be a case where an individual has changed her name by a legal affidavit. Under such a circumstance, the airline may consider the case and allow for the change in the exchange for a fee. However, it is to be noted that proper legal documents have to be provided as proof to the airline authorities. 

Note: In case the fee for name change is too high, you may go for flight cancellation. For this, it is vital that you understand the Air India cancellation policy. 

COVID Pandemic Air India Ticket Name Change Policy

As the pandemic throws a lot of uncertainties on traveling, Air India has come up with some flexibilities about its name change policy. The following are some of the features of the name change policy: 

  • The name change along with Air India flight change flexibility is provided to passengers who have an existing booking with Air India. Due to restrictions imposed by COVID-19, those passengers who have not taken the flight or are not allowed to board are eligible for the facility.  
  • As per the facility, passengers can apply for a correction or change passenger name Air India for free at least for one time. 
  • The existing ticket can be reissued in the name of a new passenger who is to be nominated by the original traveler. The value of the ticket is locked. However, the new passenger may have the freedom of choosing his date of travel. 
  • This provision may only be available through the city booking offices of Air India.
  • Passengers traveling with domestic tickets issued by the city or airport booking offices or agents are eligible for the waiver. 
  • Only the city offices of Air India namely, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, and Hyderabad are authorized to issue fresh tickets for a name change. 
  • The fully unutilized ticket bookings can be applicable for the new facility.
  • It is strongly recommended that passengers who are interested to get an update and know more about the COVID special Air India name change policy in detail, please get in touch with the customer support of the airline.  


The Air India name change policy is quite helpful for passengers as they simply have to make either a phone call or write an email. The airline ensures that passengers with genuine reasons can get their names corrected without much difficulty. Based on the reasons specified, the airline in most cases does not charge for small modifications. Hence, the airline through its customer-centric policies makes sure of a perfect traveling experience for its valued passengers. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Air India Change Name on Ticket

According to Air India Name Correction Policy passenger names can be corrected by calling the reservation center number of the airline. One can also get in touch with the officials of the operator by visiting the nearest local office. For Air India, travelers may not be able to correct names through the “Manage my Booking” option. However, in that case, they can visit the official website to get a list of email addresses. Therefore, customers can also write emails and place a request for their name correction. 

A full Air India name change is generally not allowed under this policy. However, there can be conditions like marriage, divorce, or any such event where the name can be changed through a legal process. It is specifically under such circumstances that a complete name change can be allowed by Air India. Legal documents are to be produced as proof of a name change. It must be noted that the airline does allow small corrections in names on providing genuine reasons. 

To change name in Air India ticket passengers would have to produce valid legal documents. In cases like a marriage where an individual undergoes a legal procedure for name change can be considered by the airline. However, for the name change of the passenger, some proper legal documents are to be shown in support of the change. On the other hand, minor name corrections are allowed on the ticket if the proper reasons are stated by the passenger.

For Air India name correction or change, the most recommended way is to call customer support at the ‘Reservation Center of Air India’. The passenger may also write an email for the name change. It is advisable to write the reason for the change or correction as if the airline finds it convincing then travelers may be exempted from paying a name change fee.

One may not easily change the full passenger name on Air India as it is allowed only after providing valid legal documents. However, small corrections and misspelled words can be changed by placing a request for a name change. For that, one may give a call to the Air India helpline number or write an email to the officials of the airline.

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